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Monday, June 02, 2014

Pixar Animation Studios Announces Monumental Innovations In Film Rendering

+ Representing years of research and development, Pixar Animation Studios today announced a series of important innovations in the latest version of its forthcoming Academy Award®-winning RenderMan software that will radically impact the way film imagery is rendered and accessed by everyone. This generational shift in RenderMan establishes an entirely new modular rendering architecture called RIS that provides highly optimized methods for simulating the transport of light through multiple state of the art algorithms, including an advanced Unidirectional Path Tracer and a Bidirectional Path Tracer with Progressive Photon Mapping (also known as VCM). Along with major feature and performance enhancements, physically-based, artist-friendly workflows, progressive re-rendering, and the established advantages of RenderMan’s traditional REYES architecture, RenderMan now offers two rendering modes within one unified environment, providing the most advanced, versatile, and flexible rendering system available. 
With rendering technology constantly evolving, RIS represents a forward-looking framework through which Pixar can deploy additional rendering methodologies as they become available. RenderMan is the conduit through which applicable advanced research from within the Walt Disney organization will be channeled into the production industry, including in the forthcoming release, Disney’s Principled BRDF shader and supporting materials. 
The new RenderMan is being released in the timeframe of SIGGRAPH 2014 and will be compatible with the following 64-bit operating systems, Mac OS 10.8 and 10.7, Windows 8, 7, and Vista, and Linux. Autodesk Maya compatibility is with versions 2013, 2013.5, 2014, and 2015. Pixar’s annual maintenance program benefits customers with access to ongoing support and free upgrades. For more information please visit www.pixar.com or contact rendermansales@pixar.com.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Introducing ChronoSculpt

+ The LightWave 3D Group, a division of NewTek, Inc., announced today a free 30-day full feature trial version of ChronoSculpt software is now available for download at www.chronosculpt.com. Chronosculpt offers an intuitive way for artists using any professional 3D modeling and animation software on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux operating systems to create content with custom morph targets or fluidly sculpt animation performances over time. ChronoSculpt can also be used to review and correct cache animation and dynamic simulation errors using timeline-based sculpting tools. The software’s flexible interface supports leading file formats for all professional 3D software programs, including LightWave 3D®, Autodesk 3ds Max, Maya and Softimage, The Foundry’s Modo, Maxon Cinema 4D, and more. The software supports soft- and rigid-body dynamics and has the ability to correct and remove errors in real time by sculpting and deforming massive polygonal models on the ChronoSculpt timeline without having to return to the original software.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Autodesk Announces 2015 3D Animation Software

+ Autodesk, Inc. unveiled the 2015 versions of its popular 3D animations tools: Autodesk 3ds Max, Maya, MotionBuilder, Mudbox, Softimage, and the newest addition to the lineup, Maya LT, a 3D animation and modeling tool for professional indie game makers. Autodesk also announced the availability of the 2015 Entertainment Creation Suite for 3D animation and visual effects.
 “Our strongest releases in many years, the 2015 versions put more creative power back into the hands of the artists,” said Chris Bradshaw, senior vice president, Media & Entertainment at Autodesk. “To achieve this, we redesigned core parts of our applications focusing on performance, ease-of-use and innovative new tools like Bifrost that make it simpler to do complex tasks. Whether our users are creating effects for a movie blockbuster, a game for one of the new consoles or developing a mobile app, the 2015 versions allow artists to focus on what they do best – storytelling.”
 Creating animation today is increasingly complex as consumer demand for bigger, better, more sophisticated computer graphics (CG) continues to rise. Autodesk 2015 animation software aims to provide the right tools for a 3D animation project. Every animation product has updates to enable artists to better manage complex projects and large data sets, while helping stay on schedule and on budget. Artists now have access to a variety of features ranging from high fidelity interactive viewports, “a what you see is what you get” work environment and single-click, cross-product workflows and ability to use low-cost consumer devices to capture body movements.
 Beta testers have been impressed with the new capabilities and the focus on improving everyday tasks for artists. “There are substantial, relevant and exciting enhancements across all of Maya,” shares Clinton Downs, Head of CG, Method Studios. “From a personal perspective, I've used Maya since the beta (1997), and these enhancements feel like the type of leap we've only seen once, maybe twice before.”
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Monday, February 24, 2014

13 Most Captivating Street Art from around the Globe

Street Art

+ Have a look at 13 Most Captivating Street Art from around the Globe. Street art exists worldwide. Large cities and regional towns of the world are home to some form of street art community, from which pioneering artists or forerunners of particular mediums or techniques emerge. Internationally known street artists travel between such locations to promote and exhibit their artwork. 
>> Popular Street Art 

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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Animation Production Day 2014

Business platform for the international animation industry
+  Animation Production Day (APD), an event hosted by FMX 2014, Conference on Animation, Effects, Games and Transmedia (April 22-25, 2014) and the 21st Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film (April 22-27, 2014), takes place on April 24 and 25, 2014 for the 8th time. It is an event by Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg and the Film- & Medienfestival gGmbH. As a business platform for the international animation industry the APD invites production companies worldwide to submit their animation and digital content projects for which they are searching for co-production, financing and distribution partners. 30 projects will be chosen for participating in the APD. In exclusive and effective 30 minutes one-to-one meetings, producers pitch their selected cinema, TV and transmedia projects to broadcasters, global distributors, publishers, funders, banks, equity investors and potential co-production partners, aiming to identify new financing pathways, production strategies and market applications. To be eligible for submission, projects must be either at the development, production or exploitation stage. The projects must have commercial potential and be marketable internationally. They must be suitable, as brand-building products, for exploitation either in formats for feature film, TV, games or mobile applications. The program is complemented by the APD conference track, where top-level speakers share their strategies and visions for the future of the animation industry. A Full Access Pass gives APD participants access to the Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film and to FMX, Conference on Animation, Effects, Games and Transmedia, giving them the opportunity, alongside their intensive one-to-one meetings, to inform themselves about current trends and productions and to make and maintain contacts in an informal atmosphere. More than 200 representatives from the German and international animation industry attended APD 2013 to discuss current developments and trends in the transmedia sector. In approximately 380 individual meetings, the 32 projects selected for inclusion were evaluated in terms of brand potential, financing, and production strategy. With 76 companies and institutions from 12 countries in attendance, the APD grew by more than 10 % in comparison with the previous year. 
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Thursday, October 17, 2013

FREE Character Animation Rig for Autodesk Maya

+ The Online school for animation and vfx, animationmentor.com is giving away a professional-grade FREE Character Animation Rig that works in Autodesk Maya. Professional quality rig with intuitive controls and a simple design for Autodesk® Maya. Built for action with exceptional body mechanics. Great for animators of all levels. you can Download, display and animate the Character for your noncommercial, personal use.  

Friday, April 05, 2013

MAXON Announces New Live 3D Pipeline Between CINEMA 4D and Adobe After Effects

+ MAXON, leading developer of professional 3D modeling, painting, animation and rendering solutions, today revealed the first step in its strategic alliance with Adobe Systems Incorporated, aimed at delivering a new level of integration between its powerful 3D application, CINEMA 4D, and Adobe® After Effects®. The recently revealed next release of Adobe’s industry leading software will include two MAXON technologies directly within the new Adobe After Effects: CINEWARE and CINEMA 4D Lite.
CINEWARE: The New Live 3D Pipeline between CINEMA 4D and After Effects, which eliminates intermediate rendering between applications, is made possible by CINEWARE, which establishes a bridge between the two applications. One of the biggest benefits to artists will be seen in a streamlined workflow, enabling them not only to import native CINEMA 4D scenes directly as assets into After Effects but also to utilize CINEMA 4D's multi-pass workflow as layers. Users will benefit from decreased rendering time because CINEWARE makes CINEMA 4D’s Advanced Rendering Engine available directly inside After Effects. With access to this functionality, rather than having to render every revision, users will now be able to work on CINEMA 4D projects within After Effects and see the changes real time. “This pipeline cannot be found anywhere else to this extent, and it will completely change the workflow of artists in the future,” says Harald Egel, MAXON’s co-founder and CEO.  
CINEMA 4D Lite: Also included in the next version of After Effects is a taste of CINEMA 4D's powerful workflow and toolset. This limited, yet feature-rich version of CINEMA 4D gives artists access to an exceptional selection of the software’s functionality. Since CINEMA 4D Lite launches directly from within After Effects, the availability of a full 3D application is expected to have a significant impact for artists interested in or already incorporating 3D into their After Effects workflow. “Now more than ever, our users have been asking for 3D capabilities in After Effects to enhance their motion graphics and/or visual effects projects,” says Steve Forde, senior product manager for After Effects at Adobe. “CINEMA 4D is a ‘go-to’ application for 3D motion graphics. That’s why we have chosen to work closely with MAXON to provide digital artists a fully integrated 3D pipeline that allows them to spend more time to create compelling, rich media,” he adds.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Autodesk Mudbox 2013 - Review

+ Studiodaily.com has published a Review of Autodesk Mudbox 2013. In the last half decade Autodesk has developed Mudbox into the premier 3D sculpting and painting application. An integral part of the Autodesk Entertainment Suite Mudbox 2013 ships with a much-improved interface and, this time around, much better usability as well. While there aren't any new sculpting or painting tools in this update, the sculpting and painting workflow itself is enhanced. However, there is still plenty of room for improvement. From the start one of Mudbox's best features has been its uncluttered interface. But as Mudbox developed its interface has been slow to keep up. In Mudbox 2011 the interface received a general color-scheme update.


RTT Student Visualization Award 2013

+ Last date for Submission is March 15, 2013. Get your creative caps on and let your ideas flow for this year’s worldwide RTT Student Visualization Award! Complete the short story below in your own remarkable way, using two computer-generated images (CGI) and showing us your skills in story creation, modeling, rendering, lighting and other associated areas. The winning projects will be presented to professionals and enthusiasts from over 20 countries at our 3D visualization event RTT Excite 2013.
>> More information


Saturday, February 09, 2013

Lightmap HDR Light Studio Live for 3dsMax

+ The new HDR Light Studio 4 Live connection for Autodesk 3ds Max with Chaos Group V-Ray launches today. Artists can now light their scenes with real-time feedback using V-Ray RT as the ActiveShade renderer and HDR Light Studio's innovative interactive HDR canvas. Sophisticated lighting environments can be created in moments to perfectly light and reflect in your shot. It’s an amazing new approach to light V-Ray scenes, seeing the lighting interact with your materials in your final shot. 
This latest Live connection is a free update for existing HDR Light Studio 4 customers who already benefit from the wide range of connectivity including an Autodesk Maya connection which also supports V-Ray. Lightmap HDR Light Studio 4.1 including the new Autodesk 3ds Max and V-Ray connection is available immediately for £299 / $499 / €399 through the online Lightmap store or through any Lightmap Authorized Reseller. 
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2013 VES Career Fair

+ Visual Effects Society has announced the dates for 2013 VES Career Fair (Los Angeles). Online registration is open now for all-day event of largest VFX specific Career Fair. Some of the top visual effects software companies will be hosting workshops to teach you how to use the latest versions of top VFX applications from companies showcasing their latest advancements in software technology. In previous years, software companies such as: Autodesk, Houdini, Adobe, and The Foundry all raised the bar with their presentations. 
Date: Tuesday, 23 April 2013 - 9:00am - 5:00pm 

Friday, February 08, 2013

Maya 2013 Advanced Surface Materials

Dover Studios Launches Maya 2013 Advanced Surface Materials Visual Effects Training Video
+ Dover Studios launches Maya 2013 Advanced Surface Materials, their latest visual effects training video.Maya 2013 Advanced Surface Materials is a practical guide to creating shading networks in Autodesk Maya. This video features crystal clear 1080p high definition video. Through a series of in-depth lessons, visual effects artists, Andrew Hazelden and Russell Hazelden, share countless tips and techniques that will help you create more realistic shading networks.
Essential topics include aging a shiny metal surface by adding a layer of tarnish, using the Mental Ray IPR renderer to interactively preview shading networks, creating 2D and 3D procedural textures, adjusting specular highlights, exploring various ways to assign materials to objects, using environment maps to create reflective materials, and adjusting 2D texture placement attributes. Learn how to use incandescence and glow to simulate materials that emit light. This effect is often used when creating materials for light fixtures, television sets, and glowing hot lava. Discover how PSD networks can be used to simplify the creation of shading networks that contain multiple file textures. Advanced topics include: using light linking to control scene illumination, adjusting shader glow normalization values, viewing render statistics in the Maya render log, and utilizing shared nodes to make shading networks simpler to maintain.


Monday, February 04, 2013

MAXON's Cineversity launches collection of 200 videos and tutorials covering CINEMA 4D and 3D animation filmmmaking process

+ MAXON is excited to announce that “JET Production Notes,” the highly anticipated collection of more than 200 filmmaking instructional videos and tutorials for users of Cineversity launches today. The series, created by Dr. Sassi, world-renowned computer animator, 3D authority and Cineversity contributor, promises to be one of the most comprehensive collections of instructional videos and tutorials ever created documenting the entire 3D animation filmmaking process from conception to execution. Starting today MAXON is releasing “Integration,” an in-depth 54-part series focused on advanced theoretical and practical introduction to help artists think in terms of production pipeline interoperability and workflow. 
The entire collection will be released over the next few weeks, one new section each week, starting February 4th. Highlights of the JET Production Notes series and each section (in order of release): 

 - Integration (release date Feb 4th) – is a 54-part, in-depth and more advanced theoretical and practical introduction to help artists think in terms of production pipeline interoperability and workflow. Using a structured step-by-step approach, it demonstrates the elements of integrating a 3D spaceship with practical footage. Included is new, state-of-the-art RED HDR-X raw footage and raw 3D models with instruction that allows members to create their own demo clip. Other topics covered include, creating 3D environments, compositing, and more. 
- Cinematography (release date Feb 11th) – is a 27-part, two-hour ‘crash course’ for 3D artists. The tutorial content focuses on elemental cinematography principles including the rules of camera use and lighting as they apply to the features available in CINEMA 4D. [Note: The Cinematography tutorial series received two Telly Awards and a Remi Award.] 
 - JET, Making of (release date Feb 18th) – is a 40-part series that takes all of the large 3D environment scenes in JET, including those with thousands of buildings, to introduce and breakdown widely used digital filmmaking techniques. 
- JET, Speed modeling (release date Feb 25th) – is a production-based series providing ideas and procedurals to create the background and middle ground for a complete cityscape. Based on the ‘Pershing Square’ scene in JET and using its set design as a base, it shares methods to quickly model detailed facades and also demonstrates use of the powerful CINEMA 4D MoGraph toolset to create 4,000 different objects – in less than a day. 
- Animation Techniques for Teams (release date (Mar 4th) – is a course in "non-linear-animation" designed for artists at large-scale production facilities or those collaborating from remote locations sharing video assets. Because JET was created solely by Sassi, this ‘bonus’ series provides critical knowledge and concepts for filmmakers working in teams that are not discussed in the other tutorials. 
 - Lighting (release date Mar 11th) – is a collection of themes that addresses the day-to-day challenges and mistakes artists make using 3D lighting options. 
 - Modeling Industrial Holes (release date (Mar 18th) – is a ‘bonus’ series demonstrating how the powerful modeling tools in CINEMA 4D provide options to produce specific structures, i.e., metal mesh filters and vents.