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Monday, November 06, 2006

3D / CG Resource Related Websites ****


In Past six months (or more) till now, their are many 3D/CG Resource and community websites have been come into existence; and some of them has been already featured on CGIndia. This is the 11th month and the year end is quite near. So In the following brief we talk about them (new comers) and what they are offering and mind-it this is Not some sort of Review......we just like you to know, what all (new / or not so new) CG Resources are out there and you decide yourself about their Content worthiness.........and we are just happy with our role; to be useful info provider, to help fellow CG artists. So here we go:.........
Autodesk’s "AREA" - Recently, sometime in mid-August' Autodesk Launched a New 3d Community Portal for CG Artists. AREA offers tutorials, scripts for 3ds Max and Maya users, It also offers a place to interact, blogs as well as showcase the work of note-worthy CG Artists....Our suggested area with-in "AREA" is download section - offers textures, shaders, scripts and plug-ins etc.........(
Visit AREA)
DAZ's "ArtZone" - The site offers many nice features, is launched by DAZ Productions Inc., a leading developer of professional quality 3D models and software. Well, I really saw some awesome renderings in their gallery section; well worth a visit n more.......(
Visit ArtZone)
CGPortfolio - For CG Artists not having a personal website, the launch of CGPortfolio by CG Society was a real blessing. Recently they have added great new feature; you can now upload your Demo Reel on their server. Available for free to CGTalk or CGSociety registered member......(
Visit CGPortfolio)
CGBuzz - Emir's latest adventure;...... 3D Kingdom recently released brand new website called "CGBuzz", another addition to their network........(
Visit BuZZ)
CGEmpire - A new CG forum has launched in the UK, Aimed mainly towards Artists in the games industry but caters for programmers design and the audio side of things. CG Artists working in game industry, may have a look at the new comer.....................(
Visit Empire)
MobileModeler - A website/blog strictly for artists into Car 3d modeling...Also offers some news about related subject..........................(
Visit MM)
MAXWELL Materials Exchange - Next Limit Technologies, launch of a ground-breaking Maxwell Materials Exchange (MXM) website for its render engine Maxwell Render, The Light Simulator. The site has been created as a meeting point for those who want to share their Maxwell materials with other users.....n' now its thriving...................(
Visit MXM)
Vray-materials.de - On the Same line as MXM, its also material exchange website; but for popular renderer V-Ray. This website is Really doing great n' already have 16,000+ users and 427 materials...hot for Vray Goldiggerz............(
Visit Vray-mat)
Last - But not least, some news about US; I did forgot to tell you that, CGIndia has been already served more than One Million Visitors , almost two1/2 months back,.....infect we are very much closer to serving 1.5 Million visitors. For us, Its hard to imagine, since CGIndia was launched in mid-Feb. 2005 and in first eight months we got visited by only one hundred thousand visitor…..and Now hmm !. Well it is a long journey, with usual ups and downs ....N' we know some times we really sucks and bored you with fillers, just to keep the things rolling. But we have tried and will continue to do so, for keeping things interesting. CGToolbar, a small, yet powerful invention of CGIndia to make a CG artist's e-Life easy;... has been already installed by more than 29,000+ users....Anyways those where just numbers and what matter’s us the most is your feedback or may be few words of appreciation.....really keeps the sprits high..…..Now, I am tired, its 6.00am in da morning ......I have to stop living this nocturnal lifestyle.........If you are tired as well than press alt+F4 and take a well deserved break.....hnnnn - Mind IT !!!! Cya --- Amit Dixit.
[ Do i forgot some1?, do mail us!.....Also keep sending your news and links.....And Link us to show your appreciation :)]

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