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Monday, October 31, 2005

The Making of 'My Red Bike!' ( CG )

The Making of 'My Red Bike!'
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- "My Red Bike" is a piece that is very dear to my heart. Many children grow up with a dog in the family. I happen to be one of those people. I had a big old German Shepard dog called 'Major' and we were best buddies. Whenever I'd get grounded (which was quite often), the only time I would be allowed out was when I took Major for a walk. In my teenage years, Major and I spent a lot of time together. He was a protective companion, like dogs can be. He wouldn't let anything harm me... and no one would try. For no other reason than because I fed him and walked him, I was his Master. He had unconditional love and loyalty to me and would obey my every command. He was willing to lay.....................Read On!!

Disney's hopes 4 animation comeback include 3D - 'Chicken Little'

Disney Has a Lot Riding on a Tiny Chicken
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- A lot is riding on a very little chicken. With the Nov. 4 release of "Chicken Little," The Walt Disney Co. hopes to reverse the fortunes of its moribund feature animation division and regain the dominance it lost to competitors such as Pixar Animation Studios and DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc. In addition, a special 3D version of "Chicken Little," to be shown on 85 screens nationwide, could recapture the imagination of moviegoers who have been staying away from theaters in record numbers. It might also provide the final push for the transition to digital cinema, an initiative that has stalled because of the cost.......................
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(Source: Newsday.com)


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– Today GHOST 3D, LLC announces the availability of 3ds max 8 (Autodesk) plug-in versions for its line of 3D modeling, conversion, digitizing and reverse engineering products. GHOST 3D products continue to provide digital content creators, designers, engineers, and 3D professionals in Games, Manufacturing, Television, Film, Design Visualization industries with powerful easy-to-use 3D content creation, scan-surfacing, design, editing & output for DCC/CAD/CAM. The newest versions of GHOST 3D’s products include Scribe-iT CAD, Power Modeler Pack, Power Digitizer Pack, ResErect, Scribe-iT DCC and Surf-iT. Additional products are soon to be announced.GHOST 3D’s Power Modeler Pack and Surf-iT offer a full suite of modeling tools providing 3D content creators and designers with the ability to create accurate 3D models simply using both 3D and 2D design and drawing techniques. Each product incorporates speed and diversity in Spline surface modeling systems with non-linear parametric conversion features. Users can frame out complex surfaces quickly and accurately by drawing, refining and editing using Spline-based patches, convert to subdivision surfaces, editable subdivision polygon objects, NURMS, NURBS, mesh, and then export to popular file formats. Surf-iT and Power Modeler Pack ensure outstanding content that can be used with most tools in the 3D production pipeline. Additional highlights include parametric drag-and-drop 3D-Spline objects, advanced surfacing, and loads of speedy editing enhancements to instantly produce models with superb 3D geometry.
GHOST 3D Website Link

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Biomedical 3d Animation

Drew Berry - Biomedical Animator
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- Drew Berry: using CG to show the world how we all work.Drew Berry, biomedical animator for The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research (WEHI), is a key member of an international team that recently won an Emmy Award in the category of Outstanding Science, Technology and Nature Programming for the episode, ‘The Human Race.’“My main role at WEHI is to help explain the discoveries of the Institute to the general public by creating the most vivid and accurate visualizations possible,” says Berry. The international DNA project was a natural extension of this, as so much of WEHI's research is DNA-based and the public has such a great fascination with DNA.........................
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(Source: Cg Networks)

Series Of Explosions Rocks New Delhi (OFF Topic)

More than 30 killed in explosions at crowded markets in Capital (off Topic)
Picture by Manish Swarup / AP
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- A series of explosions shook New Delhi on Saturday, tearing through markets jammed with shoppers ahead of an upcoming Hindu festival- DIWALI. As many as 20 people have been killed in an explosion in Sarojini Nagar market and 15 others have reportedly been killed in Paharganj.Red alert declared in Delhi following explosions in Paharganj, Sarojini Nagar market and Govindpuri.Most of those injured or killed in the explosions were ordinary people out shopping in the festival season. According to latest reports, RDX was used in the blasts.Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, in a statement from Kolkata said the blasts are a clear case of terrorism.
(Source: Various)

3d-Palace releases new 3ds Max training DVD

3d-Palace releases new 3ds Max training DVD
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- Compatible with 3ds Max versions 6, 7 and 8, 3d-Palace is pleased to announce the release of their new training DVD "Stormbringer": A step by step modelling, animation and texturing tutorials set for the creation of the "Firefly Class" transport ship based upon the TV Series "Firefly" by Fox and the newly released motion picture "Serenity" by Universal.This 30+ hour training set comes on two data DVDs, and shows you every stage of the process to go from a completely empty workspace to a completed scene, even adding in bonus sections to show you how to achieve an animated take-off, multiple assignments of complex procedural metal materials using Mental Ray, creation of environmental prefabs for scene setup, adapting an existing low poly mesh from your existing model and adapting it for higher poly use, creation of additional scene elements (the shuttles) and a lot more besides.You do not need plugins to complete this set. Just load up your bare bones copy of 3ds Max and you can complete the entire set.
3d-Palace 3ds Max training DVD Link

Light Crafts Announces LIGHTzone Photo Editing Software

Photo editing software tool designed especially for professional and avid photographers
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- Light Crafts, Inc. today announced availability of LightZone, a breakthrough photo editing software tool designed especially for professional and avid photographers. LightZone provides a complete photo editing tool that significantly reduces the time photographers spend after a shoot producing high quality photographs. LightZone offers photographers an advanced RAW editing experience that is easy to use while delivering a fast workflow that produces professional results. Designed and built from the ground up for professionals, LightZone is available as a free 30-day trial at
http://www.lightcrafts.com/. LightZone is immediately available for Macintosh users and in November for Windows users.

VRcontext releases Walkinside(TM) 4.0

VRcontext releases Walkinside(TM) 4.0
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- Walkinside is a visualization tool for viewing complex 3D CAD models in real time.The software is able to instantly render very large, complex, computer generated 3D models. The software is targeted towards Energy, Homeland Security & Defense and Aerospace markets. The technology behind Walkinside’s patented Real-Time Collision Detection and Gravity Simulation technology allows the users to immediately and effortlessly explore virtual reality generated models in contrast to other visualization applications that only offer a complicated, non-intuitive walkthrough. Walkinside™ is useful for project reviews, simulation facilities (VR centers), facility maintenance programs, safety and security training exercises ; all being delivered in real-time, multi-users, LAN and Internet environments.
VRcontexts Walkinside(TM) 4.0 Link

Tutorial: Understanding Parallax

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- A key distinction is that there's really no difference between directing camera-work in the real world or in the virtual world. The understanding of the interaction between camera and characters is exactly the same, and there's no difference in the emotions each type of shot (or move) produces, or the many technical aspects of planning scenes.So the goal really is to become a great director, regardless of the medium. In 3D, we have a serious advantage over “physical” filmmakers, because we can train whenever we want to. Physical filmmakers actually have to get a shoot financed and everything, so they only get to practice a few days a month (or year). In 3D, we can simply rig a set, and get to practice immediately. So what takes a Hollywood A-list director 10 years to learn, we might be able to both learn and get experience with in a year or so. It sounds fantastic, but it's true.The main drawback to directing in 3D is that keyframed (and/or target) cameras can move so freely, or so mechanically, that we're able to produce moves that could never be done in the real world. This very often screams “3D” or “game”, and I'll cover this in a later article on how to make 3D camera-work look real. But for the purposes of this article, the essence of making it look real is to use techniques or limitations you would have in the real world. One of these limitations is that a physical camera is usually only moving in a straight line, which is useful to get the effects we'll look at in this article...............Read on!!
(source: Cg Channel)

Friday, October 28, 2005

Ballistic Publishing Releases EXOTIQUE

The world’s most beautiful computer-generated characters
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- Ballistic Publishing is pleased to announce the release of EXOTIQUE, the leading book title devoted to showcasing the most beautiful character creations from digital artists worldwide. EXOTIQUE presents 228 examples of exceptional character artwork by 113 artists from 37 countries presented over 192 pages of the highest quality production. In addition to exhilarating character artwork, EXOTIQUE features the profiles of eight prominent character artists. The Most Comprehensive Showcase of Character Artwork Ever CreatedEXOTIQUE is the most extensive showcase of high quality digital character artwork to ever be published. The launch of EXOTIQUE marks the first time that the digital tools and artist’s skills have risen to the level at which human characters approach true realism with several photo-real characters showcased. Featuring 228 works by 113 artists from 37 countries, EXOTIQUE is an exhilarating tome of the world’s best digital character art utilizing today’s cutting edge digital tools.
EXOTIQUE - worlds most beautiful CG Characters


Digital Studio for Star Wars Show

Star Wars creator George Lucas has opened a digital animation movie and television studio in Singapore.
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- The studio's first project will be Star Wars spin-off TV series Clone Wars, due to be screened in 2007. The company says it aims to lead the animation industry and train "a new generation of digital artists" at the Singapore studio. Lucas said the TV series would be based on the time between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. Lucas announced plans for two Star Wars TV series in April, when he said Clone Wars would become "a 3D animated" series of 30-minute shows...........
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(Source: BBC News)

GroundWiz Lite For 3ds Max Released

GroundWiz Lite For 3ds Max released to public
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- GroundWiz is all about terrain. It is a procedural 3d terrain map that can be used as a diffuse map, a bump map or for that matter, any other map type. It uses fractal algorithms to generate terrain textures and mimic real-life terrain. When you are creating terrain maps, transitions between different materials are hard to control with tools that pre-existing applications offer. Typical blending methods of mixing two or more materials don't give realistic results. That is where GroundWiz comes into action. Numerous controls give users the ability to control the look of terrain materials while seamlessly integrating into 3ds max workflow.
GroundWiz - Procedural 3d terrain map for 3ds max

Winners of Dungeons and Dragons Contest Announced

Check out the winners of our 2nd contest, with comments from Matt Stawicki
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- DeathFall announced the winners of Dungeons and Dragons Contest. The first prize winner is picked by the jurrey and other two winners by Vote’s. The first prize goes to 'The Final Duel' by monsitj. Matt Stawicki Comments on the First Price wining Entries: This has great motion and composition. All of the textures are very well developed. I would like to see the face of the king looking at the demon...very minor...Great piece!
Winners of Dungeons and Dragons Contest Link

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Luxology Releases modo 103 Service Update

Luxology Releases modo 103 Service Update
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- Luxology, LLC, the creators of modo, a leading subdivision surface and polygonal 3D modeling platform, today announced the release of its free modo 103 service update. The modo 103 update features a host of advances, including the debut of a new UV mapping technology that greatly simplifies and accelerates the UV unwrapping process, and improved stability for specific hardware configurations. modo 103's new UV unwrap tool transforms the arduous task of creating complex UV maps into an easy three step process - Click. Drag. Done. By simply selecting the desired UV border edges on the 3D model and adjusting the tool by dragging interactively in the viewport, the user can watch as the tool unwraps the mesh into a smooth UV map. This advancement reduces the time artists spend on this process from hours to seconds.
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Modelling and Rigging a nut-bolt - Tutorial

New Maya tutorial by Martin Andersson on modelling and rigging a nut and bolt
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- 3d Total has posted a New Maya tutorial by Martin Andersson.This tutorial will go through the steps to create a photo realistic model of a nut. It requires that you have some basic modelling skills.There are a lot of different nuts out there and you can use the same method creating them all. I'm going to model the one in the imageYou can use this reference image that I used to follow this tutorial or you can use your own reference and just stick with my method if you like........................
Tutorial Link!!
(Source: 3dTotal)

Eovia Announces Carrara 5

The highly-affordable new Carrara 5 lavishes speed and power that enables users to create more freely and deliver high-caliber results under even the tightest deadlines.
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-Eovia™ Corporation, developer and publisher of leading 3D software tools, today introduced Carrara™ 5, the powerful, approachable, complete 3D solution. Carrara 5 delivers a robust suite of modeling, animation and rendering tools in a freshly updated user interface. The highly-affordable Carrara 5 will enable users to create more freely and deliver high-caliber results under even the tightest deadlines.“The significant enhancements to Carrara 5 truly drive home our mission to provide professional 3D software solutions at a price that fits into most budgets,” said Eovia CEO Philippe Richard. “Carrara 5 will stimulate professional users toward greater creativity and help them to stay competitive, while those who are just beginning to venture into 3D will realize incredible ease-of-use and unbelievable results.”New features in Carrara 5 and Carrara 5 Pro include: a dramatically updated interface; a new graph editor that provides direct access to the motions curves of objects as well as parameters of animations; enhancements to the vertex modeler based upon Eovia’s wildly-popular Hexagon software; improvements to the already impressive rendering component including subsurface scattering, displacement mapping and ambient occlusion; addition of volumetric clouds that realistically scatter the light of the atmosphere; significant updates to the particle engine; extensive expansion of import/export format support to include After Effects and RPF export, match moving support for Syntheyes and MatchMover, and much more. For a more complete list of new features and enhancements in Carrara 5 and Carrara 5 Pro, please visit the Eovia website at

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Archmodels Vol. 14 Released

Archmodels Vol. 14
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- another release of very usefull architectural 3d models by Evermotion.Have you ever lost your race with time doing visualizations? Have you ever been embarrassed of unfinished renders, spending all night on the modeling process, instead of rendering? If you are an architect, and if you need to work fast but with highest pecision, this is the thing for you. Archmodels volume 14 gives you more than 100 professional, highly detailed objects for architectural visualizations. In this collection we would like to offer you external lamps. Why waste costly time for making something that you can have from the best at Evermotion?
Archmodels Vol. 14 Link


Fangorn Layer Manager For 3ds MAX*

Fangorn Layer Manager For 3ds MAX
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- Fangorn Layer Manager is a powerful new layer manager for 3ds Max. Fangorn gives the user superb control over scene layers, offering features never before implemented in scene layer / data management.3ds Max has long been missing a powerful layer manager, that would allow for nested layers. Fangorn's name derives from the ability to organize layers in a tree-like hierarchy. There is no limit as to how deep you can nest layers. Fangorn allows for working with layer properties en masse. Now properties that before were accessed on individual layers one at a time can be accessed in mass.
Fangorn Layer Manager website Link

Monday, October 24, 2005

Visualization for Any Budget

Cadalyst Labs Review: Visualization for Any Budget
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- In August's survey of visualization software (
www.cadalyst.com/0805viz/), I noted that several applications were still in development and not quite ready for evaluation. As things often go, two of the products—Artlantis R and Camtasia Studio 3—were released just as I submitted that article, so I'll cover them here. Visualization software continues to be developed at a fast pace. Plenty of options are available, and more are coming regularly. Whatever your team's specific needs are, you'll likely find one or more applications to suit them. This competition and active development ultimately results in applications with greater feature depth. Prices for visualization applications range from moderate to expensive. If you don't generate revenue from your visualizations, it's often difficult to justify even moderate expenditures for these sophisticated tools. If that's the case, you may want to investigate two free products that Cadalyst reader Kelly Lasse brought to our attention. Blender 3D is an open source 3D modeling, rendering and animation application available from www.blender3d.org/. Yafray is a radiosity-capable rendering package available at www.yafray.org/. Yafray also incorporates a gaming engine................Read Full article!!
(Source: Cadalyst Lab)


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- Paint Effects is one of the most underused tools in Maya, whether due to the misunderstanding of how Paint Effects can enhance your work, or the misleading ideas that paint effects may be too advanced for new users. Whatever the reason, you can cast your fears aside as Digital Tutors has finally made a quality, easy to understand paint Effects tutorial set for Maya vets and new users alike. Digital Tutors starts off from a basic overview of the Paint Effects interface, and then moves seamlessly into more advanced topics such as manipulating and editing your own custom Paint Effects with ease. Finally they round off the kit with an entire Paint Effects project build from the ground up......................Read full Review!!

Electric Image Released V6.5 R1

Electric Image Releases v6.5r1
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- EIAS 6.5r1 is now even faster, stronger, and better than ever! For almost 15 years the Electric Image Animation System has delivered superior 3D graphics at a fraction of the cost. If you are looking to create Hollywood Style 3D graphics at an affordable price you don’t have to look any further.Not only is EIAS the fastest renderer on Earth, it is clearly one of the easiest and most intuitive 3D applications to learn. You will be creating beautiful images in no time, and you will wonder why anyone uses those other bloat-ware 3D applications.EIAS 6.5r1 is packed with
new features including improved OpenGL (with transparencies), a built-in scripting tool (Xpressionist 3.0), new Noise Factory shader, and an array of animation capabilities and workflow improvements like the new contextual menus and multiple undos.The Electric Image Animation System also contains all the features you expect from a professional 3D product. Within the application you have a totaly new Global Illumination rendering engine, Radiosity, Multi-Processor Support, Match Move, Material Library System, Macromedia Shockwave Support, Unlimited Network Rendering, vast array of Character Animation Tools, Global Illumination, and a very long list of other features. Download the EIAS PDF to see a complete list of all the features of EIAS.EIAS 6.5r1 is a suite of several high-end applications giving you the power, quality, and sophistication you expect from a 3D software program. These applications include Animator, Camera, Renderama, and Radiosity. This suite of applications continues its legacy of creating breathtaking character animations, building new worlds with 3D matte painting, and design sophisticated product concepts — you can do all of this and more with EIAS 6.5r1! So don't be suckered into spending thousands of dollars on inferior 3D applications. Let EIAS 6.5r1 deliver the technology you need for only US$895. The Electric Image Animation System has been used to create some of the most lavish Blockbuster Films in history while delivering the speed you need to get your work done ON time and UNDER budget! The speed results speak for themselves.
Electric Image Animation System Website Link

Thursday, October 20, 2005

SwiftShader- Fastest Shader-Enabled 3D Rendering Software

DolphinVS: Microsoft's Direct3D 9.0 Sample Application that makes extensive use of Vertex Shaders, shown running at high speed using SwiftShader.
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- SwiftShader, the latest addition to TransGaming's family of portability products, is the world's fastest, pure software 3D renderer with DirectX 9.0 class features, including support for Pixel and Vertex Shaders. SwiftShader is built to provide the same APIs that developers are already using for their games and applications. This makes it possible to directly integrate SwiftShader into applications without any changes to source code. Direct3D 8 and Direct3D 9 compatible APIs are available immediately and OpenGL-compatible APIs will be available soon. Vertex Shader 1.1 and Pixel Shader 1.4 features are currently supported along with the majority of features used by most developers when producing 3D games and applications. SwiftShader performs over 50 times faster than Microsoft's Direct3D Reference Rasterizer in tests with sample applications and can achieve performance close to low-end hardware 3D cards in many cases. SwiftShader achieves this unprecedented level of performance by dynamically compiling highly optimized code specific to an application's 3D rendering needs. SwiftShader is currently available for x86 CPUs with Intel's SSE multimedia instruction set extensions. SwiftShader runs on Microsoft Windows 98 and higher and on Linux through TransGaming's Cedega portability technology.

Alias Announces StudioTools 13, Alias ImageStudio 3

Industrial software solutions foster innovation for transportation and product design
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- Press Release -Alias® announced today the latest version of its signature line of industrial design software solutions: Alias StudioTool 13, Alias ImageStudio 3 and Alias PortfolioWall ® 3. In conjunction with the software launch, Alias has enhanced its Alias StudioTools Platinum Membership, offering top-tier support and maintenance via software downloads, hotline support and learning resources.The latest release of the Alias suite of design software products redefines the term all-inclusive design solution . These products allow designers to create, craft, collaborate and convey their designs in one complete flow - focusing on the idea rather than the tools. Each of these innovative software products is one of Alias key solutions for design and visualization - solutions that also include a complete range of consulting, training and custom engineering services.

Rendercore supports LightWave 8.5

Rendercore supports LightWave 8.5
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- Rendercore announced support for LightWave 8.5. The Emmy-winning 3D graphics solution that's the tool-of-chioce of award-winning artists around the world in film, television, games, print and more... GLSL Hardware Shader: View light fall offs, blended images on surfaces, procedurals, and even gradients in real-time in OpenGL viewports in Layout. This is all possible with OpenGL v2.0 Hardware Shaders on graphics cards which support the technology. Geared toward giving you a more accurate preview of your final render, the GLSL Hardware Shaders can speed-up productivity for your projects.
Rendercore Website link


Wednesday, October 19, 2005

VisMasters Compilation DVD Call for Entries

VisMasters Compilation DVD Call for Entries -
Best Visualization of 2005

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- VisMasters is putting together the 2005 Compilation DVD of the best work in the industry. Highlighting the best images and animations of the year, VisMasters has launched an open call for entries and invites everyone to submit. If you would like for your work to be included, please follow the Submission Guidelines and Criteria.
Win a Free iPod nano!VisMasters will be giving away a 2GB iPod nano to the best submission in each category (Best Still Image and Best Animation).
VisMasters Compilation DVD Call for Entries Website Link