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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

VertexCache : model and animation cache I/O

VertexCache : model and animation cache I/O
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- VertexCache is a Maya plug-in creates the file I/O for geometry cache on disk created by Zhang (ZJ). The trick is to bake the results of complex and time-costing calculations like IK, skinning, deformer, soft-body, and store in cache files on disk, then simply load the cache and re-create the animation. Eliminating the need for those calculations when querying the pre-computed caches, mesh updating and scene feedback can be a lot faster. Using the binary (.mcf) file format can be times faster than using the traditional Wavefront .obj file format for importing and exporting high resolution polygonal mesh. Makes it possible to import very dense meshes generated by another program like Zbrush for example. Since the cache file format can be used cross different version of Maya, the plug-in can be useful to share model and animation with an older version of Maya.........
(Source: DeathFall)

NAB Post+Production Show

NAB Post+Production Show
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- NAB Post+ offers
advanced training in the latest production and post-production techniques combined with a showcase of the latest content creation technologies from the biggest names in the industry. If you are a creative television, video, film or Web production professional...this is the East Coast event that you've been waiting for.Come hear from the top talent in the business, as Academy Award-winning editor Thelma Schoonmaker, Emmy Award-winning editor Chris Willingham and Academy Award-nominated editor Tim Squyres share their editing experiences and creative cutting challenges. Register today!
[Official Website]


XSI 5.0 Feature Review ***

XSI 5.0 Feature Review
by Ed Harriss
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- In this review I will elaborate on a lot of the new features in XSI 5.0. However, there are still many, many more new features that are not mentioned in this article. XSI 5.0 is quite an upgrade and I simply did not have time to write up information on everything. But I promise that I tried my best to leave most of the fun stuff in.Many of XSI 5.0's enhancements and features are a direct result of user requests, such as updated rigid body dynamics, 64 bit XSI, migration tools for Maya users, z-brush compatabllity, beziers, laptop layouts, dopesheet improvements, weight locking, shape manager. Others were a very welcome surprise such as, rendering speed and memory improvements, ultimapper, GATOR, tweak tool and more......................Read Full Review!!
(Source: edHarriss.com)

Pseudo Cell Division in After Effects

Simulating Mitosis in After Effects
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- There have been several commercials and motion graphics that depict imagery breaking apart into separate objects. While this isn't a real representation of true biology, there are tricks in After Effects that will help you to split shapes to create new graphics. The easiest is the first tutorial here:The foundry (
http://www.thefoundry.co.uk/) was on of the first "big" plugins I purchased for home. The reason I needed it, stars. In Tinderbox 2, Nightsky quickly rendered various star animations... Super fast. There are a dozen presets just for constellations alone. One of the bonus features for me was T_Blob.You can render really beautiful displacement maps with it, but you can also render some nice cell division animations........Link!!
(Source: Digital Producer)

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Orionflame V. 0.3 Released ***

Orionflame v0.3 released for 3ds Max
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- The highly anticipated polygonal & subdivision surface modeling system, Orionflame v0.3 is finally released! This version includes countless improvements over v0.2 and is written from ground up.You demanded functionality, speed, ease of use and versatility ..................you have them all now! Orionflame is a production-proven polygonal & subdivision surface modeling system for 3ds max. Experience the difference - Features .

Creative Assembly Relies on Autodesk® 3ds MAX *

Creative Assembly relies on Autodesk® 3ds Max®.
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- Rome wasn’t built in a day. And neither was Rome: Total War, The Creative Assembly’s strategy game that debuted late in 2004. “Actually, by the time the game shipped, we had been working on it for about four years,” says Kevin McDowell, lead artist at the UK facility.The game had been in development so long because The Creative Assembly built a highly sophisticated game engine for it. The engine is different from that used in the facility’s previous Total War games in that it handles polygons rather than sprites, and it can display up to 16,000 extremely detailed 3D characters on-screen simultaneously, plus massive photorealistic 3D environments. “These key features set us apart from other games on the market as well,” comments McDowell. Also setting this game apart from the competition is the quality of its content—quality that wouldn’t have been achieved in this timeframe without The Creative Assembly’s main 3D application, Autodesk® 3ds Max® software. “For us, choosing a 3D package boiled down to the ease of use and speed of execution an artist can achieve using the software,” says McDowell. “3ds Max is straightforward. All its tools are strong, and quick and easy to use. If we didn’t have 3ds Max, we still could have built Rome, but it would have taken 15% longer.”The main action in Rome: Total War runs from the Punic Wars against Carthage to the death of Emperor Augustus. The player’s goal is to create, rule, conquer, and manipulate the Roman Republic and Empire, with the final goal of being declared emperor of Rome. According to McDowell, the game boasts 80,000 different landscapes scattered throughout photorealistically detailed Saharan deserts, Mediterranean cities, Barbarian colonies, forests, swamplands, and grasslands. What’s more, the environment the player sees during gameplay is an impressive 32 kilometers (almost 20 miles) wide. “We used 3ds Max to populate the landscapes with lakes, rivers, mountains, oases; things a game engine alone can’t create,” he says. “This is how we gave a level of veracity to the environment.”The game also features more than 100 types of characters from various cultures, plus elephants, camels, and horses. All characters and animals were modeled with four levels of detail in 3ds Max and physiqued in Autodesk® Character Studio® software. The team animated the human characters via motion capture and the animals via keyframe....................Read full article !!

Photoshop CS3 details emerge

Photoshop CS3 details emerge, two new Adobe apps set for release
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- Just months after the release of Adobe Photoshop CS2, Think Secret has obtained several notes regarding Photoshop CS3, as well as word that Adobe may be developing two other yet unannounced products: Adobe Acrobat 3D and Adobe Full Frame.Adobe is exploring offering two versions of Photoshop CS3, a Standard version and a Premium version. According to one plan under consideration, some principle new features, such as Camera Raw 4, would be available to both versions, while other functionality, such as Vanishing Point 2, would be available with more advanced options in the Premium version. Still other features, such as rotoscoping that was introduced in CS2, would be moved exclusively to the Premium package.Sources have also disclosed that Photoshop CS3 will include significant improvements to non-destructive image editing and that the software is prepped to receive a rather significant interface overhaul that will better organize tools and options. Tablet users will be pleased to learn that Photoshop CS3 will adopt a number of features Corel currently packs into Painter, including an easily rotatable canvas designed to mimic drawing on paper. Vanishing Point 2 will also improve Photoshop's perspective-based editing, introduced in CS2, by allowing objects to wrap around multiple surfaces, measure distances, and export to CAD applications. Photoshop CS3 will also deliver significant performance improvements to Camera Raw and include new measurement and scale tools................Link Hush Hush!!

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Alias MotionBuilder 7 Now Shipping

3D character animation productivity suite for game, film and broadcast production allows artists to rapidly produce high volumes of quality animated content
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- - Alias® MotionBuilder® 7 software is now shipping worldwide to artists needing to quickly generate professional-level character performance animation. New and upgrading customers can purchase the latest version of MotionBuilder from an authorized reseller or online at www.alias.com. "The response from our beta customers to MotionBuilder 7's newly extended character animation capabilities, improved interoperability with popular 3D packages and productivity enhancements has been very positive," says Curtis Garton, product manager for Alias MotionBuilder. "Providing animators with the tools they need to tackle the most demanding, high-volume animation is our number one priority with MotionBuilder." This latest release gives increased control over characters through new rigging enhancements, such as character extensions and control rig visual feedback. Numerous new workflow features - including the save and load character animation functionality that lets animators rapidly transfer, repurpose and reuse animation clips with any character - enable increased productivity. Alias MotionBuilder 7 has an improved ability to interact with other 3D applications. New constraints, for example, allow users to easily transfer animated character setups between MotionBuilder and Maya®. More information on MotionBuilder 7 can be found at www.alias.com/eng/products-services/motionbuilder/new/index.shtml.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Nike founder is lacing up for new field — animation

He hopes to use his business savvy to make Portland studio a major player in films
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- (JOHN LIPPMAN-The wall street Journal) ; The history of U.S. animation is the story of giants — from Walt Disney to Chuck Jones at Warner Bros. to Apple Computer Inc.'s Steve Jobs, who founded Pixar Animation Studios. The latest big name to enter the fray: Nike founder Phil Knight.Knight took control in 2003 of Will Vinton Studios, a Portland, Ore., animation producer best known as the creator of the dancing "California Raisins" TV commercial.Since then, he has quietly assembled a core team of animators headed by Henry Selick, the director of James and the Giant Peach and The Nightmare Before Christmas .Knight's son, Travis, 31, has worked for years as an animator at Vinton.Last month Knight renamed the company Laika Entertainment, in honor of the Soviet dog that was the first animal to orbit the Earth, and the firm has begun production on its first animated feature.Laika also is co-producing Tim Burton's Corpse Bride , a Warner Bros. animated film coming out Sept. 23.

So why does a 67-year-old guy who got his start running an athletic shoe company, and whose exposure to Hollywood has been limited largely to going to the movies twice a week with his wife, think he can enter a field famous for gobbling up fortunes? Knight says the answer is easy: Hollywood involves the same challenges in "managing creativity and people" that he tackled to build Nike from scratch and make it, in three decades, the world's top sports-shoe company in revenue.Of 19 computer-animated films tracked by BoxOfficeMojo.com and made since 1995, 15 topped $100 million in U.S. ticket sales.Yet the multibillionaire Knight, who remains Nike's chairman, is coming late to the computer-animation party. Pixar and DreamWorks Animation SKG are dedicated to the field. News Corp.'s Twentieth Century Fox has made Ice Age and will release a sequel. And Walt Disney Co., which distributes Pixar's pictures, has restarted its own efforts with the computer-animated Chicken Little , and released Vanguard Animation's Valiant earlier this month.Knight's planned movies include Coraline , from Neil Gaiman's book about a little girl who experiences an alternate version of her life, and Jack and Ben's Animated Adventure by Pixar veteran Jorgen Klubien.
(source: Houston Cron.)

CG Focus Interview's "Antonis Kotzias"

CG Focus Talks with "Antonis Kotzias"
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- Recently we got the opportunity to talk to an amazing artist, currently working in Athens Greece, Antonis Kotzias. We were on the web looking around at sites and what caught my eye was the Ignition Entertainment logo . I got looking around more and saw more and more great work.Not only is he a 3D Artist, he is also a musician. Antonis is the lead singer of Horrified, a death metal band that he started back in 1989...........................
Read Full Interview !!
(Source: CG Focus)

Sunday, August 28, 2005

India's Crest Animation, Lions Gate in 3 film deal

Crest Animation Studio’s US based subsidiary, RichCrest Animation, to co-produce
and co-finance 3 feature films with Lions Gate Entertainment
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- Crest Animation Studio’s US based subsidiary, RichCrestAnimation (RCA) and Lions Gate Entertainment (LG) have announced a three-picture co-production and co-financing arrangement to produce three top quality, state-of-the-art animated feature films.This marks Crest’s foray into the theatrical segment. Till date only five studios in theworld have so far produced CGI film for theatrical releases worldwide. The first film under the new agreement will be SYLVESTER AND THE MAGIC PEBBLE, based on the Caldecott Medal-winning story by the creator of the blockbuster SHREK. A second, currently untitled feature project is in development, and the third project will be identified in the near future.As per the agreement, Lions Gate will distribute the three films and their derivativeworks (e.g. sequel, video games, television serials, merchandising) worldwide, except in India (which are held with RCA). RCA and LG would be equally sharing the cost of production as well as the profits. It is proposed that the entire CGI production of the three features will be carried out by RCA in conjunction with its Indian holding company, Crest Animation Studios Ltd.

The Cave: Unearthing CG Creatures

Alain Bielik does some spurlunking with the visual effects artists behind The Cave and unearthes some CG creatures.
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- The team that brought us the innovative horror movie Underworld in 2003 is back with a new thriller. Lakeshore Ent., producer Andrew Mason, creature designer and supervisor Patrick Tatopoulos, special effects coordinator Nick Allder, visual effects supervisor James McQuaide and the CG artists at Luma Pictures are all back for a new tale focused on the exploration of a giant cave network in Romania. A group of top-notch adventurers is sent to investigate why a previous group of explorers disappeared in this maze twenty years earlier. They discover that the caves are inhabited by an ecosystem of strange creatures, including a horribly dangerous human-sized predator. It took Patrick Tatopoulos only 10 sketches and a mere weekend to nail down the inventive design of the main creature: “There were many requirements that I had to take into account. First, the creature needed to be able to swim underwater and to fly. Then, it had to fit in very narrow places, which meant that the wings needed to fold up in a way that would not hamper the movements. Also, since the creature was supposed to move in a completely dark environment, we imagined that it would direct itself via echolocation, just like the bats and their sonar system. To this purpose, I conceived a skull whose shape was designed to gather a maximum of sounds. The head also included a specific organ to generate the sounds that allowed for echolocation. Finally, director Bruce Hunt was interested in having an exoskeleton to give the creature a bug-like look.” Once the general concept was approved, Tatopoulos refined it by laying out the creatures outline over a photograph of its future performer in position. In order to break the curse of the man in a suit, the designer envisioned a foam latex suit in which only the.........................Read full article !!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2005

MetropoLight 0.5.0 Available 4 Download *

New feature: window framebuffer displaying progressive refinement of the solution during rendering.
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- MetropoLight is a simple freeware global illumination rendering program that uses the Metropolis Light Transport algorithm to render images.MLT is a Monte Carlo method for solving the light transport problem. It is inspired by the Metropolis sampling method in computational physics.In short, a sequence of light transport paths is generated (based on Monte Carlo Markov Chain sampling) by randomly mutating a single current path. The probability density of visiting each path is proportional to its contribution to the final image. This algorithm has the particularity to be unbiased and can be orders of magnitude more efficient than previous unbiased approaches. It is highly recommended for complex and delicate indirect lightingI developed this small rendering project to study and to familiarize with this new approach in random walk global illumination algorithms. Metropolis Light Transport will be one of the numerous algorithms implemented into my "next generation" renderer (codename: A.E.R.E.) Although some additional features will be progressively implemented to complete the project, MetropoLight doesn’t claim to become a sophisticated renderer. It just has to be considered as an experimental rendering tool.

VistaPro Renderer 4.27 Released

The Premiere Landscape Creation & Animation Tool
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- Vistapro Renderer has the ability to add oceans, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, clouds, snow, haze, trees, shrubs and buildings.The creation of computer generated, 3D landscapes has never been easier or faster. You have full control over the colors used for all landscape features, making the landscapes impressively real or indescribably alien.Create before and after landscapes to see what an area may have looked like a million years ago, or export your file into a 3D modeling program and populate your new landscape with animals, aliens or spacecraft for spectacular photos and animations.

The Challenge of Volumetric Effects

London’s Double Negative developed a proprietary volumetric render to efficiently handle the rendering of vapor effects for Batman Begins.
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- Although efficiency rules in digital effects rendering, studios are also being challenged to create increasingly complex naturalistic effects. For Batman Begins, Double Negative was faced with rendering large volumes of animated water vapor. Paul Franklin, who created DNeg's 3D pipeline, says the Batman challenge prompted them to write a volumetric renderer that could render the output of fluid simulations. Dubbed “DNB,” this software's specific requirement was to generate clouds that could be illuminated in a variety of ways.“We also can fly the camera through them,” says Franklin, “and that's a fantastically useful thing in the world of visual effects. It's also really fast. With off-the-shelf solutions, rendering had been taking an hour and a half a frame. We got it down to two or three minutes.”Having this proprietary tool is also helping DNeg render epic cloudscapes for Dean Devlin's upcoming Flyboys. Franklin notes, “As we fly through these clouds, we can change the lighting and make them interact with the aircraft.”Being able to efficiently render volumes has clearly worked to DNeg's advantage. “Writing your own tools is a way of leveraging your skills,” Franklin says. “The explosion in visual effects over the last five years has meant a Darwinian selection pressure is applied to studios competing to come up with the latest greatest thing. If you can do effects [that] nobody else is doing at a certain price point, you get a reputation.”Digital Domain has its own volumetric tool, the Sci-Tech-award-winning Storm, which is a plug-in for Houdini that DD used to create cloudscapes for Stealth. At Rhythm & Hues, Mark Brown's team is also writing a volumetric renderer. “We're getting up close and personal with CG clouds now, so they have to be dead-on,” says Brown. “Once you're inside, they need to have internal shadowing and light sources, and that puts big pressures on the renderer.”Not surprisingly, at Blue Sky they're also pursuing ways of illuminating volumetric subtleties. “It's about volumes interacting with light, not just surfaces,” Ludwig says. “For rendering, that's the next challenge.”


Setting up animation controls in Maya

'Setting up animation controls in Maya' by Martin Andersson
- In this tutorial you will learn.
1. How to use the Bend Deformer.

2. How to make one attribute depend on another.
3. How to use math in expressions to create animation.
Artist website...................................Tutorial Link !!
(Source : 3dTotal)


NextLimit Release Maxwell Plug-in 4 FormZ

NextLimit Release Maxwell Plug-in 4 FormZ
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- Next Limit Tecnology has released Maxwell Renderer Plug-in for FormZ. NextLimit have released almost 10 pluins for different platforms in less than a year. ArchiCAD plugin is only available for window based PC. Artist can submit their ArchiCAD works rendered with maxwell render on their forum's gallery.
www.maxwellrender.com/forum .

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Alias Maya 7 Review ***

Maya 7 Review: Pushing the Boundaries of 3D Software
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- Earlier this month, Alias shipped the latest full version upgrade of their all-encompassing 3D package,
Maya 7. This comprehensive release comes with a variety of new features as well as improvements to existing features. Alias has crammed in enhancements to just about all of the major areas, including modeling, texturing, animation, effects and rendering. These additions are generally welcome yet there still is room for improvements........................Overall, Maya 7 is a solid release. Artists considering upgrading form previous versions or migrating from other packages will get their money’s worth. The few small issues are worth considering if your particular workflow relies specifically on problem areas, such as edge modeling. Like other apps, Maya is beginning to show its age. The current generation of 3D software has pushed the boundaries and nearly reached the limit of their current implementations. Softimage has made some bold moves forward with their recent XSI overhaul; I’m hopeful that Alias will take Maya down a similar path with next year’s upgrade................Read Full Review !!
(Source: VFxWorld)

AR Awards for Emerging Architecture 2005

the world’s leading emerging architecture award
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- The AR Awards for Emerging Architecture is the biggest and best award for young architects in the world and gives £10 000 in prize money. Inaugurated in 1999, the award was conceived by The Architectural Review and d line, the distinguishedDanish architectural design firm. It is now supported by Buro Happold. Intended to bring wider international recognition to a talented new generation of architects and designers, last year the competition attracted more than 700 entries from nearly 60 countries, representing every inhabited continent.Awards are for built or manufactured work only, and besides buildings, the full range of design activity, from landscapes and urban spaces to furniture and cutlery can be submitted. For more information contact Paul Finch, the Editor at paul.finch@emap.com

ReVision Effects, Inc. Has Released Reflex 3 & Twixtor 4.5

ReVision Effects, Inc. Has Released Reflex & Twixtor
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- ReVision Effects, Inc. Has Released Reflex 3 & Twixtor 4.5 . ReFlex creates visually stunning morphs and warps with an easy-to-use interface.Twixtor intelligently slows down, speeds up or changes the frame rate of your image sequences.
RE:Flex 3's auto-align feature now uses the improved tracking found in Twixtor 4.5. Also included in RE:Flex 3 are new more accurate filtering techniques achieved through new anti-aliasing and mipmap modes. Floating point support has been added for the Shake version.RE:Flex 3 is shipping for After Effects, combustion, Shake, and Discreet Systems (Irix). RE:Flex for Discreet Systems on Linux is currently in beta testing.
Twixtor 4.5 has completely revamped tracking.Nick Brooks, Academy Award and Emmy Award winner for visual effects says, " Twixtor 4.5 represents a new touchstone in retiming.The difference in accuracy means that retiming artifacts are either drastically reduced or disappear on the hardest to retime footage. " Twixtor 4.5 is shipping for After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro , combustion, Shake (Macintosh and Linux) and Discreet Systems (Irix and Linux).
For more information, pricing and compatibility and a demo version see the RE:Flex pages.
For more information, pricing and compatibility and a demo version see the Twixtor pages.


MicroStation V8 XM beta edition now available

MicroStation V8 XM beta edition now available
- Bentley Systems has announced that the XM Edition of its flagship MicroStation V8 product is now available as a beta release to all Bentley Select subscribers. XM brings a series of innovations for simplicity to the AEC industry software platform. The result is a combination of power and simplicity. "The best high-tech products have a common progression: They start simple, then get powerful, then get powerful and simple," says Keith Bentley, chief technology officer. "MicroStation V8 has long distinguished itself as the most comprehensive platform in our market, spanning 2D drafting, 3D modelling, change management, digital security, visualisation, animation and more. Now, with its new interface offering a precise, dynamic match of features to tasks, XM makes it simple to bring the full power of MicroStation V8 to all users in all AEC organisations."This concept of power with simplicity is driven by four major innovations in MicroStation V8 XM Edition: structured workflows, structured content, 3D in PDF and an updated GUI and new display subsystem.
MicroStaion Website Link
Related web Link

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

EverMotion has Released Archmodels Vol. 9

EverMotion has Released Archmodels Vol. 9
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- Have you ever lost your race with time doing visualizations? Have you ever been embarrassed of unfinished renders, spending all night on the modeling process, instead of rendering? If you are an architect, and if you need to work fast but with highest pecision, this is the thing for you. Archmodels volume 9 gives you more than 100 professional, highly detailed objects for architectural visualizations. This collection helps you to furnish sitting-rooms, cabinets or living-rooms with beautifu tables and closets. Why waste costly time for making something that you can have from the best at Evermotion.

CG INDIA Interview’s Czech Artist “LOOCAS DUBER” *****

CG INDIA has a brief Interview with Czech Artist “LOOCAS DUBER”
by amit Dixit

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-Cg India Interviews, Czech Cg Artist loocas duber of dUBER Studio, who have created several comprehensive tutorials for 3dMax users.We would like to thank 'loocas' for giving us his valuable time.
CG India: who was the founder of duber studio and who heads it currently?
- I found duber studio in 2004. It's not a normal production studio though, it's rather a small virtual workshop that represents my works and helps me share my tutorials and training material on the web. I work as a freelance artist for clients all around the world and if there's any occasion that would require more than one person to finish any given project, I'm closely in touch with a few other top-notch Czech artists/freelancers that can help me out.
CG India:when and what was your first Major project, tell something about it?
- Since I freelance I work on many different and thus differently interesting projects all the time. And when I don't I just continue working on my personal projects. But I could say that my first "major" project was a TV commercial and a Music video at the same time when I worked as a 3ds max generalist at MonkeyLab (http://www.monkeylab.com.au/) in Sydney, Australia.
CG India: Normally what's the whole day is like in duber Studio?
- Usually I work alone, since the projects I've worked on so far required only my contribution. Therefore a normal day starts by going trhough e-mails and forums or user-groups on the internet. Then I get to work on either an ongoing commercial project or on my personal stuff. This is at around 9am. I like to work late at night so I usually leave my computer at 12pm or even 1am. It may sound strangely overwhelming, but I rather have a few coffe breaks during a day than sit 9 hrs. in a row at a computer.
CG India: Currently on what all projects your studio is working on? Are you making any animation shorts?
- Currently I'm finishing a few projects. One is a personal 3d illustration and the other one is a commercial job I do for a Australian company. Unfortunately I can't show you any images of the currently ongoing commercial work, because it hasn't been officially released yet, but I can show you a few images from other works of mine.
CG India: Do you writing any new tutorial for 3dsMax?
- Yes. Not writing though, but I'm currently planning on doing another video tutorial series, this time on Organic Character Modeling, but also on UVs and Texture painting. Again all in 3ds max plus Photoshop...!! duber Studios
Artist website Link ........................................................................................ Tutorials by Loocas dUBER

28 Principles of Animation ****

28 Principles of Animation
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- Although this article was written for 2d Animators, most of the principles apply to 3D as well. There are some principles of animation that can be consciously used in any scene. We should familiarize ourselves with them for both animation and animation-cleanup.To illustrate these principles, Walt Stanchfield has chosen a supposedly simple scene. When the scene is analyzed, it is apparent how far one may go in using these principles......................Link!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

3Ds Max Tutorial : The making of Tundra

"The making of Tundra" by Daniel Moreno Dнaz
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- 3d total has posted a very nice step by step character modeling tutorial by Daniel Moreno Dhaz......Daniel; I used 3ds max 5.1 as the main tool in this work. I always model with subdivision surface. I normally start the model process in the front view, creating the vertex one by one, putting them forming the edge loops. In the beginning I did a low detail mesh as a base, this allowed me to create the edges (subdivision) that conforms the final detailed mesh. I started the torso with a box, trying to get the right subdivisions to form the basic shape of the body. Then I extruded some polygons from shoulders and pelvis in order to create the arms and legs. I modelled this character in a middle flexed position because I think that...................................Link !!!!

Vue 5 Easel To Ship September 2005!

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- e-on software, the leader in 3D environment creation software, announces the upcoming release of Vue 5 Easel, the new entry level version of it’s award winning Vue product line. Available at a breakthrough pricing of $99.Vue 5 Easel is specifically designed for digital artists and hobbyists looking for a simple introduction to 3D. With a rich but incredibly easy-to-use feature set, Vue 5 Easel will let newcomers to 3D create breathtaking images and animations within minutes. Based on the original paradigm of using a predefined set, adding characters and then choosing the best point of view to take the "photo", Vue 5 Easel constitutes an ideal introduction to the world of 3D. As users become more familiar with the basics of 3D, they can begin customizing the sets and, later, create their own, entirely new compositions. In addition, because it is based on a standard concept and interface layout, Vue 5 Easel will let users grow in 3D proficiency from a solid background.