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Monday, August 28, 2006

PhotoShop Brushes | more..


- We have been featuring lots of Photoshop brushes download lately, continuing the trend we would like to feature "
Adobe Studio Exchange" which is the Top Resource website for Photoshop as well as other adobe products like After effects, LiveMotion etc. Lots of people happens to miss it as their are "n" number of websites offering Photoshop recourses. snip: 'Adobe Studio Exchange is your place for actions, plug-ins, extensions, tutorials, and other helper files that allow you to easily add new features to Adobe products. You can even create your own files, upload them, and share them with the entire Adobe Studio Exchange community'. Here you will find lots of Nice'n'Usefull Photoshop brushes for free download and you can share (free registration required) your own creations with other members as well. The Helmets in the above illustration is made using Photoshop brush which i have downloaded from their website and cattle inside the square; which happens to be logo is made using Photoshop brush -which i have made myself. Its fairly simple to create custom Photoshop brushes for saving time and various types of uses - most common use of them are, for marking copy-write marks and companies logos. Most of you are well aware of how to make them, those who wont - read the following lines carefully - Its simple,.. In above case of CGToolbar logo brush, I separated the things I want to show (foreground) from the background using the selection tools, than smoothen the selected area (select-modify-smooth/expand) , now you just have to save it (edit - define brush preset) and you are Done. You may also select background instead of foreground and use the same process. Again if you want to fine tune it or add detailing, just paste the selection on white or black background depending on color of foreground (selection), now for example; you want to give a different tone to the shadow, just select the shadow area using lasso tool and adjust it as per your requirement (using -> Image - Adjustments - you choose) , next step is to again separate the foreground from background and just save (edit - define brush preset) the damn thing as Brush (name-do i have to tell ?). Also you can edit your existing Photoshop brushes using the same technique .....simple isn’t it?? But if you lazy like me, the websites like Studio Exchange always comes handy ;) ........download brushes!!
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