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Saturday, March 31, 2007

finalRender Stage-1 R2 QuickStart Videos

+ cebas Computer, maker of finalRender®, today announces the release of
Stage-1 R2.0 QuickStart Videos for 3d Studio Max. These 5 videos covering MTD, GI-AQMC, Caustics, 3S, and Anti-Aliasinggive you a full 30 minutes of R2 training. These videos are FREE from cebas for customers!
FR Stage-1 R2 QuickStart -
Videos video


maxScripts : PSD2Mat – a Pipeline Tool ***

+ Just stumbled upon it and its seems to be a highly useful tool because it makes connection between two most famous software packages in CG; Adobe PhotoShop and Autodesk 3DS MAX. RDG PSD2Mat is a production proven connection between Adobe PhotoShop® and Autodesk 3D Studio MAX®. This maxScript converts layered PSD Files into a Scanline or . Named layers are converted to bitmap files and assigned to their respective material slots. RDG PSD2Mat allows you to use the sophisticated layer management of Adobe Photoshop to layout your materials in 3ds max and fine-tune the details.
Currently Standard Scanline and VRay-Advanced Materials are supported and as
on-the-fly converts Standard Materials it is possible to use RDG PSD2Mat in a MR pipeline. PSD2Mat is developed by Georg Dümlein and based on PSD2Material by Keith Boshoff.
For Download and more info -
Click here

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TreeGenerator v2.0

+ TreeGenerator is a handy tool used for making 3d trees and Now comes loaded with real-time features, texture handling, extended parameters set, and multi-format export, to create the most realistic trees. TreeGenerator v2.0 features includes;
- DXF, OBJ and 3DS export of your trees
- Handle texturing/UV coordinates generation (not exported in .DXF fileformat).
- Interactive control of all parameters of each branch level for reasonable tree complexity.
- Leave designer : just draw the outline of your leave, with the help of a leave texture if you want, and TreeGenerator mesh it automatically and place it all over the tree.
- Control leaf density and scale for each branch level
- Levels of detail changing the resolution of your tree mesh, and billboard cloud feature
- Number of levels to increase your tree complexity
- Random seed: generate lots of different trees from a same set of parameters
- A bark texture tiling utility allows you to make a bark tileable texture (shading removal, symetrization...).
- Tree's structure stored in the exported file allow easy modifications (each leave and each branch are stored independently which allow redesigning your tree in your favorite modeler, and doing some special effect with leaves like wind blow). You may Try
TreeGenerator V2.0 for 30 days to evaluate it or download version 1.2 which still remains free.


Friday, March 30, 2007

Making of Ferrari F1 1952 Using 3DSMAX

- Jomar Machado has recently created an awesome 3d rendering of Ferrari F1 1952. Now he explains about his process of 3d modeling and rendering for creating this great Ferrari F1 scene in an interview on mobliemodeler. Snip: "This Ferrari took me 2 weeks to model and texture it, and 2 days to light and render using 3ds Max. You can see by the pictures that the modelling process was an easy one."
Have a look - Click here!

3ds Max 9 Service Pack 1

- Autodesk Released 3d Studio MAX 9 Service Pack 1 (sp1) for both 32bit and 64bit versions. The Autodesk
Service Pack 1 includes a number of fixes for Autodesk 3ds Max 9 across several functional areas, including 3d Animation, Backburner, Batch Rendering, Biped, Editable Poly, Editable Mesh, Hair, Materials, , mental ray, Reactor, Render to Texture, SDK and UV Unwrap. Recently Autodesk has also released 3ds Max 9 Extension: Productivity Booster software.
Download 3ds Max 9 SP1

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Gnomon Workshop Released 3 New DVDs

Features techniques for Mudbox, Lightwave, Maya, Design and Photoshop
- The Gnomon Workshop is pleased to announce the release of three DVDs by acclaimed artists Taron, Zack Petroc and Keith Thompson. Covering the topics of
, Art Direction and Character Design, these titles are truly educational and inspiring.
The Secrets of Organic Modeling : Lightwave 3d Modeling Techniques with Taron (
The Digital Maquette, Volume One : Art Direction and Digital Sculpting with Zack Petroc (
Character Design Techniques : Traditional to Digital Process with Keith Thompson (


CG Contest On InsideCG.com

- InsideCG.com an online computer graphics magazine has announced CG Contest for 3D / CG Artist world-wide. Create high-resolution (1600 pixels wide x 1200 pixels tall) desktop wallpaper featuring the InsideCG logo. The features great prizes such as Lightwave V9 and messiah:Studio Professional 2.4. Entries Deadline: April 30th, 2007!!
Enter the CG Contest


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

finalRender Stage-1 R2 For 3ds Max

- Cebas Computer, maker of finalRender ®, today announces the release of finalRender Stage-1 Release 2.0 (R2.0) for 3ds Max. Cebas boast that the release of finalRender Stage-1 R2 marks the new begining in the next generation rendering solution. The R2 new features includes; 3dsmax 9 32 and 64 bit Support, AQMC GI Engine, Flicker Free GI, Acceleration Engine (MSP), fR-Physical Sky, fR-Skin and many more performance features.


Monday, March 26, 2007

CG News Tid-Bits

- 3DM3 publish review of QUIDAM, new product from N-Sided. QUIDAM is a new tool entirely dedicated to making one of the hardest tasks like creating realistic characters in 3D - quite simple.
- Reallusion released
iClone 2.0, which is powered by advanced actor creation, real-time visual effects, and filmmaker power tools to create a complete cast of talking animated custom characters, clothing, 3D scenes and effects for creating animated movies. iClone 2.0 demystifies the technology of storytelling.
- Architectural Visualization
Competition 2007 Launched. This year marks the 3rd annual CGarchitect.com Architectural Visualization Competition (AVC). As the only competition of its kind in the industry, the competition strives to uncover undiscovered talent through a series of challenges and qualifying competitions spanning four months.
- Digital-Tutors, an Autodesk® Authorized Publisher, today announced the availability of 'Maya
Modeling Techniques: Interiors' - the latest release in a growing library of interactive training for emerging digital artists using Maya 8.5, the award-winning 3D modeling, animation, Visual effects and rendering solution.
- KURV studios and SubdivisionModeling.com have teamed up with Wayne Robson to bring you Mudbox: A
Practical Guide. The first section of this training video is 1.5 hours long and will introduce new users to Mudbox's tool set, interface and work flow.
- Archexteriors vol. 2 is out! This time they have released
Archexteriors vol. 2 for only 99Euro you can buy 10 fully textured and shaded scenes prepared for rendering in V-Ray.
- A unique cast of characters
created and designed by Clay Weiner for MTV that take us back to that time in life when everyone was a complete no one.
- Worley Labs has released FPrime 3, a lightWave's
rendering engine with the focused goal of boosting LightWave 3d workflow even more. FPrime's already-fast raytracing engine has been updated to provide even more speed, even better multithreading, and optimized memory use.
- The Complete program for fmx/07, the 12th
International conference on Animation, Visual Effects, Real-time and 3d Content, has been made available online at there website.
- DigitMag has published a
Review of Painter X by Jason Walsh, who says; RealBristle functionality adds a new level of control. Handy new composition tools.


Sunday, March 25, 2007

Call for submissions: Digital Show 2 X

- The successful online Exhibition of International Digital Art is Calling for Entries for May 2007 Exhibition (Deadline 30 April , 2007 ) . Digital Show is an International Digital Art website created by artinliverpool.com. The intention is to show online-only exhibitions of high quality digital art. The first exhibition was held as part of the Independent Biennial Liverpool in 2006 with great success and this year for our 2nd show we have linked up with Futuresonic 2007 Urban Festival of Electronic Arts in Manchester, UK. Entry open worldwide.


Friday, March 23, 2007

300 (Film) REVIEW

- CGIndia.org has published 300 (Film) Review by Amit Dixit. Its a brief review of 2007 visual effects heavy film "300”, - the movie based on Graphic novel by Frank Miller and the story of most famous last Stand. Snip: Yeah, I finally watched the movie and its time for a brief review as people including me was going ga..ga about this epic movie. First of all I want to tell you that; it’s pretty hard to satisfy me, as I have lot of expectation from any epic movie. As you all know, the movie is about the most famous last stand in history; In 480 B.C., a small army of Spartan warriors led by King Leonidas held off............300 Review!!


Cheetah3D 4.0 And Di-O-Matic Lipsync MX v2.5

Cheetah3D 4.0 Released
- Cheetah3D 4.0 has been released today. The fourth major release of Cheetah3D finally offers the highly anticipated character animation tools. With Cheetah3D 4.0 you can now easily animate characters for creating your own 3D short films. Cheetah3D 4.0 costs 129 US$ for a single user license and 59 US$ for an update. But for a short period you can buy Cheetah3D with the introductionary price of 109 US$ for the single user license and 49 US$ for the Update. This special offer ends 1st. April. 2007.............
download demo!!

Di-O-Matic Lipsync MX v2.5 Announced
- Di-O-Matic, a leading developer of character animations software, announced today at the Tokyo International Animation Fair the upcoming release of LipSync MX v2.5, the newest installment of the award winning lip synchronization assistant software. A single audio file is all you need to turn your characters drawings into talking character animations. In fact, LipSync MX analyzes audio files and generates automatically the animation in almost all languages including English, French, Japanese and Spanish. "With this new version of LipSync MX, we have focused on streamlining the process of creating web ready animations. It is now even easier to create talking characters for your own website." reveals Laurent M. Abecassis, Emmy award winner and president of Di-O-Matic.
LipSync MX v2.5 now includes a localized version in Japanese. "We are thrilled to see Di-O-Matic Lipsync MX being localized in Japanese. Many Japanese animation house could surely benefit from implementing such technology in their productions." declare Ryoji Tanaka from IndyZone. LipSync MX has quickly become an essential for Flash animators and web designers who wish to speed up their productions and create quality lip synchronization animations in a snap! Visit LipSync MX English website at www.lipsync-mx.com

3DM posted two new Making Of

- 3dm3 has published two new "Making of" 1) 'The Making of Lulu' by Tauru Jimmy, a Very beautifully artwork with description of how to make this. 2) The Making of Abandoned Cathedral by Geoffrey White. Abandoned Cathedral was made for cg Society’s Spectacular contest.
Making of -
Making of -
Abandoned Cathedral

Ottawa International Animation 2007 Issues call for entries

OTTAWA, ONTARIO (March 21, 2007) – The Ottawa International Animation Festival (OIAF) today announced its worldwide call for entries for the2007 Festival taking place September 19 to 23 in Canada’s capital.
"It's that time again," says Chris Robinson, the Festival’s Artistic Director. "This year we're putting some emphasis on reaching out to the gaming, mobile, wireless and interactive world. With more and more animation being made for non-traditional distribution platforms, it's important that the
celebrate the work being done in these newforms, so we’ve expanded our New Media Competition to include mobile content and interactive educational and gaming animation as well as shorts made for the internet."
Animators are invited to submit their recent work in six major categories including Independent Short films, Feature films, New Media, Commissioned films,
Student films and Films made for children. "The tools might change," adds Robinson "but at the end of the day, the OIAF is about celebrating all forms of animation and, most importantly, bringing people together." For 5 days every September the OIAF welcomes thousands of fans and artists for a non-stop showcase of cutting edge animation, workshops, trade events and parties. The OIAF 07 entry deadline is June 1, 2007 and preview DVDs must be received by June 15. Entry forms are available on the Festival’s website at www.animationfestival.ca.


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Today's CG News

nPower Software releases Power SolidWorksToMax
- nPower Software (a division of IntegrityWare) announces native translation of SolidWorks files directly into Autodesk® 3ds Max® / Autodesk® Viz® with the release of Power SolidWorksToMax. Our popular Power Translators plugin for Autodesk® 3ds Max ® has become the premier solution for visualizing, animating and rendering CAD models using the powerful Autodesk® platform. Now nPower Software further facilitates the rendering of native SolidWorks models and assemblies through its new Power SolidWorksToMax translator...............
click here!!

Evermotion's Textures4ever Vol. 3
- Evermotion has released the 3rd volume of Textures4ever, a textures collection. The Textures4ever volume 3 gives you more than 320 professional, highly detailed textures of bricks, conrete and dirts with 65 high resolution reference photos..........Click here!!

Redviewer 1.4 released
- Redway3d, a 3D interactive software publisher, is proud to announce the availability of Redviewer v1.4, a pre-visualization component for Autodesk 3ds Max ® / VIZ. Redviewer accelerates the 3D production workflow (up to 30% of time savings on a 3D production) by processing interactive ray-tracing previews in the 3ds Max® / VIZ viewport. It removes most of the intermediate renderings necessary to tune a CG image and shorten the decision process.............download demo!!

Pirates of the Caribbean 3 Teaser
- Aint It Cool News has published the first online teaser trailer of the upcoming release "Pirates of the Caribbean : At World's End". The trailer is also available in 1080 HD Quicktime format.......click here!!

300 Production Profile On newTek
- NewTek, developer of the LightWave 3D has published production profile of major box office hit "300", the article also features behind the scenes video showing creation of "300" visual effects sequences. Explore the links, videos and imagery here............click here!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Skin FX 2.0 For 3DS MAX

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- Lumonix a developer of cutting edge plugins for 3D content creation has released Skin FX Version 2.0.
Skin FX - is a 3ds Max based modifier (deformer) that gives the artist the ability to simulate mesh being deformed or 'sliding over' other objects such as skin sliding over bone or muscle. Skin FX can also help to control 'volume loss', which is a common problem with regular skinning techniques. Taking advantage of parametric objects, Skin FX the plugin for 3ds max will make it possible to simulate effects such as skin sliding at very little performance cost.
Some of the New Features of Skin FX 2.0 Includes;
- Flesh Simulation tools (Jiggle)
- Tentacle Dynamics
- Breakable Constraints
- Sticky Constraints
- Simple Soft Body and Rigid body Physics
- Basic Cloth
- Forces: Constraints, Wind and Normal
- Muscle Bulge shaping parameters
- Maximum Deformation Parameter (prevents extreme deformations)
- Optimized performance (Relax)
- Isolation Tools (for working on small areas or individual muscles of the mesh)
For more information and download, please visit -
lumonix website*

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Introducing Scriptographer - Plugin for Adobe Illustrator

- Well just stumbled upon it,... SG2 is a nice and handy plugin for Graphic designer and illustrators, who wants to extend functionality. The user is no longer limited to the same tools that are used by most graphic designers around the globe. Scriptographer allows the creation of mouse controlled drawing-tools, effects that modify existing graphics and scripts that create new ones. But Scriptographer is also a webpage on which users can exchange scripts and ideas. Scriptographer gives the tool back into the hand of the user and confronts a closed product with the open source philosophy. And the best thing is: It is all free.
Download Scriptographer


Quest3D 2007 Competition

- After the success of the 2006 Quest3D competition, quest3d.com has announced the new 2007 competition for Quest3D users. This time the new rating system involves four main categories and you will be able to win a copy of the long awaited Quest3D 4.0 along with couple of thousands dollars cash prizes. The deadline for submitting entry is July 8, 2007. Quest3D is a tool for real-time 3D application development. It is widely used for broadcasting, project visualization, entertainment, web, training, and virtual reality. Quest3D™ 3.0 Power Edition comes along with Exporters for 3D Studio Max, Maya, AutoCAD, SoftImage XSI, Lightwave 3D and Photoshop. For more information about the contest and rules, please visit - Quest3d website


étapes:International 1st Issue of 2007

Related post : Sep. 2006 issue
- The first 2007 issue of étapes:International graphics design magazine is out. étapes: International is an quarterly published
Design magazine, which features the best articles from its French sister publication. This issue is Featuring 13 studio's, a rich crop of Graphic design work from around the world that is strongly expressive of its authors and cultural roots..........Link!!


Ivy Generator | 3D

Need some ivy to grow through your 3d scene? Graphics researcher Thomas Luft has made a tool that grows through your 3d .obj geometry. The ivy grows from one single root following different forces: a primary growth direction (the weighted average of previous growth directions), a random influence, an adhesion force towards other objects, an up-vector imitating the phototropy of plants, and finally gravity. The Ivy Generator is available for both Win32 and MacOS. Thanks for this tip-off by david maas.
Add Ivy to your 3d scene - Download Ivy Gen.


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Maya and Mudbox Workflow Tutorials

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- CGIndia.org has published two very Useful and Free video tutorial for Maya and Mudbox Users. The video tutorials is created by CG Artist Ashraf Aiad; who shows how to create a detailed 3d model of a dinosaur Head using AutoDesk’s Maya along with 3d modeling n' sculpting software
. If you like to share your knowledge with CG Community and have any tutorials, we will be glad to feature them on our website along with description about author and website link. Send your tutorials to cgindia[@]gmail.com.
Maya and Mudbox workflow Tutorials -
Visit Tutorials page

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Furnace 4 for Shake

- Leading visual effects software developer The Foundry is delighted to announce the launch of Furnace 4 plugins for Shake, a major product release comprising next generation motion estimation technology and a host of cool tools, designed to ease the routine processes involved with the production of first class digital . The Foundry will demonstrate Furnace 4 on booth SL14413 in the South Hall at NAB 2007. Furnace, available for Linux and OSX, was originally launched in 2002 and has become popular suite of image processing plugins to enhance workflow and boost productivity. A key focus for the new Furnace 4 release has been to take advantage of the latest advances in technology, combined with over seven years of The Foundry’s own research into motion estimation, to deliver optimized output, enhanced speed, a more intuitive user interface and improve the user experience.
Key features of Furnace 4 for Shake:
Contrast: is designed to enhance the color contrast within an image. It is adaptive and spatially varying. Based on its analysis of the scene content it automatically calculates a different curve transformation for each pixel in the image and true color is enhanced.
DeFlicker2: is a fully automated plug-in designed to remove in-scene flicker caused by such things as poorly synchronized light rigs and stray lights.
RotoShape: converts .Raw vector masks into Shake rotoshapes and vice versa for improved interoperability.
RotoTracker: will track a rotoshape through a sequence, keeping it accurately attached to an object even as it changes shape.
ShadowRemoval: removes translucent objects such as shadows from a sequence. The artist loosely highlights the area to be removed and ShadowRemoval will perform a seamless extraction of the unwanted object.
VectorConverter: is a tool designed to convert images representing motion vector fields, originating from other vendor applications, into the vector format used in Furnace by providing a simple interface to rewire, scale, offset and invert the color channels.
VectorGenerator: utilizes The Foundry’s next generation motion estimation engine to produce accurate sets of vectors between frames. By using VectorGenerator the artist only needs to calculate the vectors once and the user can input them into many of the Furnace plugins, saving bundles of time.
VectorWarper: allows the user to warp an image sequence using vectors from a different image sequence. This plug-in can be used creatively to produce unusual temporal image effects.
The Foundry’s Furnace development team was honored with a 2006 Scientific and Engineering Award® from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences® for their roles in the design and development of the Furnace plug-ins.Availability and PricingNow shipping, Furnace 4 node-locked is priced at: $4,400 / £2,200, with Furnace 4 float priced at: $6,600 / £3,300. Existing customers can upgrade for $2,200 / £1,100 node-locked and $3,300 / £1,650 floating.
For further information please visit www.thefoundry.co.uk



Topiary Plants Texture Pack released
- ambientLight is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the Topiary Plants Textures Pack. Containing 22 Various images of Topiary Plants, this pack can be used for adding planting detail to CG Scenes and Compositions. Each of the 22-Plants is provided with a diffuse and alpha/clip map for scene integration. Texture sizes range up to 3500 pixels tall or wide. We have included up to 4 images of each plant in this
pack. This will allow some variation in the images you are using and help to avoid noticeably using the same image multiple times for a more lifelike result in your final image. The images in this collection have been created primarily for use in 3d architectural visualisation and other CG projects but can be applied in many different areas. These textures can be used in any software capable of importing .jpeg image files as textures. --> Topiary Texture pack

Archifx 3D Studios: Architectural Landscape Solutions Volume 4
- The newly released Architectural Landscape Solutions Volume 4 is a welcomed addition to the Landscape Solution family of Textures. This collection of landscaping-textures is an excellent source for developing landscaping ideas. The prearranged landscaping designs in the Landscaping Solutions volumes provides a solid foundation to build your designs upon. The textures in this volume are comprised of 20 images of prearranged designs. File formats include .TIF rgb images (with alpha channels), .JPEG rgb images, and .JPEG alpha maps. -->
Landscape Textures


E-on Software Ships Vue 6 Easel, Esprit And Pro Studio

- (Beaverton, Oregon): e-on software, the leader in natural 3D environment solutions, today announced the immediate availability of its complete line of products for 3D artists: from the entry-level Vue 6 Easel and Esprit to Vue 6 Pro Studio, the complete solution for advanced artists. These products complement e-on software’s professional solutions, Vue 6 Infinite and Vue 6 xStream, released February 21, 2007.
Vue 6 Easel, Esprit and Pro Studio are the newest versions of the company’s renowned solutions for the creation of natural 3D environments for graphics enthusiasts. Specifically designed for casual and Professional artists alike, Vue 6 Easel, Esprit and Pro Studio provide everything needed for the creation, animation and rendering of rich natural 3D environments.
Vue 6 Easel – The Ideal Introduction to 3D Scenery:
With a rich but incredibly easy-to-use feature set and heaps of content, Vue 6 Easel will let you create your own 3D worlds within minutes!
Vue 6 Esprit – The Art of Natural 3D:
Vue 6 Esprit is the essential 3D application for artists & illustrators. Vue 6 Esprit is focused on intuitive workflow, advanced rendering features and extended Poser integration.
Vue 6 Pro Studio – The Art of Natural 3D… Extended:
Get extended control over the creation of natural 3D environments! Vue 6 Pro Studio provides the power of Vue 6 Esprit plus five expansion modules to boost your creativity. A selection of the new features available in Vue 6 Easel, Esprit and Pro Studio includes:
• Ultra-realistic spectral atmosphere model
• Spectral Volume Cloud layers for extremely realistic cloudscapes
• MetaClouds individual cloud formations (Vue 6 Esprit and Pro Studio)
• Re-posing of Poser meshes directly from within Vue
• Rendering of Poser characters using the Poser shading tree
• Sub-Surface Scattering: Absorption and Multiple Internal Scattering (Vue 6 Esprit and Pro Studio)
• High amplitude micro-polygon and one-click displacement mapping (Vue 6 Esprit and Pro Studio)
• Radiosity engine optimized for Indoor or infinite scenery
• Accurate computation of caustics and Realistic optional "spreading" of the light spectrum in caustics (Vue 6 Esprit and Pro Studio)
• Glaciation, alluvium and dissolve erosion effects
• Customizable brush shape for terrain editing
• Improved rendering speed, up to 130%
• Automatic object instantiation and Automatic instantiation of scattered/replicated objects and numerous other productivity and feature enhancements.
Vue 6 Esprit users can also extend their toolset with the addition of 5 expansion modules (gradually turning Vue 6 Esprit into a full blown Vue 6 Pro Studio): HyperVue (for hybrid network rendering), DeepAccess (for advanced scene and asset management), LightTune (to add more lighting effects), Botanica (to create custom SolidGrowth plant species), and EcoSystem (to create your own Ecosystem materials).
Users who already owned an expansion module for Vue 5 Esprit can use the corresponding module for Vue 6 at no extra cost (HyperVue supersedes Mover 5).
Visit their website at

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

modo 203

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- Luxology® LLC today announced the immediate availability of its next-generation 3d software, modo 203. With enhancements to UV editing tools, faster rendering speed and a new DXF translator plug-in, modo 203 offers significant performance and workflow improvements to its worldwide base of modo customers, and provides one of the fastest paths to creating high-quality 3D content for game development, design visualization, film visual effects, video production and graphic arts. Registered
modo 202 customers receive the modo 203 update free of charge, and a free 30-day full-featured evaluation version is available for immediate download...........find more info!!


300 Inside Out *

- Well, I am getting more than anxious to watch "300", for its great level of detailing, visual effects and off course “the story” about the most famous Last Stand. Infect my minds never ending inquisitiveness of knowing more about the things I admire, lead me to various articles about the movie and believe me, I even mailed Chris Watts (the
Supervisor of “300”) a list of questions as e-interview (I don’t know, why I always push my luck…?). While, I was waiting for him to reply (he must be busy man -you know)… I found a great article by “How Stuff works” about “300 - the movie", which will give you very detailed inside about how this Visual effects heavy movie has been made. This article sheds light on backstage, The Myth and the Legend, visual effects and why blue screen, Stunts and Fight Choreography and much more. Also XSI-base, a nice cg website for XSI artists has published an Interview with Joseph Kasparian - Textures & Lighting Lead on 300 at Hyride. All the related links are specified below; make sure you won’t miss the HSW article.
How stuff works article -->
Inside 300*
300 the Movie -
Concept Art
Watch 300 - Teaser Trailer
Interview with Joseph Kasparian -
xsiBase Interview

SEED Animation Studio | Featured

- CGIndia like to focus it spot light on the SEED, which is Creatively growing in Teesside Middlesbrough, a large town in the North East of England....ok don’t get upset I am not giving you any lecture on use of hybrid seeds in agriculture or farming. I am talking about SEED Animation Studio an Middlesbrough based award winning 3D animation studio, which specializes in television commercials, identity design,
interstitials and stings. Their list of prestigious clients includes Discovery Channel, LG, Channel Frederator, Nickelodeon UK, Animex and many more. They have recently updated their website with recent work such as; motion graphics for a CHANNEL 5 documentary, idents for the DISCOVERY REALTIME and commercials for LG. Dont forget to watch SEED Animation Studio's 2007 demo reel.
Watch the SEED animation Studio -
Demo Reel Video

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VFX Studio Mill Created Cloth Town for Comfort

- The Mill, a Oscar-winning visual effects company creates a magnificent Cloth Town in a Commercial spot for Unilever's fabric softener brand "Comfort". This is the second commercial spot by Mill for the Unilever's Comfort. Unilever's second outing for Comfort with The Mill and Director Rachel Guidera, sees jet setting Jeannie swinging herself effortlessly through a cloth-styled French Riviera.
Snip: 3D Supervisor Rob Van Den Bragt guided the team through the many complicated 3D challenges. Grant Walker modeled every crease, button and over-locked seams in the cars, roads and buildings. The Mill 3D team successfully created a soft and tangible 'clothiness' that is so vital to the Comfort world look and feel. Jimmy Kiddell extended the cloth Riviera environments with subtle matte paintings further depicting the architecture of the area. More background cloth ‘extras’ were needed than initially considered, as the number of characters grew to 'cloth' effect record proportions. Creating cloth ‘extras’ was a challenging task, as the characters had to be distinctive, but not so distinctive that they would upstage the hero action. Josh Fourt-Wells devised a clever way of populating the scenes by building an extensive library of detailed cloth body and head parts, that he mixed and matched to create the many background cloth characters.Laurent Makowski and Fabrice Le Nezet lit and textured Jeannie, along with the rest of the cloth-Riviera, striking a sublime balance between summer sun and the delicate radiance required with lighting fabric. Exploiting the 16 bit capabilities of Mental Ray, they also pioneered new opportunities for grading, allowing a sunnier and more detailed Clothworld.
Animators Josh Fourt-Wells, Douglas Lassance, Rob Van De and Ed Boldero brought the Riviera to life. Josh had the interesting job of animating ‘Stiff Jeans Guy’, who, being stiff, seemed to oppose every natural instinct of animation.Paul Freeman added the final touches in Flame, working closely with 3D to extricate as many layers as possible, allowing him to add depth and atmosphere to the CG scenes.
Related Links:
The Mill -

Watch the Animated spot -


Friday, March 09, 2007

mental mill Artist Edition

Revolutionary Shader Creation Tool Developed Specifically for Artists Previewed at GDC 2007
- mental images® the developer of for well knowen rendering engine
has announced the upcoming availability of mental mill Artist Edition at the Games Developer Conference in San Francisco. mental images is known for providing artists and visual effects professionals with leading edge software tools to render their imagination visible such as mental ray® and now mental mill, which is a breakthrough technology for the creation of hardware shaders in all popular formats.
The mental mill Artist Edition software enables artists and other professionals to develop, test and maintain shaders through an intuitive graphical user interface with real-time visual feedback - without the need for programming skills. Complex cooperating shader networks for generating photorealistic effects can also be encapsulated together into Phenomena by artists without any programming knowledge. Providing creative control to non-technical artists greatly reduces "look" turnaround time during high-pressure game development cycles and challenging visual effects and design visualization projects. It introduces a new level of photorealistic visualization for many users by eliminating the need for the hand-coding of shaders. The only way to previously achieve this level of photorealism was to employ dedicated shader programming experts. In addition to the need for this technology in the entertainment space, the mental mill Artist Edition will allow new users, including those in the engineering, product design or marketing space, to access the full power of NVIDIA hardware.
Because of the close cooperation between
and mental images, this groundbreaking tool will be made available for free along with FX Composer 2.
Read more about -
mental mill
mental mill Functional Overview -
download pdf


Maya 3d Modelling workflow - CAR P1

- This is the first part of 3dworlds Maya Tutorials about; how to create a Highly detailed 3D model of a CAR? Snip: 3D computer games have traditionally been hampered by limitations in hardware, but things are changing. In the first of two tutorials from 3D World, we discover how to create a highly detailed
fit for the next-gen road. The first part will focus on , using a combination of ‘traditional’ polygonal box modeling and subdivision surfaces. The Author assumes that you are already familiar with Maya’s modelling workflow, so if you’re new to the software, we advise you to check out Autodesk’s supporting material first. Next month, 3dworld explore the process of laying out UVs, setting up materials, and arranging the meshes hierarchy ready for export in 2nd part. Car 3d modelling in Maya - Tutorial Link


Animation shorts and a spot!

Minuscule is a great 3D animation with insects and this animation recently bought by Disney. Watch the teaser trailer - Link video
Garto is a 3D animation short film by Luis Gomez Guzman. The story revolves around a young lizard name "Garto" and a fat bubble bee who leads Garto to an exciting adventure - Link video
Coucou Clock is an animation short film produced by two students of the EESA (Ecole Européenne Supérieure d'Animation), which took them two years to make. As soon as the master leaves his house, the cooking equipment in the kitchen become alive and do what they prefer to do : playing a evil darts game between a corkscrew and a vase. But one day a new one arrives in the kitchen.... - Link video
Psyop recently created a hilarious spot for Fanta. The great character design along with a simple storyline do the trick of putting the message across without usual bling Bling....hmm, what more could I say?... Just watch it - Link video


ezMark - Useful Tool

- ezMark is a simple yet highly useful utility that lets you draw directly on your screen. If you are an animator or cg artist and want to draw reference points on your monitor but don't like using markers, then this tool is for you. They say ezMark can be used for ; To trace your animation and check your arc , Draw over your reference animation on screen to study them and for doodle but i am sure you will find many use for this amazingly simple utility. ezMark requires Windows XP+ operating system with NET 2.0 installed.


MaPZone 2.5

- Allegorithmic boast, MaPZone is simply the most advanced texturing tool ever. MaPZone is only intended to be used for producing high
quality textures , and this is what it does best. Based on a unique and patented technology called the FX Maps, MaPZone is the only procedural tool giving you that much control over your creation. As texture construction paradigm, MaPZone is based on a compositing graph to build up and mix textures step by step. It’s like using Photoshop, but where you could visualize each step and the links between steps, and where you would never loose anything in the in-between. No more history losses. Tech guys call that "non linear". Never seen a diffuse, a specular and a normal maps match to that level of perfection before; because it is non linear and all related to each other, if you modify the diffuse, all the other maps will sync up automatically. All the maps you will produce with MaPZone will automatically tile.
MaPZone is the only tool in the world allowing you to locally edit procedural . To see what you mean, MaPZone comes with a highly versatile real-time 3D previewer: load your own 3D object and directly see your maps feeding a parallax mapping shader applied onto it. Last but not least a huge library of preset textures comes with MaPZone for free.
Download MapZone

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E-on Software Congratulates Academy Award© AND VES Award Winner - ILM!

- E-on software, the leading developer of natural 3D environment solutions, congratulates Industrial Lights & Magic (ILM) for receiving an Oscar© at the latest Academy Awards©. ILM, who produced over 60 shots of the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chestusing e-on software's Vue to model, texture, animate, light and render the different parts of thenatural environment, also received 6 VES (Visual Effect Society) Awards, including "Outstanding Created Environment in a Live Action Motion Picture". "We are honored that Vue was selected for the production of ILM's natural environments, delighted by the quality of the resulting works as seen in Pirates of the Caribbean, and very proud that this performance was widely recognized by the special effects industry though an Oscar and 6 VESawards", said Nicholas Phelps, President of e-on software.
With Vue, we now have full flexibility to create photo-realistic organic environments digitally.When asked to change the lighting or camera angle, all we have to do is re-render with a different setting!- said Susumu Yukuhiro, Digital Matte Artist at ILM.
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CG News Tid-Bits

3DM has posted its first Sci-Fi magazine in CG Chosen series of magazines. You can download it for Free. Current CG Chosen issue is dedicated to Sci-Fi theme in 3D and 2D computer graphics.
- Adobe Systems plans to release a hosted version of its popular Photoshop image-editing application with-in next six months -
- French online 3d magazine 3dvf has published
Making of: T-Rex using Maya and Zbrush.
- Online
registration for SIGGRAPH 2007 started, 29 June is Advance Early Registration Deadline.
- PipelineFX, makers of
Qube!™ software, the leading render farm management software for film production, game development and digital media education world-wide, today announced the release of Qube! 5.1.
- Have a look at the Review of Craft Director Tools by CGarchitect.com.
Autodesk HumanIK Middleware Licensed to EA for Next-Generation Game Development. HumanIK character technology found in the Maya and MotionBuilder software, Autodesk HumanIK middleware provides an on-targetintelligent inverse kinematics (IK) animation system. It lets game developerscontrol the animation of a character's body and limbs at run-time, resulting in a much higher level of realism in the game.
- Test your skills and submit your Podium rendering in the first SU Podium
image contest. Win some great SketchUp software. Images can be produced on either the full version or eval version.
- NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA), the worldwide leader in programmable graphics processor technologies, today unveiled a new line of professional graphics solutions: NVIDIA Quadro FX 4600, Quadro FX 5600, and
NVIDIA Quadro Plex VCS Model IV. Armed with the largest increase in GPU power and functionality to date, these solutions are designed to help solve the world’s most complex professional graphics challenges.
- Here is a free 2D
texture pack especially adapted to real time 3D applications.
- Worldweaver Ltd, based in Pinewood Studios London, today released new licenses for their 3D engine and editing suite,
DX Studio. The licenses are aimed at the growing number of home developers and offer savings of over 70% off the commercial licenses.
- Have a look at CG Artist Kosta Atanasov awesome
digital creation on cgsocitey.

Monday, March 05, 2007

CG News Tid-Bits

3dm has announced the winners in The Lost World Challenge. The top award winners are Jaroslaw Handrysik and Tiziano Fioriti. Our congratulations to the winners.
Archmodels Vol. 43 has been released, the collection comes with 115 objects of modern furniture. This CD will help you in creating amazing 3d visualizations.
- TurnTool changes licensing from subscription to
permanent licenses, in a market that moves towards the subscription licensing model. TurnToolBox is a plug-in for 3D applications like Autodesk Viz or 3D Studio Max and enables you to export and view your 3D models.
- Next Limit Technologies is pleased to announce the availability of a newly developed plug-in for
solidThinking for Maxwell Render created and exclusively supported by EVOQE.
- Eric Roth, Executive Director of the Visual Effects Society (VES), Eric Roth, has announced that the 2007
VES Festival of Visual Effects will take place on June 8-10 at the Writers Guild Theater in Beverly Hills.
- 3DTotal brings to you, Mathias Koehler's 'Making of' for his image,
Furniture Cluster.
- Progressive 3Ds Max training through
Video Tutorials that use the Mental Ray Render Engine.
- Great video, Time lapse speed painting in Photoshop. 3 hours of work, 5 minutes to watch it.

Skymatter and Escape Studios Partners

- Escape Studios and Skymatter today announced a joint partnership to provide sales, training, and support services for Skymatter’s Mudbox® software in the UK digital content creation market. Escape Studios with its unique blend of industry knowledge, training facilities, production expertise, and sales experience, is ideally placed to support the Mudbox product line and provide a solid platform upon which to raise the profile and user knowledge of the software across the UK.
Escape Studios’ Business Development Director Mark Cass said:
“Escape are delighted to be representing Skymatter in the UK. We have to be training and selling the best technology available on the market for our extensive customer base and Mudbox® more than falls in to this category! Mudbox® has been long anticipated and we are already seeing a huge amount of interest in the product". "Escape's reputation in training and sales is well known," said Tibor Madjar, co-founder of Skymatter. "We are excited to be working with Escape to bring this calibre of software and service to artists and companies across the UK."
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MAXON announces CINEMA 4D R10 Engineering Edition

- MAXON announces the immediate availability of its brand new CINEMA 4D R10 Engineering Edition. This powerful software lets engineering professionals - even those with no graphics experience - quickly create high-end visualizations using their own CAD files. This edition combines CINEMA 4D R10 with a simplified interface, preset environments, materials and importers for a huge variety of CAD files as well as the sketch and Toon module for creating precise line drawings or sketched looks. The end result is a powerful, yet extremely easy to use system that makes visualising CAD files child's play...............more!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

3DS MAX Tutorials : Organic 3D Modeling

Tags: . - CGIndia bring you quite Useful and Free Video Tutorials for 3ds Max Users. The video tutorials is created by CG Artist Eric Maslowski who shows how to Create Realistic "HEAD" using . This series of tutorials goes over the process of organic modeling in Max in great detail and the 1st part covers 3d modeling of Head. If you like to share your knowledge with CG Community and have any tutorials, we will be glad to feature them on our website along with description about author and website link. Send your tutorials to cgindia[@]gmail.com.
3ds Max Tutorials - Organic 3D Modeling


Maxwell Render for Rhino 4

- Next Limit Technologies is pleased to announce the release of Maxwell Render for Rhino 4. This versatile new plug-in has received excellent feedback from beta-testers, including the McNeel team, who acclaimed it as "the best plugin in Rhino history". Some impressive new features includes; Complete Maxwell Render Scene creation, management, and rendering without ever leaving the Rhinoceros environment, Support for the built-in Rhino 3D Animation Tools, Maxwell Material and MXM browsers with fully resizable Material thumbnails, drag-and-drop functionality and many more.

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Award-Winning VFX Supervisor Ed Kramer

- Creative digital studio !mpossible Pictures is pleased to welcome award-winning
Supervisor Ed Kramer and to its team. Films featuring Kramer's visual effects work have been nominated for eight Academy Awards including "Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest," which this past week won the Academy Award® for Best Visual Effects. Other nominations and features that include his work are "Star Wars I, II and III," "Van Helsing" and "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets." Kramer's television work includes design packages for CBS Evening News, ABC Sports, HBO, Cinemax, Coca-Cola and CNN.
Dont miss Ed Kramer's Demo Reel and more -
Visit here


3ds Max Training DVD : LEXUS GS

- Today 3DM3 has released thier first product called DVD TRAINING: LEXUS GS from 3DM. Snip: "In my video tutorial you will get necessary knowledge for high quality car modeling. My learning starts from preparing blueprints in Photoshop and scene in 3ds max. The end of the tutorial is rendering complete Lexus GS with . None of the Lexus modeling steps was cut out of movie. Tutorial will show and teach you necessary actions for car modeling from the beginning to the end. Also you will find most of my secrets which would help you to create models faster and better. During the first hour of modeling you will hear a lot of comments explaining almost each my move."
More info please visit 3DM Store.

CG News Tid-Bits

- Craft Director Tools are now compatible with Maya 8.5.
- Autodesk Reports Record Revenues of $497 Million.
- 3D Modeling software Rhino 4 starts shipping and a demo available for download.
- International Game Technology Taps modo for Flagship Star Wars and Indiana Jones.
- Framestore CFC Puts REALVIZ MatchMover Pro Through Its Paces For 'Goal! 2: Living the Dream'.
- Mark IV Animation Studios Selects Qube! for Medical and Architectural Render Management.
- Lwg3d published their interview with cg artist Steve Clark.
- Spiral Graphics Inc. has released 3rd installment of its popular line of free seamless texture packs.
- Electric Image Animation System 6.6 has been released and now supports FBX file format support.
- 'Toy Story 3' is coming in 2009, but John Lasseter won't be the director - Variety.
- Scott Morgan brings to us this making of for his image, 'This Little Pinkie'.
- Some handy Mental Ray shaders waiting to be downloaded, have a look.
- CGIndia.Org has completed Two Long Years of successfully providing daily dose of CG on 26th Feb. We thank all our visitors, partners, friends, contributors, blogger platform and all those i am forgetting. Hope you enjoyed ridding with us.....Cheers~*~* [ Happy B'Day to CGIndia.Org]