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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Depth Of Field Generator PRO ***


Depth Of Field Generator PRO
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Depth of Field Generator PRO is the result of six months of research, development and programming collaboration between myself and Martin Vicanek in an effort to produce a plugin capable of delivering high quality, sophisticated Depth of Field and Bokeh effects quickly and efficiently as a post process.Depth Of field (DOF) is the amount of distance between the nearest and farthest objects that appear in acceptably sharp focus in a photograph. It is heavily used in photography, film and computer graphics as a creative style element, typical examples ranging from portraiture to macro photography.In photography, DOF is governed by three factors: aperture, lens focal length and shooting distance. Many consumer class cameras, however, do not provide sufficient and independent control of these parameters. Digital cameras, in particular, usually show a large depth of field - i.e. they are more tolerant to defocus effects. While this may be welcome in some instances (e.g. snapshot applications), it is often a serious deficiency in others (e.g. portraiture/macro photography).In computer graphics, physically accurate DOF can be effectively generated using complex ray tracing techniques which tend to increase rendering times significantly. As a result, most computer generated broadcast and film production often lacks DOF as a result of these lengthy calculation times.........Link!
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