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Thursday, May 31, 2007

CG News Tid-Bits

+ Craft Studio has released free
Craft Utilities,....I am pretty much unclear about their function and use, so you better check them yourself ;).
+ Synthe FX has teamed up with Zoorender to release a new Dashboard Widget for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger that allows you to test the Maya® rendering power of your Mac. Just click start to begin the benchmark, and upon completion the results can be sent directly to Zoorender.com's render results database. Here, users can compare your time to other computers, both Mac and PC, around the world. The Zoorender Benchmark is free, and available for
immediate download.
+ Anthem Visual Effects recently completed over 100 visual effects shots for “Marco Polo,” a miniseries and feature film produced by RHI Entertainment, announced Lee Wilson, President and Visual Effects Supervisor at Anthem.
+ GPU-Tech has released
RTSquare for Max 9 (64 bits). RTSquare is a GPU-based rendering plug-in for 3d Studio Max, Viz and Maya.
+ Adobe has finally started shipping the commercial version of Acrobat 3D Version 8, a major upgrade which enables 3D design collaboration.

Photoshop Plugin for Google 3D Warehouse

+ SAN JOSE, Calif. - (May 31, 2007) — Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) and Inc. (Nasdaq: GOOG) today announced the Photoshop® CS3 Extended plug-in for the Google 3D Warehouse, enabling Adobe® Photoshop CS3 Extended users to take further advantage of the software’s powerful compositing, painting and image-editing toolset for editing 3D content. With the plugin, users will be able to query and download free 3D content from the Google 3D Warehouse, Google’s free online repository for and content, directly within Photoshop CS3 Extended. 3D Content then can be placed, manipulated and used in composites with the new 3D tools in Photoshop CS3 Extended. The plugin is available for free download from the Adobe Labs Web site at http://labs.adobe.com.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

FxFactory for Final Cut Studio 2

+ FxFactory for Final Cut studio is updated to version 1.0.5 , and supports recently released Final Cut Studio 2. Beside adding support for Final Cut Studio 2, the FxFactory V1.0.5 also offers some stunning new innovative filters, Presets functionality and advanced rendering performance. FxFactory for Apple Final Cut Studio 2 offers GPU accelerated, native visual effects plugins for Apple Final Cut Pro 6 and Apple Motion 3. The new optimized FxFactory plugin architecture provides maximum speed and performance for visual effects creation on both PowerPC and Intel-based Mac platforms. Other core FxFactory enhancements include a refined user interface and custom presets for fast – professional visual effects creation. The upgrade adds 18 new plugins, of which 16 are free of charge to existing FxFactory Pro customers and the remaining 2 come with idustrial revolution Volumetrix. For more information and trial download visit: fxFactory website.

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ClayTools and FreeForm digital 3D modeling systems

+ Not many CgArtists are aware about these Out-of-the-Box tools which features touch-enabled 3D Modeling solutions for digital content creation. Both ClayTools and FreeForm are touch-enabled modeling applications which use a device called PHANTOM Haptic Device for 3d modeling and sculpting. The PHANTOM Haptic Devices comes in two variant; the 'PHANTOM Desktop and PHANTOM Omni haptic device' which are true 3D interfaces with force feedback that enable designers and modelers to use their sense of touch to model with virtual clay; just like real clay.
ClayTools works with PHANTOM Omni™ haptic device, while FreeForm Modeling system works with both variants. Among these two variants, the PHANTOM Desktop delivers higher fidelity, stronger forces, and lower friction. ClayTools system offers fast organic shapes Modeling for Digital Content Creation & Fine Arts, while FreeForm offers modeling with precision for product design and rapid prototyping. ClayTools system can be used with 3ds Max®, Maya®, Rhino™, and other design applications that support .stl and .obj. All-n-all a note-worthy product especially if you are weak in; usually a tedious job - "organic modeling" or your studio wants to improve 3d modeling productivity.
For more information, please visit: www.sensable.com/products-sensable-overview.htm.


PV Feather for Adobe After Effects

+ PV Feather is RE:Vision Effects new plugin for Adobe After Effects. PV Feather offers better feathering control within After Effects. PV Feather (the "PV" stands for "per vertex") performs feathering by using an inner mask for filling, and an outer mask for feather control. The amount of feather is controlled by the distance between the inner and outer mask. The PV Feather plugin for AE is released for both Windows and Mac, and compatible with After Effects 6.5 +up, including recently released After Effects CS3. For Demo and more information please visit www.revisionfx.com.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

TVP Animation 8.5

+ Just got a word in from TVPaint Developpement about the availability of both TVP Animation 8.5 and TVP Animation Pro 8.5. TVP Animation 8.5 and TVP Animation Pro 8.5 contain a bunch of exiting new features including:
In Drawing Tool
- New Connection Profile: Each brush connection has now its own progress profile to define the behavior of the connection.
- New Custom Brush Parameter: In addition to the new connection profile, people will notice the availability of a new Custom Brush parameter - Shift.
- New "Add" Drawing Mode: The Add drawing mode has been reviewed for a more normal behavior.
Animation Tools
- New Instance Based Animation Engine: You can adjust the timing just by dragging the tail of any instance, there is no need to copy/paste previous frames anymore.
- Improved XSheet Ability : New Shuffle Frames Button TVPAP only.
- New Timeline Freelook ability: Users can now place the current image anywhere on the timeline, no need to have a layer with an image anymore to move to an empty frame.
- Cross Keyer FX TVPAP Only: CrossKeyer FX makes itself remarkable because it works differently. Instead of choosing a range of color from a color system, you just have to chose an area which will be kept, and another one which will become transparent.
- Pattern Generator FX TVPAP only: Pattern Generator FX allows to display the classical video pattern on your screen/monitor.
- Optical Flow TVPAP only: The Optical Flow FX allows you to distort your image, sequence, video or animation using a vector field.
- Keyframer Motion Paths: For a better visibility, the Keyframer FX now shows the trajectory of the movement to help the user to define a better motion.
- New Ability to Flip X & Y in the Image Source FX.
- Improved Multi-Plane Camera Stage View: The Multiplan Camera now features the ability to display the content of each layers used in the Multiplan Camera's Stage View.
Beside these great features, the new release add more User 'Interface & Display' features as well as other performance related updates. To know the complete list of new features, you can head to the
TVPaint website. For trial version follow the below specified link.


nailgun nailed | Interview

+ Justin cone of tween motionographer has nailed co-founders, graphic designer Michael Waldron and editor/animator Erik van der Wilden of nailgun for a telephonic interview and discuss about their work and motion graphics in general. Nailgun is a Motion Graphics studio started by the duo back in 2003 and since then, they have worked on many prestigious projects and featured in various popular online/offline magazine such as stash, digit, Dzine etc. Their clients list includes prestigious companies such as VH1, ABC News, HBO, Publicis and Saatchi & Saatchi etc. Read the interview and make sure you check out nailgun’s latest reel.

Interview with nailgun


CGNews Tid-Bits

+ Evermotion has published a new 3dsmax tutorial about Making of
self illuminated objects. In this tutorial Pendzel shows how you can create self emitting lamp.
+ Creating A
New World by Henry Pashkov on 3dm: This tutorial is intended for those artists who are going to place a planet on the foreground of their new artwork.
+ mobile modeler published a new article "Making of Porsche 911" by cgartist Krisztian Szeibold on their website. Have a
+ REDWAY has announced the release of
Redviewer 1.5, which now supports 3dsMax 9 & VIZ 2007/08.
+ check new Podium for SketchUp
lighting tutorial, a comprehensive tutorial on using Light Emitting Material (LEM) and on Omni Light for Podium.
+ Layers Magazine has published ten
great Tips to get you started in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.
+ Vertus award winning software
Fluid Mask 3.0 Public beta has been released and available for download. Fluid Mask now comes as stand-alone as well as a plugin for Adobe Photoshop (CS2/CS3).
+ Blur studio has posted a new teaser spot of the game "
Stuntman" on their website.
+ Have a look at the
ShowReel of Duckling, a post production house for high-end commercials, feature films, documentary as well as music videos.
+ Some cool "Making Of"
Videos of latest flick Spider-Man 3.
+ check demoReel of Chris Lelidis, who made it using and 3ds Max for motion graphics back in 2004.

Creative Workflow Hacks | Featured

+ Just have stumbled upon this useful blog for people into motion graphics especially after effects users. Creative Workflow Hacks blog is Dale Bradshaw commentary ground, who generously shares his knowledge by writing tutorials for After Effects, tip-n-trick and useful work flow hacks for motion graphics professionals. When you work in a production environment, where you often come face to face with various problem related to software’s pipeline and your workflow get jeopardized....at this point Creative Workflow Hacks come handy and rescue you from real-world problems that arise in your creative environment. Have a look guys !!

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Secrets of Oscar-winning Animation

+ Focal Press recently released a new title called "Secrets of Oscar-Winning Animation" by Olivier Cotte, which gives an insight into Behind the scenes of 13 classic animation shorts who have won the top honor. The book features film maker's production techniques including story-boards, images and pre production sketches of these Oscar winning animation shorts. Olivier Cotte also put together the personal accounts of directors and other individuals behind these great short animation movie's. It’s certainly a recommended read! .....ya, I almost forgot....Focal press has also released a
new title for Photoshop lovers called "Adobe Photoshop CS3 for Photographers" the forth book in 'Adobe Photoshop for Photographers' titles series by Martin Evening.

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Introducing IRender and IRender Plus

+ A link to it, is lying on my desktop for quite some time,..... Although, we have put a news about it in our regular feature of CGnews
Tid-bits , we think it need a little more attention. Well, IRender by Render Plus systems is Ray Tracing rendering system for Google’s SketchUp, and is based on AccuRender ( IQ: uses AccuRender rendering engine to create renderings). The reason which makes it note-worthy is that; IRender rendering solution gets fully integrated into SketchUp and all the IRender settings are saved automatically in your SketchUp model. This mean user can switch to other high-end application without a need to specify lights, reflections, glow etc. again. Besides, giving advantage of Fully integrated into , IRender offers other great features such as:
- It creates custom lamp fixtures.
- Create lamp component (bulb) of any wattage and beam angle.
- Create reflective materials easily.
- Create target lights on IRender lamps.
- Can create reflective mirror.
- Can render individual object in a 3d scene.
IRender plus is extended version of IRender with more advance features such as Radiosity, huge component library (500 fractal plants), convert AccuRender materials to SketchUp material and can create walkthrough animation of your SketchUp 3d Scene. Although the market of external rendering system for SketchUp is hoting up and big-wigs like both
VRay & Maxwell render are now released for SketchUP, the IRender still remains worth a look......So guys have a look and give it a shot by downloading a fully functional 30 day Trial Version. Documentation as well as quick start guide is also available on Render plus website.
Download IRender +


Thursday, May 24, 2007

REALVIZ® Stitcher® Unlimited 5.6

Latest Release Adds Mac Universal Binary & HDR Compatibility
+ Sophia Antipolis, France (May 24, 2007) - REALVIZ®, a leader in image processing software development, is pleased to announce the availability of version 5.6 of their award-winning software, Stitcher ® Unlimited. Now firmly established as one of the most powerful and widely recognized image stitching applications on the market, Stitcher enables the creation of high-quality panoramas and 360° virtual tours. Version 5.6, which is available from this week, introduces Mac® Universal compatibility, as well as
capabilities. A Japanese-language version is also scheduled for release later this spring, in addition to the existing English and French versions of the software.
Whats New in Version 5.6:
Full HDR compatibility (High Dynamic Range)
- Create projects, which combine under- and over-exposed areas in the same panorama.
- Complete interoperability with the external tools available on the market for image tone mapping.
- Compatibility with the most commonly used HDRI image file formats: OpenEXR, RGBE (.hdr).
Universal Binary for Macintosh, as well as a Toolkit change
- New template flash, easier to use. You can use it directly without any HTML code modifications.
For further details on REALVIZ Stitcher Unlimited, please visit: http://stitcher.realviz.com.


TechVector - Featured!

+ Last time we have featured Tragiklabs' studio of Graphic artist Dhanank Pambayun, hope you all liked his work. Today we would like to put our spotlight on yet another talented graphic artists Reggie Gilbert studio's TechVector, who's area of specialization is vector Illustrations. Reggie, a skateboarder and graffiti artist has worked on many prestigious projects and created some really stunning illustrations. Reggie's hip-hop head along with his hobbies n' lifestyle reflects in his illustrations. Have a look guys -- Reggie's TechVector!

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Zaxwerks Plugins updated for Adobe CS3

+ Zaxwerks Inc. has released the updated version of Zaxwerks Plugins for newly released Adobe CS3. Zaxwerks plugins includes ProAnimator, 3D Flag, Invigorator Pro, Invigorator Classic, The Werks Vol.1, 3D Warps, Layer Tools (Mac)and Layer Tools (Windows). Text from Zaxwerks Blog; "If anyone has a current version of any Zaxwerks plugin that they would like to get running on the Mac under CS3, here are the links. These plugins will run in After Effects 6.5, 7 and CS3. Most of these links are MAC ONLY because only the Mac versions were changed for CS3. The currently shipping Windows versions work fine in CS3 on Windows. The only exception is Layer Tools which had to be changed from a floating window, into a panel for CS3. So there is a Windows and a Mac version of Layer Tools." For more information about Zaxwerks plugins, please visit zaxwerks.com and for direct download click on the link specified below.

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Maya 8.5 PLE

+ Good news,....Autodesk has released new version of Maya Personal Learning Edition (PLE) and its now available for download. Autodesk Maya PLE is based on Autodesk Maya 8.5 provides free access to Maya for non-commercial use. It gives 3D graphics and animation students, industry professionals, and those interested in breaking into the world of computer graphics an opportunity to explore most aspects of the award-winning Autodesk® Maya® Complete software in a non-commercial capacity. The Maya Personal Learning Edition software is available for 32-bit Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional and Apple® Mac OS® X (for Macintosh Power PC or Intel-based Macintosh computers) operating systems.
Features Maya 8.5 PLE :
- Modeling (NURBS, polygons, subdivision surfaces)
- Character rigging and animation technology including full body Inverse Kinematics (IK)
- Advanced Autodesk Maya Trax non-linear animation editor
- Full dynamics system including soft and rigid body dynamics
- Complete particle system
- Maya Paint Effects
- Maya Artisan brush based interface
- Toon shading capabilities
- Adobe Photoshop integration and Adobe® Illustrator® connectivity
- Four renderers: Autodesk Maya software, hardware, vector and mental ray for Maya renderer
- Comprehensive documentation
- The ability to import and export FBX files to and from Autodesk MotionBuilder 7 PLE
- Now available in Japanese.
Almost every feature found in the full commercial version of Autodesk Maya Complete 8.5 will be present in the personal learing edition. So what are you waiting for guys, Get Your Copy now!
Maya PLE Free download-
available now.


Autodesk launches Digital Film Tour 2007

Experts from Hollywood and Bollywood to demonstrate innovative usage of DI and VFX technologies from Autodesk
+ Autodesk, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADSK), today announced the launch of its Digital Film Tour 2007. Taking place on May 24th in Mumbai and May 26th in Chennai Autodesk’s Digital Film Tour 2007 is a six-city tour to explore the changing landscape of digital filmmaking. Presenting at the event will be noted Hollywood artistes including Tracey Williams, General Manager and VFX producer at South Africa-based leading post facility, The Video Lab and Chuck McIlvain, Character Pipeline Supervisor for Spider-Man 3 at Sony Pictures Imageworks. Also joining he event will be Rohan Desai, Business Head - Digital Intermediate Division, Prime Focus Limited and technology sponsors ARRI, HP, Microsoft and Nvidia.
The event will focus on the Digital Intermediate (DI) and Visual Effects (VFX) aspects of post production by demystifying Hollywood’s most recent hit - Spiderman as well as Indian blockbusters such as Guru and Eklavya. While Tracey Williams of The Video Labs will cover the entire DI spectrum, unraveling the mystery of digital intermediate with Autodesk Lustre, Chuck McIlvain of Sony Pictures Imageworks will share on how he used Autodesk Maya to create the tangle of computer generated villains and heroes brought to life in this latest installment of the Spiderman series. Additionally, Rohan Desai of Prime Focus will provide an India flavour by throwing light on how DI has been leveraged in films such as Guru and Eklavya to depict a progressive story line and tell a story through colours.
Autodesk, Inc. is the world leader in 2D and 3D design software for the manufacturing, building and construction, and media and entertainment markets.For additional information about Autodesk, visit

Making of Corak The Hunter | 3D

+ 3dm has published "Making of Corak The Hunter" by Philip Herman. Seem somewhat like monster from the movie "Predator". Anyways Philip says; "I made this image as a freelance job that I got from Red Eye Studio to create 3D Art assets for their game "Dark Sovereign" that is currently in development. So the concept and designs of the character were made by them. They wanted the image to be liked a movie poster. So I used some references from Pirates Of The Caribbean 3, Hellboy, Harry Porter, etc". Have a look guys.........

Maxwell Render 1.5 out now

+ Next Limit Technologies is proud to announce the release of Maxwell Render 1.5. This new version of our unbiased rendering engine will take photorealistic image creation to a new level. Maxwell Render 1.5 puts into effect our new licensing policy. Existing clients do not need a new license file. Maxwell Render 1.5 will read each current license file as 4 standard licenses valid per 4 different machines regardless of number of cores. Please take a look at the complete list of new and enhanced features in Maxwell Render 1.5 here: Features List!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Advanced Skeleton 2.0 For Maya

+ Another very handy tool for character Rigging, developed by
Animation Studios Australia, and its now made totally free. AdvancedSkeleton Pro is a collection of Autodesk's Maya tools for doing character setup. Creating a Skeleton Setup for characters that works well, is a cumbersome job that includes: animation constraints, expressions and driven keys as well as fitting of the skeleton joints to the character. AdvancedSkeleton was designed to do most of this, so you can get your character setup done much faster. AdvancedSkeleton creates a complex motion system called AdvancedSkeleton from a simple joint chain called FitSkeleton. You can download the latest free version of AdvancedSkeleton from Highend3d.com.
Download Adv. Skeleton

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TextureDesk - for seamless texture creation

+ Making a clean seamless texture is always been pain in da A$$. And their are many programs available to help you in generating seamless and one of them is TextureDesk; which apparently in its beta stage. The developer of Texturedesks explains; "TextureDesk is a simple yet extremely useful program to aid in the seamless texture creation process. It’s meant to do one thing, and does it well. TextureDesk lets you easily see how well an image tiles and gives you a real time platform for seeing your texture at multiple angles, and resolutions at the flick of a switch." It’s seem, quite promising and useful to me, but you can download it for free and find out yourself. And if you like to see some similar type handy tools than, you may check previously featured TreeGenerator 2.0 and Floor Texture Generator 1.0.
To Read more and download TextureDesk visit - download link!

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

ZBrush 3.0 Finally Released

+ Highly anticipated Version 3.0 of Pixologic's 3d modeling and sculpting software Zbrush has finally released and available for instant download. Pixologic Say: "ZBrush 3 is the next step; the next step in the creation process; the step that liberates you from the restrictions of conventional software; the step that carries you beyond experience and knowledge and into pure imagination. Sculpt using materials that so closely resemble earth you'll wonder why your hands aren't dirty. Pose your sculpture as if you were moving its limbs with your hands rather than a stylus and a tablet. ZBrush's technology allows you to ignore technology altogether, transferring its power directly to your hands, hands that can be used to create, sculpt, imagine and cast your creations as heroes in your own journey." Do visit CGSociety who has compiled a nice comprehensive article on new Zbrush 3.0, which holds some videos exploring new features of Zbrush 3.0. These demo video and some other video's are also available on pixologic website.
Related Link -
CGS Article on Zbrush 3.0

Pixologic website

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Friday, May 18, 2007

CGIndia Site News

+ Its, been a while that we have published any news regarding our website, its new features and future development. Our regular visitor must have noticed the changes we made to our website recently, as for the people - who joined us recently; we are very happy to tell you that, CGIndia have completed Two years somewhere around mid. February and the CGI archive now hold 2000 plus+ posts. We have recently added Categories to our website for classifying posts under different topics (Like - photoshop brushes, 3ds max 9), so that you can easily find what you are looking for. But do note that; not all posts for a particular Topic are applied with labels in Categories. For finding more post about any topic use the handy custom Search feature. We have added different book-Marking shortcut for making it easy for you to bookmark your favorite posts or topics. Beside this we had also made some other big-small changes to the website to further increase its usefulness as well as functionality. Our extreamly useful CGToolbar is also updated with new features such as; now you can add various gadget like YouTube, using it you can watch animation films and shorts directly. To add these gadget just click on CGtoolbar drop down menu right next to cgtoolbar logo icon. We also like to recommended that every one should subscribe to CGIndia RSS feed for getting most out of CGIndia and you may also add CG-Industry News Gadget (which currently sits at bottom of sidebar) to your iGoogle homepage or your own webpage. As, all of you knows that we have changed our website address (URL) two months back, so do update your bookmarks and please do spread the word around. CGIndia was a small initiative from a very small team (Me, Tushar & my very kind online volunteers) which have grew to its current state. Do help us in further development of CGIndia by sending in your feedback, tips, links to your portfolios, news , tutorials, articles as well as your advice and opinion.......Kudos to all the friends, fellow webmasters and CGI visitors.
GoodDay and Luvs.

Team - CGIndia

ShaderFX 1.5

+ Lumonix has released ShaderFX Version 1.5 for Autodesk's 3d Studio Max. This version is a free upgrade to those who have already purchased the plugin - and as always - a free demo is available for download. ShaderFX is a full-featured real-time shader editor for 3ds Max. It allows artists with no previous programming experience to build complex HLSL FX shaders for use in Max's viewport and in external game engines. Built right into 3ds Max, it offers a gradual learning curve to .fx shaders for artists who are used to the 3ds Max material editor.
Here's a quick look at some of the new features we're including in the new version:
- Subsurface Scattering: For skin and other translucent materials
- Perlin Noise: To create procedurally generated texture effects
- Glow Material: For creating bright glowing objects
- Bump Mapping: For adding surface detail with a gray-scale height map
- Object Space Normal Mapping: Extended normal map format support
- DXT5 Normal Maps: For high quality four to one compression of normal maps
- Relief Mapping: Simulates complex surface detail while maintaining a low poly count
- Refraction: Light bending for transparent objects
- Multi-Subobject Materials: Allows for multiple shaders on a single model
- Projected Texturing – Can project a texture onto a model in world or object space
- DXSAS Support: Export shaders using Microsoft's standard for annotation and syntax
- Custom Code Node: Programmers can insert custom HLSL code into the node tree
- Instruction Count Report: Shows shader's performance and allows for optimization
...... more detailed description of each of the new features on their web site as well as demo videos on most of the new features. For more information and to download demo version of shaderFX, Please visit -
www.lumonix.net/shaderfx.html !!


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Honda Blows Through Mill LA | VFX

+ The Mill, a Oscar-winning visual effects company has created new commercial Spot of Honda. The Spot try to portray Honda as; more than a brand. Snip: The Mill LA's invisible Visual effects help tell an impressive narrative for Honda - a brand which has already won worldwide acclaim for many past Mill hits such as "Choir" "Cog" and "The Impossible Dream". This spot marks a launch for Director Mark Romanek of Anonymous Content, as it is his first spot for the UK market. Mark and the Mill team were joined by DP, Sal Totino, known for his work on "Da Vinci Code" and "Cinderella Man", who enhanced the feature film-like quality of the piece.Of the sixty shots in the sixty second spot, Mill LA Flame Artist Chris Knight and his assistant worked on fifty-five frames. As the setting remains location-less and dream-like, it was important to create a black void as the back drop. Chris worked tirelessly to remove any appearances of the shoot. The production team laid an actual tarmac down at Sony Studios, however Chris extended the road in scenes where the road had stopped, to represent a never-ending highway. He also applied sha..........Read on!!

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modo 301

modo 301 Deepens Core Functionality for Modeling, Painting and Rendering; Adds New Sculpting, Animation and Network Rendering Capabilities
+ Luxology® LLC, an independent technology company developing next-generation 3D content creation software, today announced modo® 301, a major upgrade to its 3D content creation software for Mac OSX and Windows. A milestone on the modo roadmap, modo 301 is an “all systems grow” release that includes comprehensive improvements to modeling, painting and rendering and the addition of two new core capabilities: sculpting and item animation. Luxology plans to ship modo 301 during summer 2007.
“Our vision for modo has always been to allow artists to create 3D content without limits,” said Brad Peebler, president of Luxology. “The capabilities within modo have tripled since modo was introduced over two years ago. The amount of expanded and entirely new features available in modo 301 is a true testament to the strength of our underlying Nexus® architecture.”
One of the most advanced 3D content creation software products available, modo combines a powerful, real-time subdivision surface modeling engine with an artist-focused set of tools including 3D painting and a tightly integrated renderer that provides fully lit previews and extremely fast, production-quality rendering. Highlights of modo 301 include:

Comprehensive Release: modo 301 improves performance and strengthens capabilities across modo's core toolsets - modeling, painting and rendering - while further improving workflow. Two new core capabilities in modo have been added: true- 3D sculpting and the ability to animate items and their properties.
Precision Modeling and Sculpting: modo's world class subdivision modeler is further equipped to support the rapid creation of organic shapes and the construction of precise rigid models.
Fluid 3D Painting: Painting is now threaded for superior performance; paint strokes can seamlessly be applied across multiple images and even onto multiple UV maps.
“Unleashed” Rendering: The modo renderer now offers a new built-in capability for network rendering (cross platform) of high-resolution stills and animation sequences.
Superior Workflow: Artists and designers will enjoy even smoother workflow in modo due to further refinement of the physical user interface.
More details about modo 301, including a detailed video introduction to the software, are now on the Luxology website at www.luxology.com/whatismodo/301/. Additional information will be added as the company prepares its community for this new version of modo.


AC3D introduces support for 3Dconnexion's 3D mice and for Google Earth

+ Inivis Limited today announces the release of AC3D 6.2, its affordable and intuitive 3D design software, used in 3D visualisation; gaming and simulation models; graphics and logos. AC3D is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. AC3D 6.2 adds support for 3Dconnexion's range of 3D navigation hardware,and the ability to export 3D models into Google Earth. Google Earth support, has, said Andy Colebourne, also been met with positive feedback. "AC3D handles fully sub-divided 3D models, so as well as being great for practical applications such as visualizations of buildings, it's also ideal for more complicated designs and organicshapes -fantastic for unleashing fantasy creatures into the wilds! Our users are already finding our Google Earth support both practical and fun."AC3D 6.2 is immediately available for download as a 14-day fully functional free trial from the AC3D website www.inivis.com The software is priced at $74 for a full version, with upgrades starting at $34.95.

E-on Software Releases Vue 6 Personal Learning Edition!

+ e-on software, maker of the leading solutions for natural 3D environments, today announced the immediate availability of a free Personal Learning Edition (PLE)of its flagship products, Vue 6 Infinite and Vue 6 xStream. Vue 6 Infinite and xStream are the industry-leading solutions for the creation, animation and rendering of natural 3D environments for movie, broadcast and architecture.
The Vue 6 PLE is a fully functional version of Vue 6 Infinite/xStream. With the PLE, users can:
- Create complete projects, Save their work and export to other applications
- Render stills and animations without size/length limit
- Experience Vue's power directly inside Max/Maya/LightWave/Cinema4D*
- Learn at their own pace (the PLE never expires)!
*XSI version coming soon*
The Personal Learning Edition ships with all Vue 6 material and atmosphere presets, as well as the complete PDF Reference manual. "3D professionals can now experience, free of charge, how Vue's natural environments can become a definitive production asset," says Nicholas Phelps, president of e-on software. "Students shouldn't miss this opportunity to learn one of the key tools of the CG industry!"
Key technologies available in the Vue 6 PLE :
- EcoSystem™ 2 to rapidly populate environments with millions of wind-swept trees
- Hyper-realistic Spectral atmosphere engine and MetaCloud technology
- State-of-the-art radiosity and SubSurface Scattering renderer
- Flicker-free SolidGrowth™4 3D plant technology, and much more…!
Users can download the Vue 6 PLE free of charge from www.vue6.com/ple . The Vue 6 PLE performs under all versions of Windows 2000, XP and Vista (32 and 64 bit), and isUniversal Binary for Macintosh OSX (xStream is currently not available for the Mac platform). The PLE is for personal, non-commercial use only, files created with the PLE cannot be exchangedwith other PLE users and are not compatible with other versions of Vue. Renders may be watermarkedand carry a logo.

DAZ 3DTM Announces Free Dynamic Clothing Technology

+ DAZ 3D, Inc. a leading developer of professional quality 3D models and software, today announced their cooperative effort with OptiTex, LTD, a leading provider of software for the textile and fashion industry, to develop a 3D dynamic clothing solution which will be included as part of the version 2.0 release of DAZStudio, the free 3D art software.
Powered by the proprietary OptiTex physics engine, this virtual clothing solution allows anyone to load in the DAZ 3D figure and clothing of their choice and experience real-world cloth simulation, including the ability to quickly alter the clothing’s fabric type, garment size, and style variations. The dynamic clothing solution for DAZStudio and the accompanying line of new clothes is scheduled to be released in the upcoming weeks in DAZ 3D’s online store. The release will consist of the Dynamic Clothing PlayerTM plugin (included within DAZStudio 2.0 for free), and the Dynamic Clothing ControlTM plugin (available for $49.95) which will provide an extended set of controls over cloth panel properties, wind, and gravity. A dynamic clothing creation tool, the Dynamic Clothing DesignerTM, is also in development and will be released later this summer. DAZStudio 2.0, with the Dynamic Clothing Player plugin, will be available free of charge at


Ron Brinkmann joins The Foundry’s Nuke Development Team

+ Leading visual effects software developer The Foundry is delighted to announce the appointment of Ron Brinkmannas special advisor to its Nuke development team. For nearly two decades Brinkmann has enjoyed a variety of roles as both an end-user and supplier to the post production industry, givinghim an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the technological and workflow issues involved in the creation of first-class digital images. His expertise will be focussed on assisting the development of NUKE, The Foundry’s high-end compositing application. A respected supervisor in the visual effects and animation world, Brinkmann’s film credits include Die Hard With A Vengeance, James AndThe Giant Peach, Contact and Valiant. He was nominated for a British Academy Award for his work on Speed, and is the author of The Art and Science of Digital Compositing, which is regarded as a standard book of reference in the visual effects industry. Brinkmann was part of the initial design and development team at Nothing Real, the software company that produced the digital compositing application Shake. Apple acquired Nothing Real in 2002,and for the last five years Brinkmann has continued his role at Apple as the product designer for Shake.
For more info, please visit www.thefoundry.co.uk


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Vray for Rhino 4 and SketchUp

+ ASGVIS has released VRay for Rhino 4 and SketchUp. This release brings users various performance enhancements, an out of the box rendering solution, and many great V-Ray features to Rhino as well as SketchUp.
Vray for Rhino 4
V-Ray is a rendering plug-in that enables Rhinoceros users in all fields—from engineering and architecture to design and animation—to take advantage of the power and speed of the Chaos Group’s V-Ray rendering solution.
With VRay for Rhino, ASGVIS offers visualization professionals a state-of-the-art solution that generates high-quality images of unparalleled realism. “Top studios in all disciplines have relied on V-Ray for years to generate photorealistic images of outstanding quality,” says Corey Rubadue, ASGVIS Director. “With V-Ray for , we’re bringing this powerful, flexible, and affordable rendering solution to Rhinoceros users, enabling them to take full advantage of all that V-Ray has to offer.” Render Options are now easier than ever, with Default Render settings reflecting correct settings for Indirect Illumination, the VRay Sun, VRay Sky, and Sampling levels.V-Ray offers Rhinoceros users a robust set of global illumination and ray-tracing features that enable them to bring their ideas to life quickly, easily, and cost-effectively.
New Features Includes:
- VRay Sun and Sky
- VRay Physical Camera
- Distributed Rendering allowing a single image to be process over up to 10 machines
- Per Material GI, Background, Reflection, and Refraction
- Displacement
- Seperate Global Reflection and Refraction
- Dispersive Materials
- VRay Two-Sided Material for easy creation of thin translucency
- Easy Gamma Correction Controls
- More Efficient Memory Handling for Larger and More Complicated Scenes
- Expanded Functionality including the ability to set Memory Usage Limits
- Animation Support for Bongo as well as Rhino's Built-in Animation Tools

VRay for SketchUp
V-Ray is a rendering plug-in that enables SketchUp users to take advantage of the power and speed of the Chaos Group’s VRay rendering solution. With VRay for SketchUp, ASGVIS offers visualization professionals a state-of-the-art solution that generates high-quality images of unparalleled realism. “Top studios in all disciplines have relied on V-Ray for years to generate photorealistic images of outstanding quality,” says Corey Rubadue, ASGVIS Director. “With V-Ray for Sketch-Up, we’re bringing this powerful, flexible, and affordable rendering solution to Sketch-Up users, enabling them to take full advantage of all that V-Ray has to offer.” Render Options are now easier than ever, with Default Render settings reflecting correct settings for Indirect Illumination, the V-Ray Sun, V-Ray Sky, and Sampling levels. V-Ray offers users a robust set of global illumination and ray-tracing features that enable them to bring their ideas to life quickly, easily, and cost-effectively.
Vray for SketchUp Features Includes:
- True raytraced reflections and refractions
- Glossy reflections and refractions
- Area shadows (soft shadows). Includes box and sphere emitters
- Indirect Illumination (global illumination, global lighting). Different approaches include direct computation (brute force), and irradiance maps.
- Depth-Of-Field camera effect.
- Antialiasing. Includes fixed, simple 2-level and adaptive approaches.
- Caustics
- Fully multithreaded raytracing engine
- True HDRI support. Includes support of proper texture coordinate handling for both cubic and - angular maps. Map your images directly without distortions or cropping.
- Reusable irradiance maps (save and load support). Incremental sampling for fly-through animations.
- VRay Material Editor with Material Preview
- VRay Sun and Sky
- VRay Physical Camera
- Displacement
- Distributed Rendering allowing a single image to be process over up to 10 machines
- Per Material GI, Background, Reflection, and Refraction
- V-Ray Two-Sided Material for easy creation of thin translucency
- Animation Support

Go to
www.asgvis.com for more details or to locate a reseller near you. You may also email at sales[@]asgvis.com. ASGVIS is a developer of state-of-the-art plug-ins, exporters, scripts for Autodesk 3ds Max, and 3D graphics applications. Among its flagship products is V-Ray for Rhino 3.0, a ray-tracing renderer for Robert McNeel & Associates’ Rhinoceros NURBS modeler that provides uncompromised image quality. Visualization professionals worldwide rely on ASGVIS solutions to bring their ideas to life creatively and cost-effectively.

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VES 50 Most Influential Visual Effects Films of All Time

+ Eric Roth, Executive Director of the Visual Effects Society (VES), announced today the results of the VES50: The Most Influential Visual Effects Films of All Time, which was determined by a vote of VES members. The VES 50 is the backdrop of the 2007 VES Festival of Visual Effects, which will take place the weekend of June7-10 at the Writers Guild Theater in Beverly Hills. The Festival kicks off with an Opening Night Party at 7:30 pm Thursday,6/7/2007. From 10:00 am to 10:00 pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Visual FX pros and fans will have the opportunity to attend discussion panels with industry leaders and legends, screenings of past and present films and the presentation of the VES 50; The Most Influential Visual Effects Films of All Time.
1. Star Wars (1977)
2. Blade Runner (1982)
3. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) (tie)
3. The Matrix (1999) (tie)
5. Jurassic Park (1993)
6. Tron (1982)
7. King Kong (1933)
8. Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)
9. Alien (1979)
10. The Abyss (1989)
11. The Empire Strikes Back (1980)
12. Metropolis (1927) .........
check full list!
The full schedule and information on buying festival passes or tickets to individual events is available at the official website for the 2007 VES Festival of Visual Effects,
http://www.visualeffectssociety.com/vesFestival.cfm or by contacting theVES office at 818-981-7861 or info[@]visualeffectssociety.com.

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CGNews Tid-Bits

+ Evermotion has Released
Textures4ever Vol. 4, a textures pack for creating 3d visualization. Snip: For only 49 E you can get about 200 professional, highly detailed textures of clothes with bump and specular maps.. Why waste costly time for making something that you can have from the Evermotion. You may also like to download free sample textures in .pdf format.
+ 3DM3 posted Making of
Wonded Ork. "I was angry to sculp that fantastic creature. That was my first goal, to frame that wonded monster in mesh. I got started with a simple piece of geometry, and gradually building up volume and form."
+ Pre-Registration for ZBrush 3 is now made
available by Pixologic, Inc.
+ Digital Show 2 -
Now Open ; 100 images of fine digital artworks by top artists from around the world. The theme for this show is Psychedelia in response to Futuresonic's homage tothe seminal psychedelic events of 40 years ago.
+ Mobile Modeler has published an interview with 3d Artist
Andika Hermawan; who talks about making of BMW, his new digital art work.
+ Blender 2.44 has been
released, 3d sculpt and multi-res has revamped in this version and new Subsurface scattering material has been added to render materials like skin, marble or milk.
+ Low poly character modelling & texturing, is 3dtotal's new 3 part 3ds max
tutorial by Athey Nansel-Moravetz. Part 1 covers modelling the character.
+ AFK is proud to bring you the first initial release of Super Grass (Version 0.4b) a free
3D plug-in for Autodesk 3D Studio Max. This plug-in allows you to create single grass blades, grass bundles, grass lawn patches or complete grass lawns.
+ RayFire 1.1.6 a 3ds Max Script, which helps you to create shoot effect.
RayFire can push object using reactor, create holes on impact points in object in realtime. Also it can create smoke, debris, lights, decals, bullets or custom object predefined by you. RayFire can work with multiple animated objects and It can works with skinned or pointcached objects.
+ Atmosphere Visual Effects, the award-winning VFX house and leader in effects for sci-fi television programming, has just
completed work on season three of “Battlestar Galactica” (NBC Universal) as well as season three of “Stargate Atlantis” (Sony), for which the studio is set to begin work on a fresh batch of episodes for the Fall.
+ Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), a division of Lucasfilm Ltd.
announced today that it has come on board as the principle visual effects house on the new Marvel Studios production of Iron Man. Sister company Skywalker Sound, which houses EFILM's northern California outpost, completes the post production triumvirate.

Friday, May 11, 2007

PELTING TOOLS 1.5.4 Beta ***

+ we have featured PELTING Tools; a useful Maya plugins scripts before, but recently someone asked me about UV Pelting in Maya, so we decided to feature this very handy script for Maya once again. UV Pelting is the process of quickly unwrapping geometry and generate texture coordinates for a 3d surface. UV Pelting significantly reduces the time required to compute texture UV's because; instead of stitching various patches together to create maps, the modelers can easily select the "pelting" edge path and generate the connected map automatically. PELTING Tools is developed by sunit parekh, who also explained how-to work with pelting tools quite nicely on his website. The Pelting Tools version 1.5.4 for Maya 6.x-8.x is available for download and it is compatible with Linux, windows as well as Mac.
Pelting Tools Features:
- Linux, Mac, Windows Compatible
- Mesh and Component Part based pelting
- Multiple pelt groups in one scene
- Direct connection to original, uncut mesh
- Two different pelting frame algorithms
- Per vertex spring controls
- Multiple model views
- checker, baked normal
- Edge coloring on cut and border edges
- Orient set orientation and mid-line axis
- Loop functions from OMTOOLBOX integrated
- Quick to simulate with Hi-Res 3D Models
- User created script macros
- UV Tweak Mode for pelted and non-pelted
- Frame Attractors
- Flexi Frames
Some video's exploring the various features and basic pelting workflow in Maya 6.x - 8.x is also available on sunit parekh's website. For more information about Pelting Tools and its download, please visit

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Autodesk 3ds Max 9 Service Pack 2

+ Autodesk has released service pack 2 for 3ds Max 9 (both 32/62 bit versions) and it is available for free download. Autodesk Service Pack 2 is aimed primarily at addressing Vista compatibility issues. It includes a number of fixes specific to Windows Vista, as well as fixes across several functional areas, including Animation, Backburner, Batch Rendering, Biped, Editable Poly, Editable Mesh, Hair, Materials, , mental ray, Reactor, Render to Texture, SDK and UV Unwrap. Note that: This Service Pack does not update Autodesk 3ds Max 9 Extension: Productivity Booster.
Related links:
32 bit - 3dsMax9_SP2_32bit.zip (zip - 17371Kb)
64 bit - 3dsMax9_SP2_64bit.zip (zip - 21818Kb)
AutoDesk website link


BlueCherry - Plugin for 3ds MAX

+ 3DTotal are pleased to announce the release of version 1.5 of our , BlueCherry. The purpose of BlueCherry is to bring you closer to the power of mental ray for 3ds Max 8+ by automating many of the tedious or confusing tasks of setting up renders. This includes features such as Ambient Occlusion, Final Gather, Global Illumination, and HDRI lighting. By making these features automatic, your renders will gain a sharper clarity that typically could only come from a deep understanding of mental ray.
BlueCherry Key Features:
- Intuitive and clear interface
- Easy-Access help pages for every feature
- Instant results
- Fast, easy installation
- Extensive documentation
- Incredible Value
Create stunning lighting setups using the five
HDRI maps included with BlueCherry in seconds. On-board help pages are designed to give you instant assistance with each feature. Every BlueCherry effect is implemented instantly- and can add robustness and speed to any project. Included with purchase is an illustrated guide to the mental ray renderer with over 60 pages of tips, tricks, and descriptions to help you master rendering with mental ray.
More info about plugin can be found here -
Click me!


Automatic Duck's - Pro Import AE 4.0

+ Automatic Duck, the creators of Timeline Integration Engine software for digital media artists, showcased Pro Import AE 4.0 at NAB 2007 in Las Vegas. Pro Import AE 4.0 represents a major upgrade to Automatic Duck's signature timeline translation tool for Adobe After Effects artists and has been developed with significant input and feedback from the Company's extensive user base. With the launch of Pro Import AE 4.0, Automatic Duck is addressing a number of new developments impacting users, including the recent launch of Adobe Creative Suite 3, the industry shift to Intel-based Mac systems and the need for improved support for HDV, DVCProHD and XDCAM formats for Final Cut Pro users. Also added are improvements to Motion project import, with Particle and Replicator layers now coming in to After Effects. In a major improvement, Multiclips from
are now supported and Avid Timewarp effects are now converted to Time Remapping and Dip to Color transitions also translate.
Additionally, Pro Import AE 4.0 introduces an advanced new user interface that offers users a number of powerful, streamlining capabilities including the option for layers to "step up" or "step down" in the
timeline, an option to use Avid rendered media in After Effects and an option to pre-comp layers based on the tracks from the NLE. Pro Import AE 4.0 will be available in the Summer of 2007 and will be priced at $495. Users who purchased new licenses or upgrades to Pro Import AE 3.0 on or after April 2, 2007 will be offered a limited chance to upgrade to version 4.0 at no charge when it is generally available. Users of Pro Import AE 3.0 who purchased before April 2, 2007, as well as users of older After Effects import plug-ins, will be able to upgrade for $195 per license.
Related Links:
automaticduck link
Watch Pro Import AE 4.0 preview -
Video video


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Caligari trueSpace 7.5

+ Caligari Corporation, the producer of award-winning 3D modeling, rendering and animation software, announced today that trueSpace7.5 is now available. Version 7.5 features a number of significant enhancements, including brand new character posing and animation tools as well as new modeling, rendering and collaborative tools, all brought together in a more simplified environment. “trueSpace7.5 gives users a complete set of tools to accomplish all aspects of 3D authoring from start to finish in one environment, for 3D illustration, design, film and video to games and upcoming 3D social networks,” said Roman Ormandy, president and CEO of Caligari Corporation. “At the same time, teams can work and present collaboratively in a live 3D space, thereby accomplishing projects faster and more efficiently.”
Brand New Character Design, Posing and Animation
Version 7.5 offers new character and animation tools so users can rapidly create animations using a combination of different techniques, including keyframes, motion capture, physics simulation, mathematical procedures, and scripts, all seamlessly blended inside a single animation editor. For example, one can animate a car using physics then cause it to collide with a character walking via motion capture. The character then collapses using IK combined with physics and, finally, the entire animation sequence is perfected using manual key-frames. For the first time, users can quickly create complex animation sequences like this within trueSpace.
Enhanced Modeling and Rendering
In trueSpace7.5, a new set of polygonal and subdivision modeling tools offer advanced snapping, visual inference guides, edge loops, and new soft paint and displacement paint tools that let users “paint” geometry on existing surfaces. For surfacing, there are new material and UV editors, both operating in the real-time photorealistic workspace. trueSpace7.5 also includes hair/fur modeling and grooming tools for creation of realistic hair.
The optional V-Ray render engine is now native to the real-time workspace and integrates several new features including animation support, depth of field, improved handling of non-metallic reflections, and more.
“I think customers are going to be very surprised at how easy trueSpace7.5 is to use,” said Heidi Simonsen, trueSpace7.5 beta tester. “Feature-wise, I believe the soft brush and upgraded animation tools will be the overwhelming favorites. I also think they’re going to approve of the tighter integration and render controls for V-Ray.”
Real-Time Rendering
The real-time photorealistic rendering in the trueSpace7.5 workspace offers soft shadows, transparencies, reflections and mirrors, sophisticated materials, handling of HDRI backgrounds, and more. This workspace provides unrivaled feedback during modeling, texturing, layout, lighting or animation. In many cases, the real-time video output quality is high enough for live video output directly to the hard drive for web or broadcast presentations.
trueSpace7.5 is the only 3D authoring application that allows distributed users to work in the same 3D space on the same object at the same time. Non-trueSpace owners can also enter a 3D space to view objects, thanks to the freely distributable truePlay application. This allows 3D artists to work in real-time with their non-technical clients. For example, an architect may “lead” his customers through their new house design online and make changes immediately. trueSpace7.5 users can create online 3D spaces for people to meet and share images, music and games as well as business collaboration spaces or online learning environments.
Pricing and availability
is available for $595 with upgrade pricing for previous versions starting at $199. V-Ray 1.5 SRP is $299. To purchase trueSpace7.5, please visit


INTERspectacular animated spot for Volvo

+ The New York based Visual effects and animation Studio, INTERspectacular was called on by ad agency Euro RSCG to infuse a carefree, playfulness into their new, 30-second commercial entitled "World of Fun" for Volvo. Dancing giant robots and kamikaze pilots. Now that's what we call fun! Catch the 30sec -
Spot video


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

BodyPaint 3D Demo Download!

+ The demo version of recently released BodyPaint 3D R3.1 is now available on Maxon website. The New features in BodyPaint 3D R3 includes;
Painting with Maximum Color Depth (32-bit Floating Point)
With BodyPaint 3D R3 you can work with more depth than ever before. Now you can paint in up to 32-bit color depth, which gives even more texture control and amazingly smooth color gradations. BodyPaint 3D also enables editing of HDR and EXR formats letting you to use these powerful formats in your 3D scenes.
LSCM Unwrapping and New Selection Tools
Especially detailed organic mesh can be a nightmare to unwrap when it comes to UV's. But BodyPaint 3D's new LSCM Unwrapping and new selection tools make even the most complicated objects a snap to UV unwrap. The new path tool lets you define the seams you want. Once you've picked your seams simply activate the LSCM tool and watch BodyPaint 3D unwrap that UV nightmare into a nice flat surface for you to work with.
Freeze 3D View
Projection painting / mapping used to be limited to screen size. But no more! Now you can freeze the view to any size you wish. Now you can use huge images to add ultra fine detail to your textures.
New Interface
The new interface is much less distracting when working on textures. You'll note that your model now has more contrast than before. New icons are easier to identify....And much more...!!
BodyPaint 3D - Demo download!

SplutterFish's BlurBeta - Plugin/scripts Pack

+ SplutterFish, developers of the award-winning Brazil Rendering System for 3ds Max, has updated BlurBeta Plugin/scripts -Pack for & VIZ 2008 32 & 64 bit versions developed by Blur Studios and now available for free download. Some of the scripts in pack (6.29mb):
- BlurLib V1.11 (Utility) : Library required for a majority of the BlurBeta plugins.
- BlurGradient V1.06 (Texmap) : a gradient for max that has gain, center, and width settings.
- DoNothing V1.01 (Texmap) : works as a pass through in composite textures.
- AlphaCompositor V1.00 (VPost) : compsitor that composites using a pre-multiplied alpha algorithm.
- WaterCell V1.04 (Texmap) : cellular based water color splatter.
- WaterWash V1.02 (Texmap) : water color washes.
- theOnion (layers) : The Onion is Layer System that sits on top of the max layering system.
.......and many more scripts. Note that; The 64bit versions of the BlurBeta Plugins may crash upon 3ds Max 9 -64bit startup. They are looking into the cause and will fix this asap.
Related Link:

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+ 3DGeniuX is an innovative software where digital images and three-dimensional objects stand together in the simplest way. The work flow is not destructive, you can move and modify 3D objects and textures in space in any moment. Everything works with an intuitive and efficient brush tool. XPRO Software boast; Technology behind 3D GeniuX Paint® is the first in the world that allows users to integrate together 3D objects and 2D images in REAL TIME with a unique brush tool, fast and easy to use. The work flow is not destructive, and you can move and modify 3D objects and textures trough space in any moment. A free 15 day
demo is also available.
xPRO 's 3DGeniuX


NaturalMotion To Feature Morpheme at Nordic Game 2007

+ NaturalMotion Ltd. the award-winning developer of advanced 3D animation technology, is to feature Morpheme at Nordic Game 2007 (15-16 May). Morpheme is the industry's first graphically-authorable animation engine for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. It has been designed from the ground up to give animators unprecedented control over the final look of their animations in-game. NaturalMotion will be demonstrating morpheme, the industry's first graphically-authorable animation engine for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, through-out the two-day conference.
NaturalMotion Ltd. is the first company to create 3D character animation software based on Dynamic Motion Synthesis (DMS), a technology that utilizes Adaptive Behaviors and artificial intelligence to simulate the human-nervous system. Based on Oxford University research, Dynamic Motion Synthesis creates high-quality 3D character animation in real time by combining artificial intelligence, bio mechanics, and dynamics simulation. NaturalMotion's first product, endorphin, utilises this approach to dramatically accelerate the production of offline 3D character animation.
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aniMOTION European Animation Festival

+ aniMOTION 2007, a European animation festival has announced call for submissions of animation works. The aniMOTION European Animation Festival (July 3-8 2007, Sibiu, Romania) is now open for submissions. They are looking for professional and non-professional animators alike who are creatively using new technologies to deliver powerful stories. The program includes the screening of the works entered into competition as well as an international selection of animations. The festival is part of the Sibiu European Capital of Culture 2007 Programme. For more info, please visit animotionfest.ro!