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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Caligari trueSpace 7.5


+ Caligari Corporation, the producer of award-winning 3D modeling, rendering and animation software, announced today that trueSpace7.5 is now available. Version 7.5 features a number of significant enhancements, including brand new character posing and animation tools as well as new modeling, rendering and collaborative tools, all brought together in a more simplified environment. “trueSpace7.5 gives users a complete set of tools to accomplish all aspects of 3D authoring from start to finish in one environment, for 3D illustration, design, film and video to games and upcoming 3D social networks,” said Roman Ormandy, president and CEO of Caligari Corporation. “At the same time, teams can work and present collaboratively in a live 3D space, thereby accomplishing projects faster and more efficiently.”
Brand New Character Design, Posing and Animation
Version 7.5 offers new character and animation tools so users can rapidly create animations using a combination of different techniques, including keyframes, motion capture, physics simulation, mathematical procedures, and scripts, all seamlessly blended inside a single animation editor. For example, one can animate a car using physics then cause it to collide with a character walking via motion capture. The character then collapses using IK combined with physics and, finally, the entire animation sequence is perfected using manual key-frames. For the first time, users can quickly create complex animation sequences like this within trueSpace.
Enhanced Modeling and Rendering
In trueSpace7.5, a new set of polygonal and subdivision modeling tools offer advanced snapping, visual inference guides, edge loops, and new soft paint and displacement paint tools that let users “paint” geometry on existing surfaces. For surfacing, there are new material and UV editors, both operating in the real-time photorealistic workspace. trueSpace7.5 also includes hair/fur modeling and grooming tools for creation of realistic hair.
The optional V-Ray render engine is now native to the real-time workspace and integrates several new features including animation support, depth of field, improved handling of non-metallic reflections, and more.
“I think customers are going to be very surprised at how easy trueSpace7.5 is to use,” said Heidi Simonsen, trueSpace7.5 beta tester. “Feature-wise, I believe the soft brush and upgraded animation tools will be the overwhelming favorites. I also think they’re going to approve of the tighter integration and render controls for V-Ray.”
Real-Time Rendering
The real-time photorealistic rendering in the trueSpace7.5 workspace offers soft shadows, transparencies, reflections and mirrors, sophisticated materials, handling of HDRI backgrounds, and more. This workspace provides unrivaled feedback during modeling, texturing, layout, lighting or animation. In many cases, the real-time video output quality is high enough for live video output directly to the hard drive for web or broadcast presentations.
trueSpace7.5 is the only 3D authoring application that allows distributed users to work in the same 3D space on the same object at the same time. Non-trueSpace owners can also enter a 3D space to view objects, thanks to the freely distributable truePlay application. This allows 3D artists to work in real-time with their non-technical clients. For example, an architect may “lead” his customers through their new house design online and make changes immediately. trueSpace7.5 users can create online 3D spaces for people to meet and share images, music and games as well as business collaboration spaces or online learning environments.
Pricing and availability
is available for $595 with upgrade pricing for previous versions starting at $199. V-Ray 1.5 SRP is $299. To purchase trueSpace7.5, please visit


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