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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Strata™ Releases 3D[in]™ Plug-ins for Adobe® Photoshop® CS3


St. George, Utah. (July 2007)
+ Strata, the company adding the power of 3D to the designer’s toolset, released today three new plugins for Adobe® Systems’ Photoshop® CS3 Extended software: StrataDesign 3D[in], Strata Foto 3D[in], and Strata Live 3D[in]. These three plugins enhance the 3D capabilities of Photoshop by adding: 3D model-to-photo matching, Raydiosity™ rendering, spline and subdivision surface modeling, 3D model construction from photographs, and real-time 3D output for the web and PDF documents.
Dave Cross, Director of Training for National Association of Photoshop Users (NAPP) “It’s new, it’s radical and it will change your world,” says Dave Cross. “You can now get ‘in’ to your work with Photoshop CS3 Extended’s new 3D layers. Even with my limited 3D experience, I was able touse Strata’s plug-ins to add 3D objects to my designs, create models from photographs and turn Photoshop layouts into PDFs and web pages with live 3D objects. Everybody will want to get these plugins.”
Kevin Connor, Senior Director of Product Management, Professional Digital Imaging, Adobe “We’re happy to see early support for 3D workflows in Photoshop CS3 Extended from valued eco system partners like Strata,” said Kevin Connor. “The Strata 3D[in] plug-ins along with Photoshop CS3 Extended means creatives can take full advantage of the power of the Photoshop image editing toolset and paint engine for editing 3D and motion
based content.”
Strata Design 3D[in]
This plug-in includes three powerful tools: Match[in], Model[in] and Render[in] synchronized to Strata’s award winning Strata 3D application engine.
Using Match[in] users can easily add 3D content and match the perspective in their Photoshop CS3 Extended project. For example, designers of point-of-purchase (POP) displays can integrate a rendering of their design with a photograph of an actual store interior.
Model[in] will allow users to model new objects or modify existing objects and create new objects with tools such as extrude, lathe, and subdivision surface modeling. Users can even import Adobe Illustrator® software outlines to loft into 3D objects.
Using Render[in] users will have the ability to compose final scenes, set up sophisticated lighting using High Dynamic Range images, generate soft shadows, reflected light, refractive materials and more.
Strata Foto 3D[in]
This plug-in allows the user to generate 3D models from photographs shot from a standard digital camera. These objects include the 3D model data as well as the photo-based surface textures. With little additional effort, users can turn a standard product photo session into a 3D capture process to create models for realtime 3D web pages and more.
Strata Live 3D[in]
With Live 3D[in] the user will be able to create real-time interactive 3D content for web sites and PDF documents from Photoshop CS3 Extended 3D content. Interactive product brochures, assembly guidesand in-person-like web experiences are among the exciting possibilities with this powerful new plug-in.
Colin Smith, owner of Photoshopcafe.com, Best Selling Author for McGraw-Hill Osborne Media “3D lets me get in to a new layer of creativity,” says Colin Smith. “I can output 3D from Photoshop as a 3D PDF or web page. I can render out my 3D content and have complete control of it in Photoshop. You may have hesitated before, but with 3D layers and Strata’s plug-ins, you're ready for 3D. This will change how you work.”
For more information about Strata’s new 3D[in] plugins and the rest of Strata’s products, visit www.strata.com/cs3d. For detailed video tutorials showing how Strata’s 3D[in] plug-ins can be used in real-world situations, visit http://www.3dlayer.com/. Tutorials presented by both Dave Cross and Colin Smith are among those available.

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