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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tutorials: Maya: Dome Based Lighting


- 3DKingdom has published new tutorial about Dome Based Lighting in Maya 8.0. Basically its a pretty old method of achieving photorealism and a slightly altered process of Dome based lighting can be used for faking Global illumination (without Radiosity / third party render), but in this case mental ray is used to achieve better results. Besides
, This process of dome based lighting can be used in most of 3d packages such as 3ds Max, etc. The main motive behind is to replicate the indirect light coming from sky, environments etc... Oops, just got carried away, I should shut my mouth here or better write some tutorials myself....Anyways, Snippet; "3DK member Aziz Khan (better known as aziz3d) submitted his latest tutorial which is about Dome Based Lighting in Maya 8.0. This is very simple and time-effective method of rendering your 3d models so they feel almost like real”. So have a look.........Dome Tutorial!!


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