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Monday, December 18, 2006

T2S Mental Ray Shaders for XSI


Handy Shaders for
- Some real great mental ray shaders for XSI developed by Tek2Shoot R&D, for taking photorealism with XSI to next level. Tek2Shoot's Research and development department is a software development team dedicated to developping next generation tools for digital content creation industry. It is focusing on providing new graphic tools and productivity tools that aim to make big production as easy as small ones for graphic artists. Check gallery section for dowloading the MentalRay shaders preset files.
T2S_Illumination - is dedicated to CG artists looking for a single Illumination node to be used as a basic building block for a great variety of materials.
T2S_Lafortune - The Lafortune representation is a BRDF model (as Phong, Blinn, etc...) fitted to experimental values. It allows to create realistic specular with color fluctuation depending on the viewing / lighting angles.
Unexposed Mental Ray shaders - This XSI addon file is a wrapper containing several unexposed Mental Ray shaders for XSI. The interface has been improved according to the Mental Image documentation.
Fresnel Mask - The Fresnel Mask determines the reflectivity of a surface depending on its refractive index (IOR).When used as a Mask on the reflectivity of a shader, the grazing-angles surfaces become more reflective than those facing the camera, adding realism to the material illumination....and more!!
For more info about shaders and preset files download please visit - T2S Website

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