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Monday, April 23, 2007

Various Maya MEL Scripts


+ Below are various Maya MEL Scripts we found quite useful. These Maya scripts are developed by various CG Artists and studios to improve their workflow and to further extend the Maya Functionality.
MELscripts by Vi Cuong Van’s
- vV_keySelectedChannels.mel : When mapped to a hot key it will let you key only the selected channels of your object/objects.
- vV_hudControl.mel : A graphical user interface to control on screen heads up display. Items include, name, status, scene number, date, frame number and file name. All these elements can be easily place in any position on the screen via the gui. You can also specify the size of the labels or data via right mouse menu.
- vV_matchScale.mel : Matches the world size of an object to another object. A user interface is included in order to match all axis or individual axis. You can also just run the script without the UI but it will match all axis as default.
Download Link
MELscripts by Aaron Koressel
- ackSteppedTween : Inserts a stepped key linearly interpolated between the two adjacent stepped keys. For use in very early blocking while everything is a stepped key and poses line up on the same frame. Use it as a quick starting place for creating a breakdown. Operates on what's in the graph editor not what's selected. Works on selected curves, or if none are selected, all curves.
- ackSliceCurves : Inserts a key at the current time into the currently selected curves while preserving tangents. Operates on selected curves in graph editor not currently selected objects. If no curves are selected, slices all curves in graph editor. This is basically the same functionality as Maya's insert key tool, but arguably faster because it just slices the current frame.
- ackSnapAnimation : Takes current selection of keys and offsets it's values so that it lines up with the neighboring key to the left. Very useful for rearranging animation and keeping your animation relative to it's neighbor. Operates on each curve separately, so offset amount won't necessarily be the same across multiple curves.
- ackDeleteRedundant : Deletes keys that have the same value as it's two neighboring keys. Will only delete keys that are in the current selection. Useful for post-blocking cleanup, and reducing your spiderweb of curves to a more manageable state.
Download Link
MELscripts by Kurgan
- bevelProfile.mel : Creates bevels based on a profile, this can then be edited to create pretty much any bevel.
- subdGivenIntoPolyMode.mel : This script fixes the problems with texturing subD's polycage, the polycage keeps the texture/shading info, but is disabled in other ways, so you have a complete and robust polytexturing workflow.
- enableJointMove.mel : Enables you to move the joint after skinning, using 'move-pivot'/(insert) mode.
Download Link
MELscripts by various authors
- attrGoalEditor.mel : use for attribute follow through relationships.
- attributeGoal.mel : use for attribute follow through relationships.
- attrWin.mel : use for pop-up window with custom attributes.
- clampedTangents.mel : use for switches in/out tangent setting to Clamped.
- flatTangents.mel : use for switches in/out tangent setting to Flat.
- instCopy.mel : use for automates creation of object snapshots for use with the particle Instancer.
- jms_pr.mel : use for places objects on motion paths generated from particle motion.
- linearTangents.mel : use for switches in/out tangent setting to Linear.
- objectSnap.mel : This Maya Script can be used to snap one locator to another.
- orientJoint.mel : use for orient local rotation axis to descending bone.
Download Link
MELscripts by Brian Escribano
- Color Nodes 2.0 : Color Nodes allows for quick coloring of most nodes based off the color overrides. Great for character rig control! 31 Flavors to choose from! Creates a small interface for quick coloring of your controls. Based off the Active Index Palette and User Defined Colors. Create a 3 Color Custom Palette for common color changes.
- reNameIt 2.1 : This Renames selected Nodes in order of selection. The names are based off of (prefix + variable + suffix) The variable can be [a-z], [A-Z], [0-9], [none]. In number mode RMC will bring up a menu to add padding to the names. The start value of the variable can be changed. Having a name in the Root will name that seperatly from the rest of the selection. The name can ethier replace the existing name add as a prefix or suffix to the existing name. Supports [aa-zz], [AA-ZZ] bsaed off the size of the selection.Reoders and Renames keyable and non-keyable attrbutes on node. Added auto-padding feature to drop down.
Download Link
Maya MEL scripts by Rob Bateman
- lorenzAttractor.mel : creates a lorenze attractor out of spheresrossler.
- Attractor.mel : creates a rossler attractor out of spheres.
- unsort.mel : unsorts an array.
- bvhExport.mel : exports animation as a bvh motion capture.
- filemesh_exporter.mel : exports polygonal meshes to a file.
- nurbExport.mel : exports nurb surface data from .
- polyWeightExport.mel : exports skin weighting info to a text file.
- polyWeightImport.mel : imports skin weighting info from a text file.
- transformExport.mel : exports transform and animation data.
- ExporterIntermediate.mel : exports polys, meshes, transforms, materials.
Download Link

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