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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Shave For Autodesk's Maya

- While Shave and a Haircut for Maya 8 / 64 Bit is made available for purchase recently. Free Trial Win32 version 4.4v10 of Shave for Maya 6.5, 7.0, 8.0 and Mental Ray Satellite 3.4 is available for download. You have to wait for sometime, before you lay your hands on 64bit version for free....n frankly speaking i found the website lil’ confusing; so you better visit and find out yourself.
Visit website -
click here
Download trial -
click here

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Di-O-Matic Released VOMBatch

- Di-O-Matic, a leading developer of character animations software, announced today the official release of VOMBatch, a powerful batch processing extension for Voice-O-Matic, the award winning lip synchronization plug-in for Autodesk . Di-O-Matic pushes the lip synchronization automation even further with the release of VOMBatch. Imagine being able to process thousands of audio files without any user interaction, while keeping the impressive quality that 3ds max plugin - "Voice-O-Matic" deliver, that’s exactly what VOMBatch is about. VOMBatch now automate what Voice-O-Matic has been doing successfully for many years.
For more information please visit http://www.diomatic.com/ !

LBrush For 3ds Max 9

- LipService aka' LBrush is a facial animation tool under development by Joseph Alter since Ages. Now, This is the first full platform integration of the tool in 3ds Max . It's built around the philosophy that animators want better, more interactive tools, not automatic ones ; say Alter. LipService sculpting brush is built into the same modifier and can manage selection sets and merge blending in ways that only a brush that sits this close to the animation tool can. Even if you don't create animation or targets, lBrush is a very nice sculpt modifier alternative to 3ds Max's sporting some unique features. Download lBrush is only available for 3ds Max 9 and lBrush contains a TIMELOCK. It will expire permanently in March 2007.
For more info and download fully functional test version -
click here

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cMuscleSystem / cSmartBlend x64 Bit Version Released

- Comet Digital, LLC is happy to announce that ports of both Maya plugins, cMuscleSystem and cSmartBlend for Windows x64 and Linux x64 are now available on their website. cSmartBlend is a Maya plug-in that lets modelers & rigging artists easily create partial object based deformation and create/update morph targets when topology on the mesh changes. cMuscleSystem is a plug-in suite for Maya that provides a high-quality and affordable alternative to standard Maya skin deformation as well as other powerful features. Muscle deformation and skin deformation are provided including both true sticky and sliding effects, skin jiggle, and relax/wrinkle type effects. They are offering these as FREE updates to registered users.
For more information, please visit cometDigital website - Click Here !


3DM Tutorial - VRay & MentalRay

- 3DM has published two new Video tutorials by Aziz Khan. In Both the tutorials, Aziz will show how to create nifty looking global illumination and sun lighting in V-Ray n' Mental Ray Respectively.
Video tutorial V-Ray -
Click here
Video tutorial Mental Ray -
Click here


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

3DS Max Tutorial - Making Digital Radio*

- CGIndia features a new 3d modeling tutorial for 3ds Max users. In this 3ds Max tutorial Jamshaid take you through the process of creating 3d model of a digital Radio and explains each step with the help of images and write-up. Snip: "Hi, My name is Jamshaid Raza and this is my first tutorial which I’m writing for cg-india.com. In This 3ds Max Tutorial, I will try to explain about the 3d modeling process with an easy to learn step-by-step method using images and write-up. Anyone with basic knowledge of 3ds max can"..!
Go to the digital Radio Max tutorial main page --> 3ds Max tutorial (digital Radio)


Keylight for Autodesk Combustion and Adobe After Effects 7.0 Released

Tags: . - Leading visual effects developer The Foundry today announced the release of Keylight, the Academy Award-winning blue and green screen keyer, for Autodesk’s Combustion and Adobe’s After Effects Standard Edition desktop software. Keylight is already available on a range of leading platforms including Autodesk’s inferno, flame, flint, fire and smoke systems, as well as Shake, Avid DS and the Professional version of Adobe After Effects. The new release extends this acclaimed and hugely popular keying technology to the global After Effects and Combustion communities, delivering a powerful new toolset for the creation of quality visual effects...........Click here !!


aniBOOM Awards 2006

- We have recently featured aniBoom in Our list of New 3d/CG Resource Related Websites. Now for making Real Boom, aniBoom is seeking holiday-themed animation shorts submissions for its inaugural aniBOOM Awards 2006. The first annual aniBOOM Awards will grant $50,000 in prizes, with winners judged by site visitors along with a group of internationally known leaders in the animation industry. Besides holiday-themed films, aniBOOM.com is accepting submissions in such categories as: Funny, Drama, Music Videos and Experimental. Twenty five semi-finalists, five from each category, will be named on January 15, 2007.
More information and entry details - Click Here


Exterior Walls Vol 1 - ambientLight is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Volume one Exterior Walls Texture Pack, consist of 20 (2048 pixel) Exterior Wall surfaces, brick, block, cut stone and decorative rendering, each with a matching bump map..........Click here!!
Leather Textures - Well everyone loves to have high-Res. , especially if they are free. Download 26 Leather Texture pack for free, courtesy treddi forum............
Click here!!
Kotek Texture Pack - Another free and handy texture pack. (
Via) Artist Michal Kotek upload free 20 MB texture pack on their website. Have a look and download now........Click here!!
Total Textures V5 - 3d total has upgraded its Total Textures V5 to R2 Dirt & Graffiti, This new collection consists of 344 Dirt & Graffiti maps, comprising of 766 individual maps!! (Dirt, Graffiti and Alpha maps)...............
click here!!


Download Greeble R9 Plug-in For 3DS Max

- Its handy and used by most of 3ds Max artists. Greeble is a fun to use; modifier plug-in useful for generating random detail for spaceship models, cityscapes, Death Stars and any imaginable object. Greeble modifier plug-in is developed by Tom Hudson, beging with plugin for 3ds Max 3 till now for 3ds Max 9. For more info please visit max.klanky.com !!

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Freistil 3 - Registration Dealine Extended till 30th Nov

Frestil 2 was a major hit, with more than 200 graphics illustration from 12 countries showcased their best of the work in it. Frestil 2 was awarded the CMYK award in gold for most innovative European cover. Now its time for Frestil 3 - Best of European Commercial illustration. The annual will be published in spring of 2007 and contain new styles and new ideas from all of Europe. Deadline is only Extended till 30th of this month, so you better hurry Up.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Archinteriors vol. 7 Is out

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-I really envy these guys ,... As myself used be into 3d architectural visualization and its been like almost two year since i worked on any visualization......hmmmm. The good news is that, Evermotion has announced the release of volume 7 of ArchInteriors; which is compilation of 10 awesome visualization scenes ready to be rendered. The 3d scene are compatible with 3ds max 7 or higher and
VRay 1.5 R2 or newest. So if you want to create hyper realistic 3d visualization and achieve same high standards in your 3d visuals as Evermotion, than you may have a look at their latest released training DVD..........Click here!!

Graphic Intervention - TAXI

- Taxi recently published part one of "Graphic Intervention", an interesting article by Steven Heller about graphic intervention, or how designers critically redress the social, political and cultural grievances of the day. Well, that's good food for thought; but with all due respect, I find it much more political rather than something which really have to do with graphics. Its good- to question your own thinking, its good- to probe for answers, and its even great to reason the reasons but the topic should be addressed in much more broader terms.... A man has 5 sense (except the Night Shayamlam with the sixth one) and the most important is "Sight",.... we perceive and learn more by seeing thing rather than listening, Touching.....and we as a graphics artists can communicate more or infect I would say graphics is every where....you even find order in chaos.....But lets not go much deeper into it and come back to the topic; their will always be factors which effects the graphics art,... as the graphics artists himself get effected by those factors n’ will take inspiration from them and depict their opinion in form of art….Lets not generalize this and lay this topic "Graphic Intervention" Rest in peace because its quite subjective!.......... Snip from article; " I’m here to give an overview of graphic dissent and offer a few comments on the here and now. After 9/11 there was a moratorium on all loyal opposition. Understandably, even the most trenchant satirists were not certain how to balance the enormity of such a tragedy with their right (and responsibility) to critique official policy. When I asked a very well-known political cartoonist how he was reconciling critical instincts with patriotic emotions, he said he was temporarily shutting down. In the aftermath of 9/11 we heard that irony was".............Read On !!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

SWAY visual effects Studio Alters History for U2 and Green Day Video “The Saints are Coming” | VFX

- hmmm......what should i say ???.....Its Controversial! .....Snip: "SWAY Studio, one of North America’s leading visual effects studios, announced today its contribution to the new U2 and Green Day music video entitled, "The Saints are Coming". For this powerful production, SWAY integrated many photo-real CG elements, including Harrier jets, Apache helicopters, Stealth Bombers and tanks into existing news footage from Hurricane Katrina. The result is a thought-provoking and emotional video that shows what it might have looked like had the government responded differently to the disaster. Directed by
Chris Milk of Radical Media, this controversial video was" ........Read more ok!!


Making of Pontiac by Piotr Kolus | 3ds Max

- Evermotion featured Making of Pontiac by Piotr Kolus. The whole 'Pontiac' scene is done in 3ds Max and rendered using Vray. Snip: "The main idea of this work with old car abandoned in some wild area has got more than 2 years now and was invented by one of my team friends. He started to model a car and some environment, but decided to leave the project. Recently, he asked me to take a look at it - this was nice piece of work and I decided to finish it." ........more!!

REALVIZ Stitcher Unlimited 5.5 DS

- REALVIZ®, a leader in imageprocessing software development, is pleased to announce the availability of Stitcher® Unlimited 5.5 DS ("Double Shot"), which offers the ability to automatically stitch 2-shot fish eye photos. Stitcher Unlimited DS deliversthe most versatile and accessible solution for a wide variety of industries, for the creation of stunning panoramas from horizontally and vertically stitched photos, and fisheye shots. With the new DS ("Double Shot") extension for Stitcher 5.5 Unlimited, even 2-shot IPIX® style fish eyes can now be stitched automatically, providing a unique one-stop solution for anyone working in immersive imaging. Stitcher is a professional-level application, used by thousands of professional photographers, architects, multimedia and 3D artists worldwide, and enables the creation of superb wide-angle panoramas for the Web, film, print, and 3D. Stitcher is also widely used bypost-production professionals for the creation of 3D environments, mattepaintings, reflection maps and textures for film/television.
For more info please visit - http://stitcher.realviz.com

The Sphere Project @ CGSphere.com

- Richard Rosenman, one of the guy behind the developement , a depth of the field plugin for Photoshop has launched "The Sphere Project " along with Michael Kocurek. Rosenman says; "CGSphere.com is a website dedicated to the evolution of technical and creative 3D sphere design and you're invited to participate! The purpose is simple; create the most captivating and visually appealing sphere from our provided scene using your 3D program and renderer of choice. We encourage everyone to submit his or her renders regardless of their skill level so long as they adhere to the rules."...........more at CGsphere.com!!


GenArts Sapphire VFX Plug-ins used in Ice Cube’s Laugh Now, Cry Later DVD Project

Tag: ,
- Hit Squad Keeps it Real with GenArts Sapphire Visual Effects Plug-ins on Ice Cube’s Laugh Now, Cry Later DVD Project. According to Welborn Ferrene (www.ferrene.com), lead editor on the Laugh Now, Cry Later DVD project; Sapphire played a pivotal role in differentiating the videos and keeping the material fresh. Making a point of not using effects bins or pre-set defaults, Welborn chalks up his ability to stay creative to Sapphire Plug-ins’ flexibility......
Read more!!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Framestore CFC Bond Connection | VFX

- Visual Effects Studio Framestore CFC have ‘shaken not stirred’ some VFX shots for the fourth time; For BOND Title Sequence. Framestore CFC not only collaborated on Casino Royale's stunning title sequence, working with director Daniel Kleinman, but we also provided the film's full digital mastergrade.Daniel Kleinman returned to Visual effects and Production studio Framestore CFC for the fourth time with a Bond title sequence. Moving away from the glamorous girls that have characterised the titles for many years, and working closely with his frequent collaborator at Framestore CFC, William Bartlett, he has produced a title sequence that sports a retro feel, achieved with effects that are pure cutting edge.Adam Glasman, our Head of Digital Grading, worked closely with cinematographer Phil Meheux over six weeks on the film's digital mastergrade. In addition to seamlessly bedding in several hundred
shots, Glasman's work subtly complements Meheux's handsome and glamorous look.
Framestore CFC Link
Check Framestore Related article on CGI


GroBoto™ 2.0

- Braid Art Labs LLP announced GroBoto™, its 3D modeling and animation software. GroBoto creates complex, dynamic, lyrical forms and animation with ease. It combines artistic expression with interactive exploration of and infinite universe of 3D form and motion. Anyone who enjoys fast, fluid 3D imaging and animation will love GroBoto. Ease of use makes GroBoto ideal for artists (including kids 10 & up), who aren't steeped in the technical aspects of Digital 3D — its unparalleled.............Continue hnnn !!

3ds Max Tutorial 4 Beginners - darn door Seams

- 3dm has published a new beginner’s level 3ds Max tutorial by Daniel Buck. Who explains his method of creating those dern door seams, for adding detailing to a Car 3d model - in this case.
Click on following for 3ds Max tutorial -
Click Here !

Learn Pre-Production for Creature Creation

- Learn Pre-Production process for character design. SP Effect's announces Creature Concepts: A Look into Pre-Production Design. Good ideas come from good pre-production. Without it, even the greatest of ideas fail. Pre-production is not just necessary, it is vital to bringing 3d characters to life. Creature Concepts instructs you from the ground up on how to design, draw, sculpt, mold, and paint every aspect of your characters evolution. More than just a book, it is a bible for anyone developing characters, whether................
Learn Pre-Production character Design!!


Motion Capture adopted at Activision

- Vicon, developer of Academy Award-winning motion capture systems and a division of Oxford Metrics Group, has announced the sale and installation of a 48-camera Vicon MX motion capture system to Activision. The system is providing Activision, its developers and co-developers, with dedicated in-house motion capture capabilities for animation. It has already been used to complete major Activision titles including Call of Duty 3, with the Activision team more than doubling its capacity for producing character animations for cinematics and game play............Read more!!


Fall 2006 Renderfest - 3D Contest Lightwave Users

- Ten days left for submiting your entry for lwg3d.Org's Fall 2006 Renderfest contest, for Lightwave 3D users. Snip: "For this time the theme is fall. Anything you can dream up to go with the season of fall is fair game. Lightwave 3D should be used in some part of the process but the image need not be completely LW." ......You may also check thier 3d Resource Section, which is now open again for content uploads and download.
Related Links-


DX Studio™ Version 1.30 Released

-DX Studio Team announced the release of version 1.30 of DX Studio™ and is now available for download..Some of the New features in this version include; A brand new user interface with faster viewports and better quality icons, A new fractal cloud system effect, You can now Freeze/Unfreeze objects so they don't interfere with the editing process, You can now directly control an animation with object and many more...!!
For more info and Download of new version 1.30 - Click Here

Big 3D Contest - 'The Lost World' Opens for Digital Artists

3D / CG Contest!
- Ya, baby.....how many times; I have to tell you; their is always a Lost world which exist in shadows....still not convinced? Ok at least digitally - their is......agreed hmm?? Anyways the good news is that, once again the fight is on for be the ONE'....."Who can be the boss, looking through the cross....in da land of Lost"....in simple word..."Best digital artist"!! 3DM has announced the commencement of new big 3d contest on 3DM3 - 'The Lost World'. More than $5500 worth of prizes!
Click to find out more info:


Thursday, November 16, 2006

Photoshop Brushes - Free ^n^ Tasty

- It’s been, a while since we featured some real cool Photoshop brushes. Now what we have here is some really nice and handy Photoshop brushes by DF, which they called Tasty Tattoo Photoshop Brushes. The All 3 Tasty Tattoo Photoshop brushes collection is available for only 27$.. But above all, some FREE Brush set is available for download (4.3mb)...........Get Tasty PS Brushes!!

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Graphis Annual 1971 - 72

- Well kudos’ to The Nonist, who some how manage to dig-up vintage Graphis annual 1971-72, and published some of the scans from the annual. Its nice and quite an awesome feeling, when you see such Retro yet modern Graphics and illustrations in a single collection. The above image is Air-India poster designed by Graphics artist "Tomi Ungerer". You may also like to download Paul Rand
Intro to Graphis Annual 71 / 72 (.PDF).
Related Link:

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

SoftImage | XSI 6

- Avid Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: AVID), today announced that its Softimage, Co. subsidiary has unveiled SOFTIMAGE® XSI® 6, the latest version of its flagship 3D animation and character creation software. XSI 6 software introduces new solutions for accelerated animation that simplify working with 3D characters and motion capture data. A new collaborative framework in XSI 6 software also allows 3D artists to work together non-destructively, in a studio environment that provides easy integration with other 3D applications............................more XSI 6!!
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VIDEO Tutorial: Making ASANTI wheels

- 3DM3 want to present you first video tutorial of Making ASANTI wheels using photo by 3dm-user "be_fast". It's a big series of video tutorials in hi-quality with comments. NOW you can download it for absolutely FREE and please post here your impressions about the tutorial.

3D Content Creation with SOFTIMAGE|XSI® and Character Design & Integration For MOD

- Noesis is now selling the first two members of the Mod Your World family, 3D Content Creation with SOFTIMAGE XSI® and Character Design & Integration with Half- Life® 2, and will be announcing two products available in Q4 2006, Map Design & Integration and Advanced 3D Character Design. Product Highlights: 3D Content Creation with SOFTIMAGE XSI®, Character Design & Integration with...................Read more!!


Monday, November 13, 2006

Maxwell Render, New Update For Maya 6.5, 7 & 8 Plugin Available soon

- Do you smell what.......Next Limit is Cooking???....Yeah the official word is out; Maxwell Render Plugin for Maya 6.5,7 & 8 will be available soon. Just got the email from 'Corneliu Ticu', member of the Next Limit Tec. developer team working on the new Maya 6.5; 7 and 8 plugin for maxwell render. He sugguested that we should'nt miss the MaxwellRender's Maya workflow movie (QT), which is available on there website.............
Direct Link!!


Tutorial Walk cycle - 3D character animation

- Computerarts UK has published a new animation tutorial about, Turn a simple walk cycle into a stroll with style! Improve your character animation in 3D World’s Blender masterclass, which makes use of genuine rigs from the movie Elephants Dream. Support files are also available along with tutorial in .PDF format ............download tutorial!!

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12 New Filters added in Recent upgrade to DFT's 55mm | VFX

- Digital Film Tools , a Los Angeles based motion picture visual effects facility as well as GFX/VFX plugins devloper has announce, Visual effects plugin - 55mm upgraded to version 7.0, Adding 12 new filters to the collection of plug-ins forto simulate popular glass camera filters, specialized lenses, optical lab processes, film grain, matte generation, exacting color correction as well as natural light and photographic effects--all in a controlled digital environment with either 8 or 16 bits per channel processing.
DFT Website Link


Here we go again .....VRAY ELITE!!

- Here we go again,......yeah another website launch. Only Elite VRay user are allowed to access it.....Now, www.Vray-materials.de which has been launch few month back and doing great has a competitor....but I suggest collaborate;.. which will be rather great for V-Ray users...anyways just a suggestion (free).....Coming back to VRay Elite, the site just have launched and in its infancy, so VRay enthusiastic may have a look and help da guy - Built it….......Good Luck!
VE Website link

Thursday, November 09, 2006

New MentalRay Community AND Deathfall 5

- Just stumbled upon the link to this website on DeathFall.com.....The New Kid on da Block is Called "myMentalRay" , as the name suggest the website; is a community for MentalRay users and offers tips, tutorials, Shaders etc for mentalRay users.........Now, some of you may ask - why you added Deathfall in the heading??......well, I have added it; Not for the obvious reasons, to point out the source of info, but their is another big news - which previously slipped off my High frequency Radars ......DeathFall.Com which started off as a small "Latin 3D community" has Successfully completed 5Year* in running and over the years*; become one of the well known entity, which dedicatedly served CG Community world-wide........Our congratulations and best wishes for next 50 years n more.......Best of luck to, Luis Ricardo (nick - Sunstar / founder) and DeathFall Staff - CGI !!
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IntegrityWare Releases Power NURBS™ 2.0 For AutoDesk's 3DS MAX *

- nPower Software boast Power NURBS 2.0 facilitates construction of even the most complex geometry. (PR) nPower Software, a division of IntegrityWare, Inc, announced today the 2.0 release of its popular Power NURBS product (with support for 3ds Max 9, including 64 bit support). Power NURBS hybrid Solids /
Surface Modeler is revolutionizing 3D design with the ability to combine both types of models in a seamless, integrated fashion. Power NURBS' hybrid design flexibility makes it uniquely applicable to a broad range of markets. Power NURBS 1.0 achieved great success in the industrial design, mechanical, electronic and architectural industries. Version 2.0 simplifies the construction of complex geometry typical of the automotive, aerospace, medical, entertainment and organic modeling industries........Download Free Beta!!
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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Embassy, Used MODO™ For New GMC Robot Spot | VFX

- The Embassy ; a Vancouver-based visual effects company, used Luxology® modo™ for the new GMC Yukon spot, called "Respect". Praised for its speed, stability and pipeline compatibility, modo was used extensively throughout the commercial’s production. “Respect” is airing in Europe and the Middle East, and portrays two inquisitive robots as they explore and marvel at the GMC Yukon’s impressive new features. The Visual Effects Studio,..................
. .

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NVIDIA® MAXtreme™ 9 D3D Offers Performance Boost For 3DS Max 9

MAXtreme™ 9 Boost performance of 3ds MAX 9
- NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA), the worldwide leader in programmable graphics processor technologies, today announced the immediate availability of NVIDIA® MAXtreme™ 9 D3D and POWERdraft 2007, new performance drivers, developed in close collaboration with Autodesk, for 3ds Max 9 software and..................
about MAXtreme 9 (download) !!
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Introducing designTechnique

- We have been featuring lots of new websites lately; in continuation on the same trend, We would like to introduce a relatively very new website "designerTechniques", ...which caters CG Artists, as well as the designers in automotive design field...designer Technique, main aim is to provide tip and tutorials for creating eye catching presentations.........
Have a look!!
. .


Nverse Photo' plugin for Autodesk VIZ® and 3ds Max™

- A not so known and very expensive for a plugin at $2495, but its come pretty handy in case of 3d modeling of urban scenes Environments with some amount of details; especially when you don’t have lot of time, But do have lot of money. They say; Nverse Photo brings image-based urban modeling to AutoDesk VIZ® & 3ds Max and Carbon Graphics Geo. Make very large 3D city scenes from big aerial photos by tracing building footprints using only simple 2D interaction. Nverse Photo automatically creates the 3D blends and extrusions, and automatically creates texture maps. You can also model the ground surface in Nverse Photo, or you can use terrain from Nverse Terra. Big aerial photos (which can be larger than 4 gigabytes each) are no problem. In Max and VIZ, Nverse Photo lets you work right in the host application's view ports, so you'll be able to go from photos to fly-troughs without ever leaving the tool.............Check demo Videos!!


ZBornToy Plug-in For AE

- ZBornToy is a Visual Effects and Compositing plug-in for adobe After Effects. (
Via) The ZbornToy has the ability to extract a maximum of information out of simple depth images and allows you to not only light and texture them, but to refract backgrounds, cast caustic reflection back onto the background and a whole lot more. The design of ZbornToy Plugin has the amount of parameters reduced to a minimum, while still providing a vast amount of control over every aspect of it. The goal has been to achieve the performance and feel of a full blown render engine when it comes to the results. Yet it is ment to be not only easily accessible, but fast and fluent so that it is fun and even playful to use........Download Zborn for AE (win) !!

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DreamScape 2.5c update for 3ds max Released

- DreamScape 2.5c update for 3ds max 6,7,8 has been Released by SitniSati. DreamScape 2.5c Plugin for 3ds Max brings many new improvements, especially in the areas that relate to the Sea module. Here is a brief list of additions and fixes in DreamScape 2.5..............Features List!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Autodesk's 3DS Max Helps You Win Big Projects

Image courtesy of GMJ Design Ltd.
- Autodesk, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADSK) today announced leading design firms such as GMJ Design, Paul Steelman Design and Neoscape are using Autodesk 3ds Max software to create 3D architectural visualizations that help them win competitive bids, generate project stakeholder support and complete large portions of project design inthe proposal stages. Autodesk's architectural 3D software portfolio includes AutoCAD, Autodesk Architectural Desktop, Autodesk Revit Building, Autodesk VIZ and the 3ds Max animation, modeling and rendering product.......GMJ Design, a London- and Paris-based visualization firm, is using
for its World City Models project. The studio has completed a thirty-six square kilometer, 1:500 scale digital model of Central London.This highly accurate...................Read More !!
. .

Dark house Matte Painting tutorial

- New Matte Painting
on 3DM3. This tutorial is actually a "making of" where I explain how I proceeded to achieve this (dark house) matte painting............(visit 3dm)


EXPOSE 5 - call for entries

- It time now to expose the talented digital Artists of 5th genration once again; since the first issue of Expose rolled-out. So its your time show us your best creation to get published in EXPOSÉ and in-return receive the unprecedented world-wide publicity. Ballistic Publishing is proud to announce EXPOSÉ 5, the fifth in its series of award-winning EXPOSÉ digital art books celebrating the creative talents of
worldwide. EXPOSÉ 5 will raise the bar again featuring the finest digital artwork in the known universe and the EXPOSÉ 5 AWARDS will celebrate the highest artistic achievement in a diverse range of categories and styles. Entry deadline - 26th Feb. 2007, dont wait till da last date................(Get Exposed)
Find more related article about:


3D / CG Resource Related Websites........Continued!

Yes, I do forget to mention some of the newcomers......So the addition to the list of new 3D, VFX, Animation and CG Resource Related websites........in continuation of previous posts.
aniBOOM .com* - The aniBoom website was launched some-time in mid- September. The website is still in its beta stage but, since its launch aniBoom it has been making quite a stir. As a new animation community-based video site, similar to that of YouTube; they feature quite large collection of animation content................. (
Visit aniBoom)
Game-lab.com - A French communities for Games development (non English website)...Also offers news in related subjects....... (
Visit G-Lab)
Texturama.com - Releases its new website featuring professional texture collection on June 16. Featuring “Mix and Match”, a method of building your own collection from a vast, ever-growing library of seamless texture maps. The library includes over four thousand textures divided into fifty categories........... (
Visit TextuRama)
[Do I again forget some one??.....Slap me with an e-mail!! G8 Day 2 all of you - CGI]
Read the Parent Article - Click Here

3D / CG Resource Related Websites ****

In Past six months (or more) till now, their are many 3D/CG Resource and community websites have been come into existence; and some of them has been already featured on CGIndia. This is the 11th month and the year end is quite near. So In the following brief we talk about them (new comers) and what they are offering and mind-it this is Not some sort of Review......we just like you to know, what all (new / or not so new) CG Resources are out there and you decide yourself about their Content worthiness.........and we are just happy with our role; to be useful info provider, to help fellow CG artists. So here we go:.........
Autodesk’s "AREA" - Recently, sometime in mid-August' Autodesk Launched a New 3d Community Portal for CG Artists. AREA offers tutorials, scripts for 3ds Max and Maya users, It also offers a place to interact, blogs as well as showcase the work of note-worthy CG Artists....Our suggested area with-in "AREA" is download section - offers textures, shaders, scripts and plug-ins etc.........(
Visit AREA)
DAZ's "ArtZone" - The site offers many nice features, is launched by DAZ Productions Inc., a leading developer of professional quality 3D models and software. Well, I really saw some awesome renderings in their gallery section; well worth a visit n more.......(
Visit ArtZone)
CGPortfolio - For CG Artists not having a personal website, the launch of CGPortfolio by CG Society was a real blessing. Recently they have added great new feature; you can now upload your Demo Reel on their server. Available for free to CGTalk or CGSociety registered member......(
Visit CGPortfolio)
CGBuzz - Emir's latest adventure;...... 3D Kingdom recently released brand new website called "CGBuzz", another addition to their network........(
Visit BuZZ)
CGEmpire - A new CG forum has launched in the UK, Aimed mainly towards Artists in the games industry but caters for programmers design and the audio side of things. CG Artists working in game industry, may have a look at the new comer.....................(
Visit Empire)
MobileModeler - A website/blog strictly for artists into Car 3d modeling...Also offers some news about related subject..........................(
Visit MM)
MAXWELL Materials Exchange - Next Limit Technologies, launch of a ground-breaking Maxwell Materials Exchange (MXM) website for its render engine Maxwell Render, The Light Simulator. The site has been created as a meeting point for those who want to share their Maxwell materials with other users.....n' now its thriving...................(
Visit MXM)
Vray-materials.de - On the Same line as MXM, its also material exchange website; but for popular renderer V-Ray. This website is Really doing great n' already have 16,000+ users and 427 materials...hot for Vray Goldiggerz............(
Visit Vray-mat)
Last - But not least, some news about US; I did forgot to tell you that, CGIndia has been already served more than One Million Visitors , almost two1/2 months back,.....infect we are very much closer to serving 1.5 Million visitors. For us, Its hard to imagine, since CGIndia was launched in mid-Feb. 2005 and in first eight months we got visited by only one hundred thousand visitor…..and Now hmm !. Well it is a long journey, with usual ups and downs ....N' we know some times we really sucks and bored you with fillers, just to keep the things rolling. But we have tried and will continue to do so, for keeping things interesting. CGToolbar, a small, yet powerful invention of CGIndia to make a CG artist's e-Life easy;... has been already installed by more than 29,000+ users....Anyways those where just numbers and what matter’s us the most is your feedback or may be few words of appreciation.....really keeps the sprits high..…..Now, I am tired, its 6.00am in da morning ......I have to stop living this nocturnal lifestyle.........If you are tired as well than press alt+F4 and take a well deserved break.....hnnnn - Mind IT !!!! Cya --- Amit Dixit.
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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Autodesk AliasStudio 13.5 Released *

- Autodesk, Inc. (NASDAQ:ADSK) today announced the release of Autodesk AliasStudio 13.5 3d software, an improved version of Autodesk AliasStudio, which supports the complete industrial design process -- from sketching and concept visualization to production modeling -- all within a single, intuitive working environment. As a premier industrial design tool, AliasStudio enables users to take great ideas from conceptual design all the way through to manufacture to drive competitive business..........
find out more!!
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Gnarl graduated to 3D | VFX

- Gnarls Barkley "Gone Daddy Gone", the Second single from the album 'St. Elsewhere'. Directed by Chris Milk , who put together a great mix of real and CG world. This time; some cute looking CG bugs where created in 3d and the animation as well as in the video are really great. Who created those magnificent CG character and did' the animation for the 'Gone Daddy Gone' Music Video...?.., after searching online regularly for last two weeks , I still don't have a Clew :) .... It's seems NDA keeps everyone Tight Lipped; whoever involved in the Gnarl's MV - 3d animation process.. If you happens know;......tell us ( hush Hush).....Anyways my personal favorite still remains to be, the video of "Crazy" done by Visual effects studio BL:ND.....IF you some-how manage to miss the Gnarl's new video on TV?....than no Problems!...It is online every where from youTube to Google video as well as many personal websites since beginning of last month. ( digg this )
But you may watch it -- >>
Here video
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INFocus - Visual Effects Studio "BUF"

- "BUF" is an award wining Visual Effects Studio having office in France and US. Remember the "bullet time" effect in Matrix; that was directly inspired by the research carried out by BUF's Research and Development department. As a leading VFX company in Europe, BUF has worked on numerous prestigious; commercials, feature films or CGI characters animation and Visual Effects projects in Europe, and is regularly involved in American feature film projects. Some of the latest projects includes visual effects for "Arthur and the Minimoys" and
Silent Hill. We suggest our user's having interest in VFX and Animation too, have a look at their latest projects in 2006.
--> Direct link BUF latest work
Watch A&M teaser on BUF's websiteVideo
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REALVIZ® Announces The Availability of VTour For Macintosh®

- Sophia Antipolis, France (November 2, 2006) - REALVIZ®, a leader in image processing software development, is pleased to announce the availability of their innovative software, VTour, on the Macintosh® platform. REALVIZ VTour,which launched in March of this year, draws on the award-winning technology of Stitcher® and ImageModeler®, and offers users of all levels an innovative and effective solution for the creation of photo-real 3D environments from 2D pictures or panoramas. VTour has been specifically developed for use in awide range of applications, such as virtual walkthroughs, 3D simulation, virtual reality, urban planning and video games, and is also well suited forthe creation of virtual sets for film and television.
Starting directly from digital photographs, or from full 360-degree panoramas (created using Stitcher, for example), VTour facilitates the creation of 3D scenes such as interiors, or urban areas using polygonal photo-textured primitives. The results can be exported/published as either a 3D movie, or as an interactive application using 3D viewers such as SPi-V3d viewer (based on Shockwave®). VTour also enables the creation of geo-referenced 3D scenes for
. 3D environments, virtual tours and other photo-realistic material created with VTour, can be directly exported and published in Google Earth, pin-pointing exact geographical positioning, courtesy of the Google Earth 3D viewer.
For more information on VTour,-->
Click Here !!
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modo - Best 3D/Animation Software of the Year!

modo Honored at Annual MacUser UK Awards Ceremony
- Luxology® LLC, an independent technology company developing next-generation 3D content creation software, today announced its flagship product
won a MacUser “Maxine” editorial award for the best "3D/Animation Software of the Year" at last week’s MacExpo conference in London. modo is Awarded by MacUser, one of the UK’s leading Macintosh magazines, the “Maxine” award was presented on Oct. 26, 2006 at a well-attended ceremony held at' The Hurlingham Club, an elegant and historical estate in Fulham, England. Chosen by MacUser for its superior speed and intuitive user interface, the OS X version of modo enables Mac users to create 3D models and images for a variety of applications, including..............modo on Rise!!
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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Autodesk Toxik 2007' Creative Toolset and Customer Base Gain Momentum

- Autodesk, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADSK) today announced the first creative tools extension for its Autodesk Toxik 2007 software, containing advanced features for image transforms, filtering and warping. Toxik is used to create feature film visual effects, offering 2D and 3D compositing tools, integrated collaboration and the ability to manipulate high-resolution, high-dynamic range (
HDR) imagery with ease. The software has been used to shape several feature films, including Silent Hill and The Fountain.............Toxik on da Rise!!
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Pencil+ 2 Beta Download Available | 3ds max plugin

- P SOFTHOUSE Co. LTD has extensively or rather silently working on development on Pencil+ , a Shader plugin for Autodesk’s 3ds Max. Recently Pencil+ 2 Beta is made available for download on their Japanese version of website. Couple of sample 3ds max files as well as Still Images and Demo video’s are also available; for giving us the idea about the latest developments and upcoming features in next official Release. Pencil+, a Non Photo Realistic plug-in (NPR) , is the software that lets 3D artist truly realize the style of hand drawing. You can create fascinating renderings that simulate from the vivid colors of the wax pencil strokes to the delicate pigment pen drawings.

Di-O-Matic plug-ins compatibility with 3DS Max 9

- Montreal, Canada (October, 2006) - Di-O-Matic, a leading developer of character animations plugins for Autodesk 3ds max, announced today the official release of its complete product line for the latest installment of 3ds max version 9.The technologies behind your favorites CG
characters are now not only fully compatible with 3ds max 9, but the following plugins receives many new improvements available for FREE to registered users : Morph ToolKit v1.51, Hercules v1.02, and Voice-O-Matic v2.1; The Character Pack v1.11 which includes all above mentioned updates. Di-O-Matic's 3ds Max plugins will not be available for the 64 bits version of Max 9, at the moment only the 32 bits version are available to registered users. Registered users are invited to request their FREE upgrade download link by filling the following form: www.di-o-matic.com/authorization/max9_update.html.
For more information please visit Di-O-Matic website at
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Free 3ds Max Plugin Scripts by Bytegeist Software
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