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Saturday, September 29, 2007

SRG Plugin for 3ds Max 9

A new interactive Graphic file format!
+ Recently ExpertSys data Labs has developed a new interactive graphic file format “Smart Render Graphics (SRG)”, and interactive images can be generated through 3DS Max V.9. With the Smart Render Graphic plug-in for 3ds Max you can generate interactive SRG files. Unlike other raster file formats available in the market such as JPG, BMP, PNG and GIF formats, SRG images allows;
- Automatic Hot Spotting in your 3ds Max rendered images. Make your 3d objects in the rendered scene mouse sensitive.
- Multiple materials on each object. See your rendered objects change materials and textures just by left-clicking on them.
- Data fields. Add description, price, etc. to your objects, inside your rendered SRG photo realistic image, and retrieve them just by right-clicking on the objects.

- Visualize your mouse-sensitive images with our royalty free SRG Viewer, insert them into MS-PowerPoint for astonishing presentations, create your own graphic applications with any Dot Net programming language. (free component available).

- Use your favorite render engine such as
V-Ray, Scan Line or Mental Ray, to generate dazzling SRG image files. Download the free demo images, the free SRG Viewer, try the SRG 3ds Max Plug-in and fully experiment with this outstanding Plug-in & file format. For more information and trial version download, please visit there website at www.srg-online.com

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Friday, September 28, 2007


+ IMAGINA, an European 3d Community event will award seventeen prizes across three categories this year. With more than 550 entries in 2007, the IMAGINA Awards are undoubtedly the worldwide reference point for digital 3D production. This major competition has evolved to become the world's definitive composite imaging and visual effects event. Not only does it reflect developments within the industry, but it also offers a unique opportunity to discover the work of the future. The biggest American studios, the best advertising agencies, the most prestigious educational institutions, the most talented free-lance workers... the greatest talents are brought together, every year, around , the symbol of the competition.
As befits IMAGINA's new direction, every sector will now have the opportunity to enter the competition and show how they use 3D. The aim of the IMAGINA Awards is to reward the use of 3D modelling and visualisation technology as it relates to all professions – artistic, industrial and engineering. All the sectors involved in IMAGINA will be represented at the awards evening, an exceptional event which will take place on Thursday, 31st January 2008. The official selection for the IMAGINA Awards 2008 will be announced and published online from the 21st December. For more information about the event and competition, please visit Imagina.mc

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ARTRMX Cologne Competition 2007-08

+ WHERE IS MY MIND?...nope again, I haven't lost my mind and neither i am singing Pixies Song from the movie FightClub;...Infect its the subject of ARTRMX COLOGNE competition, which will run from December 2007 till April 15th 2008. The art festival ARTRMX COLOGNE VOL.01 presents contemporary photography, Graphics, street art, painting and video art in more than 50 off-locations such as apartments, empty buildings or lofts throughout Cologne. To participate in these exhibitions, the artrmx e. V. invites young artists all over the world to send in their work or their series till April 15th 2008 and in regards to the given subject for 2008 “Where Is My Mind?".
In collaboration with artistic advisers, for example Prof. Dr. Michael Erlhoff (dean “KISD"), Rik Reinking (curator, collector), Boris Hoppek (street artists and Graphic designer Barcelona), Gérard Goodrow (director “Art Cologne"), Dr. Barbara J. Scheuermann (curator “Tate Modern London") or Claudia Stein (chief editor “photography now"), the artrmx e. V. will assemble and distribute the exhibits among the different exhibition spaces.The competition will start in December of 2007. Entry deadline: April 15th 2008. The application form is available at artrmx.com

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Artbeats Offers 15 Free Royalty-free Clips to Adobe Customers

+ Good News....no No, My wife is not Pregnant.......I am not even Married :)....Well the real good news is; Artbeats Inc. is offering 15 free royalty-free Artbeats clips (a value of US $2985) to Adobe Customers. Artbeats, the industry’s leading provider of high-quality royalty-free stock footage, today announced an exclusive, limited-time offer that will allow select Adobe customers to obtain 15 free royalty-free Artbeats clips (a value of US $2985). This special promotion features a diverse range of footage, including billowing clouds, stunning pyrotechnic effects, water drops, gently falling rain, a spinning globe and several mood-setting animated backgrounds. To be eligible, Adobe customers must purchase a full retail or upgrade version of Adobe® Creative Suite® 3 Production Premium or Adobe Creative Suite 3 Master Collection from the Adobe Store or a participating reseller from Sept. 10, 2007 through Nov. 30, 2007. For more information or to preview the 15 Artbeats clips please visit

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CG News Tid-Bits

  • Oman3d has published an new tutorial on how to 3d model a dome of a mosque.
  • Making of Burning Snow music video created by polish designers (on 3dm).
  • From Plastiline to ZBrush, 3dtotal chat with 3D character artist, Fred Bastide about how he started out in the world of 3D, in our latest artist interview.
  • Yahoo0, Joseph Kosinski is ‘in final negotiations to develop and direct the next chapter in the Tron series’. A special fx film that was far ahead of its time … I can’t wait to see this. (* directly ripped from Ventilate :P)
  • Direct your way to stardom and win a trip to DreamWorks Studio U.S.A. , plus an Autodesk Maya software - HP Toyrama* (our sponsor)
  • XSI-base has published interview with Ben Procter, lead robot illustrator on Transformers.
  • We love bringing characters to life; unfortunately in this case we couldn't......they are dead ahmm.....Animalada Skeletoons* a.k.a Dead Cartoons.
  • Cascade SIGGRAPH Hosts Screening of the 2007 Electronic Theater in Portland. An Exclusive Reprise of the Best Computer Graphics Shorts from Around the World.
  • Pixelmator Team has announced the release of Pixelmator 1.0; its an new image editing software for Mac OS X, with a very small price tag.
  • Have a look at the Onesize new demo Reel for 2007.
  • Wednesday, September 26, 2007

    ColorCorrect for 3ds Max 9

    + ColorCorrect plugin for 3ds Max is now available for both 32 and 64 bit versions of 3ds Max 9. ColorCorrect is an free and handy 3ds Max plugin developed by "Cuneyt Ozdas" for tweaking texture (bitmap or procedural) colors with-in Max. It eliminates going back and forth between Photoshop and max and also lets artists to use the same map in different parts of the scene to reduces memory consumption. To give you full control all the parameters are mappable. You may also have a look on; another handy 3dsmax plugin by Cuneyt Ozdas called "QuickDirt" , which is used by many CGartists. QuickDirt is available up till Max 8, hopefully a new version will be released soon!

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    Ester-C "Psychiatrist" | Animated Spot

    + Richard Rosenman has recently directed a new awesome looking Animated spot ( Ester-C "Psychiatrist"), featuring two comedic Orange characters that were developed and created at Hatch Studios Ltd. for the branding of the new vitamin product. The character textures were created from real orange peel scans enhanced with displacement mapping and subtle glossy reflections. Stretchy arms, legs and bodies were incorporated into the IK in order to achieve exaggerated cartoon style squash and stretch animation.The spot was modeled with Silo & 3dsmax, animated with 3ds Max, lit and rendered with VRay 1.5 RC3, and composited with After Effects. The depth of field was created with DOF PRO.


    ZBornToy for After Effects | Tutorials

    + Some time back, we have
    mentioned about this great After Effect plugin,.. now few good Video tutorials are available for greater understanding of the plugin. ZBornToy is a Visual Effects and rendering plug-in for adobe After Effects with quite an immersive short rendering time. The ZbornToy has the ability to extract a maximum of information out of simple depth images and allows you to not only light and texture them, but to refract backgrounds, cast caustic reflection back onto the background and much more. Lighting in Zborn supports shadows and is kept within the plugin for maximum portability to other compositing packages that support after effects plugins.

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    Montreal-based visual effects and animation studio damnfx tag teams on Halo 3

    + damnfx is pleased to announce the completion of 20 minutes of cinematic animation for Halo 3, the third chapter in the immensely popular videogame franchise from acclaimed developer Bungie Studios. Halo 3’s release on September 25, 2007 is one of the most highly awaited entertainment events of the year. James McQuillan, lead producer at Bungie Studios, tapped damnfx to assemble a cinematic animation team capable of everything from subtle, character-driven performances to all-out action sequences, and tasked them with providing some of the character animations for Halo 3’s in-game cinematics. “We wanted damnfx to bring their attention to character detail to our cinematics, their ability to work shots from blocking to final polish and deliver renderable Maya scenes in a very tight production pipeline.” Once incorporated into Bungie’s game engine, these scenes are rendered on the fly by the Xbox 360 in high definition as players reach cinematic sequences.
    “Having recently worked on two large format stereoscopic films for IMAX theatres, it was refreshing to focus simply on delivering outstanding animation, while letting Bungie’s Halo 3 game engine worry about lighting, rendering and compositing the shots!” said damnfx executive producer Peter Skovsbo.
    CJ Cowan, Bungie’s cinematics director, worked closely with damnfx animation supervisor Emilio Ghorayeb to develop a standard of quality for all of the animation. “Bungie provided us with assets for each shot, from rigged and textured models to layouts for animation scenes, and provided clear reviews so we could maintain our level of quality and deliver on schedule,” said Ghorayeb.
    After an initial trip to Bungie Studios outside Seattle last January to mind-meld with Cowan, Ghorayeb and Skovsbo returned to Montreal to gear up for an intense six months of work. Autodesk Maya 3D software was used by a team of 25 animators whose previous projects included such films as The Lord of the Rings, Shrek, King Kong, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Transformers. “One amazing aspect of the Halo franchise is its ability to attract top-notch artists who normally work exclusively on films,” said damnfx producer Chris Capell, who oversaw the day-to-day running of the project. “It’s just that highly regarded as an entertainment franchise.” "It's been a true pleasure working with such talented animators. They took the layout we gave them and were able to add personality, character, and subtle detail that is really hard to find in most animation houses, and was exactly what I was looking for. I look forward to working with them again," added Cowan. Capell and Ghorayeb worked together to create a very specific pipeline that could distribute and manage all the various shots and sequences amongst animators working both in-house and remotely. “With today's technology, I was able to work with animators in locations such as Montréal, Québec City, Los Angeles, Seattle and New York, to name a few, and deliver on time.” said Ghorayeb.
    Reacting enthusiastically to the animation they saw from the damnfx team, Bungie brought Ghorayeb and a crack team of animators to Seattle near the end of production for some last minute fine-tuning and additional animation. “Being invited out for these last minute tweaks at Bungie was the icing on the cake. The animators knocked themselves out and it was tremendously rewarding to give them the opportunity of seeing Bungie from the inside, of collaborating with CJ and his team face to face. Halo 3 was a fantastic experience. Would I do it again? Most definitely,” added Ghorayeb.
    http://www.damnfx.com/ (UC)

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    GroMobile - Free 3D Desktop Gizmo player

    + Today Braid Art Labs LLP released GroMobile version 1.2. GroMobile is a Free 3D Desktop Gizmo player based on technologies originally developed for GroBoto (Braid's innovative 3D art and animation application). GroMobile's simple games, puzzles and kinetic sculptures can be placed anywhere on your desktop, and viewed from any angle. Real time "Prime-Definition" rendering make GroMobile Gizmos look right at home with the clean sophisticated graphics that are part of all modern operating systems and desktops.
    GroMobile Features:
    - Ultra high-quality "Prime-Definition" rendering
    - Real time high accuracy physicsReal time cast shadows
    - Scalable, position-able rotate-able, 3D scenes
    - Fully anti-aliased transparency masks
    - Game play with mouse and/or keyboard
    GroMobile is Freeware. Two versions available now from www.groboto.com.

    Friday, September 21, 2007

    Winners of NVIDIA Gelato® Imaging Contest Revealed

    + NVIDIA® has announced the winners of the NVIDIA Gelato® Image Contest, a competition in India encouraging artists and animators to push the boundaries of 3D, animation and rendering with NVIDIA Gelato film rendering software. Deepak Hargaonkar of Indore and Sandeep Jawalkar of Rhythm and Hues, Mumbai, are the first and second prize winners, respectively. Both will receive NVIDIA Quadro® professional graphics cards and Gelato Pro rendering software to integrate into their digital production pipelines. Members of the NVIDIA Digital Film Group selected the winning entries based on aesthetic value, how the images integrate into and accurately reflect the Indian culture, and the use of the advanced rendering features of Gelato software.
    “NVIDIA is very committed to furthering digital artistry in India’s flourishing professional graphics community,” said Laura Dohrmann, worldwide marketing director, Digital Film Group, NVIDIA. “The Gelato Imaging Contest is one of many projects currently underway at NVIDIA to help educate and enhance artistry in the digital art and film communities as part of our Digital Bollywood Initiative. We are very pleased with the results of the Gelato Imaging Contest and congratulate the winners on their impressive achievements.”
    Artists and designers living in India were encouraged to compete by submitting images that reflected and highlighted the distinct and unique culture, history, and traditions of India, which were rendered with NVIDIA Gelato film rendering software. 3D artists and animators can download a free Internet version of Gelato by visiting the NVIDIA Web site at www.nvidia.com/gelatozone.

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    Thursday, September 20, 2007


    + Avid Technology has announced SOFTIMAGE XSI 6.5 with new features and price tag. Avid says; Today, demand for compelling 3D character performances and rich, immersive 3D worlds has never been greater. SOFTIMAGEXSI 6.5 renews Softimage's legendary commitment to 3D artists and studios by giving you everything you need to keep pushing the boundaries of art and technology—all at a simply unbeatable value.
    Enhancements highlights to XSI 6.5 Essentials and Advanced include the following:
    - TransformUV Property for multi-UV editing
    - New interactive “Tight” layout for Unique UVs/PolyPack
    - Shaderball support for Hardware Renderers
    - Snapping tools work with Instances
    - New Drag and Drop event
    - New OnObjectAdded event
    - New OnObjectRemoved event
    - HDR image generation in RenderMap
    - Satellite Support for RenderMap
    - HDR color range for vertex colors
    - API to convert vertex colors from shorts to floats and vice-versa.

    ...and many more. XSI 6.5 Essentials now come with a price tag of $2995* (USMSRP) and XSI 6.5 XSI Advanced now available for $4995* (USMSRP), comes with 5 XSI Batch Licenses. XSI Essentials now includes XSI Hair & Fur and Syflex Cloth, the features previously available only in XSI Advanced. For more information and trial download, please visit softimage.com.

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    Wacom Intuos3 Special Edition

    + Wacom the leader in the world market for pen tablets, has introduced Intuos3 Special Edition on its 25th birthday. Founded in 1983, the name Wacom is synonymous with 25 years of continuous innovation in technology, design and ergonomics. The Intuos3 Special Edition is available in the popular sizes A5 Wide and A4, the Special Edition sets itself apart from the other Intuos3 models with its smart black finish and the enclosed Intuos Airbrush input device. The Intuos3 Special Edition’s innovative hardware and functionality is yet further confirmation of Wacom’s commitment of the last 25 years: That of being the leading brand for pen input for design and creative professionals.

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    NVIDIA Quadro FX 5600

    (Source - CNN)
    + Nvidia Quadro's Powerful GPU Architecture Enables Breakthrough Capabilities from Ultra-High- End 3D to Professional 2D Segments and its now Available Top-To-Bottom. Earlier this year, NVIDIA unveiled its record-setting NVIDIA Quadro(R) FX 5600 and Quadro FX 4600 professional graphics boards based on an industry-changing unified architecture that delivers high-performance processing, support for Shader Model 4.0, NVIDIA GPU computing, and other breakthrough features. Today, the company extended the family, with the launch of new mid-range and entry-level 2D and 3D Quadro boards for professionals in the CAD/CAM, computer Graphics, medical-imaging, digital video and financial sectors. The new Quadro professional graphics also redefine the price / performance dynamic for professional graphics-from the Quadro FX 370, available for the unprecedented entry price of $129 MSRP to the Quadro FX 1700, with an MSRP of $699. These new boards have the capabilities required to visualize the latest generation of complex 2D, video and 3D content. Now there is a Quadro solution for many types of users, projects and budgets.
    Check full Press Release

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    REALVIZ to Showcase Movimento & HDR Imaging Studio at TIFFCOM 2007 in Tokyo

    + REALVIZ®, a leader in image processing software development, will be showcasing their latest technological advancements at this year's TIFFCOM show, which takes place in Tokyo, Japan from 21.-25. October 2007. The Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) has been held annually since 1985 with the official endorsement of the International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF). This year will mark the event's 20th anniversary. At TIFFCOM 2007, the REALVIZ team will be demonstrating the REALVIZ HDR Imaging Studio, unveiled in June 2007, as well as REALVIZ Movimento, a state-of-the-art video-based motion capture solution, and a new Japanese (Mac®) version of their award-winning panorama software, Stitcher Unlimited 5.6, launched in August of this year.

    REALVIZ Movimento is a video-based motion capture solution, 'Powered bySMART', REALVIZ' powerful automatic 3D tracking engine. Movimento offers the unique capability to capture the motion of any non-rigid object (humans,animals) in post-production, from synchronized image sequences with total flexibility. REALVIZ HDR Imaging Studio, combines Stitcher 5.6, VTour 1.2 HDR and Photomatix Pro, and is the only software bundle available today for the creation of HDR environments for virtual reality, industrial design, special effects and video game applications, starting from digital snapshots and panoramas.
    Demonstrations of REALVIZ Movimento, connected to a 4 CCD camera capture system, Stitcher Unlimited 5.6, and the REALVIZ HDR Imaging Studio will take place at the TIFFCOM Exhibition (REALVIZ booth 121) October 21.-25. 2007. For further details on the REALVIZ HDR Imaging Studio, Movimento and Stitcher Unlimited 5.6, visit: www.realviz.com


    Tuesday, September 18, 2007

    Autodesk First FLAME

    + Autodesk Romanticize with Flame® users; has recently launched a new website named "MyFirstFlame.com" for Autodesk® Flame® user community. The new website is showcasing work of Flame users, and also offers various handy tutorials for visual effects artists including Flame Master Classes from NAB 2007. Using the website, user can also participate in future development of the software, by signing in for beta testing. Autodesk is making many initiative to connect with their software users and provide better support to their software user community. Last year Autodesk has also launched a Community for Engineering and Design students as well as the well known portal for CG Artists named "AREA". So guys, Do you ever had a Flame?

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    RealFlow4 selected for Academy Awards consideration

    + The Scientific and Technical Awards Committee of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced the final 15 scientific and technical achievements that have been selected for further Academy Awards consideration. Next Limit Technologies is delighted to see that RealFlow4 is amongst the competing candidates. After extensive investigation of the selected entries, the Awards Committee will meet in early December to vote on recommendations to the Board of Governors, which will make the final awards decisions. RealFlow is the leading fluid and dynamics simulations software on the market, and has been used in numerous feature films and TV series such as The Guardian, Poseidon, 300 and Rome.

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    Pixar to Attend SAND 2007

    + The eyes of the world will be on Wales this November as the international SAND (Swansea Animation Days) conference returns, with a promise of more high calibre speakers and delegates from the world of animation and Computer Graphic Imagery (CGI). Among the Speakers, Pixar Animation is the first big name company to have confirmed their attendance at the SAND (Swansea Animation Days) conference later this year. SAND is organised by Swansea Institute’s School of Digital Media and is supported by its principal sponsor, the Welsh Assembly Government. It will take place at the Taliesin Arts Centre, Swansea from 26th until 30th November.
    Pixar Animation Studios is an Academy Award-winning computer animation studio. In partnership with Walt Disney Pictures, Pixar have created and produced films such as Toy Story, A Bug's Life, Toy Story 2, Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, The Incredibles and Cars. Speaking to delegates on Friday 30th November, SAND Film day will be Pixar’s Apurva Shah. Apurva brings a wealth of expertise in 3D visual effects and animation to his role of effects supervisor.

    Apurva joined Pixar in 2001 to lead a team of effects animators to create a variety of shot sequences on the Academy Award-winning film Finding Nemo. Most recently he was an effects supervisor on Disney-Pixar’s newest release Ratatouille, which is due in UK cinema’s from October.There will be a special screening of Ratatouille at the Taliesin Arts Centre during SAND, on Friday 30th November at 7:30pm. Prior to Pixar, Apurva held a variety of key positions in the animation and effects industries. At PDI/DreamWorks, he was a sequence supervisor on Shrek and an effects lead on the studio’s first animated feature, Antz, while creating visual effects shots on the live action films Batman Forever, The Arrival, and Broken Arrow. Apurva is as active in the world of teaching digital effects as he is at putting them into practice. He was a faculty member at the Art Institute and the Academy of Art College in San Francisco and Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida where he taught classes in Visual Effects and Motion Capture. For more details of SAND 2007, visit www.sand.org.uk


    123D Launch New 3D Model Collection

    + Just got a word from Anthony (Admin. The123d.com), about the release of their latest 3D models Collection - The Gym Equipment Kit. This is a collection of high quality accurately detailed 3D models to add richness to your sports, gym and excercise visualisation projects! This indespensable model collection delivers you the highest quality 3D models in multiple file formats, including vray scene with lighting setup. All objects are also supplied as individual .max scanline versions, plus other formats including .3ds / .max Vray / .obj / .lwo. Bonus Files include high resolution seemless floor texture map & high res wall texture, plus the interior scene model as seen in the previews.


    Friday, September 14, 2007

    3ds Max 2008 Foundation

    + The 3ds Max 2008 Foundation book is on it's way to bookshelf’s in world-wide book stores. The comprehensive book for learning the latest version of 3ds Max is published by Elsevier and Imprinted by Focal Press. Learning 3ds Max 2008 Foundation by Elsevier will expected to be released in mid of November and will cater Computer graphic (CG) artists including 3d animators, motion graphics artists, and broadcast designers, game designers, compositors and visual effects artists working on video and film-based production houses.

    The 3ds Max 2008 Foundation Book will cover topics such as modeling, animation, materials & mapping, rendering. Additional bonus lessons will include 3D compositing and importing from AutoCAD. The book will ship along with DVD, which includes instructor led videos, support files and movies as well as interviews with contributing artists and FREE 3d models from Turbo Squid worth US $100. The publisher's boast; The Foundation book will be a huge step forward for us, in both packaging and content. Autodesk will be contributing assets (models and images) from high-profile studios. The DVD will also include original interviews with the different studios who contributed their work to the book, as well as instructor led videos, support files and movies. You may pre-order the book at a price of $49.95, by following the link specified below.
    Learning 3ds Max 2008

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    MetalMan Project | illustrations

    + From the imagination of 5th grade young one, too a full grown project; MetalMan is quite an interesting project (some what like Richard Rosenman 'CG Sphere project') created by New York based illustrator Joseph lucchese; where other Graphic artists can submit there interpretation of Metal Man in the form of digital art on the same lines of Joe’s character 'Metal Man', which he drawn some 20 years back. Now illustrator Joseph lucchese is coming up with version 2 of the Metal Man Project some time in near future. Have a Look!!
    MetalMan Project


    The Foundry preview Nuke 5 at IBC 2007

    + Leading visual effects software developer The Foundry is delighted to announce that it will be offering visitors to IBC 2007 a sneak preview of the next major release of its powerful compositing application, Nuke. Visitors to booth 7.528 will be able to catch a glimpse of the eagerly awaited Nuke 5, which will include improvements to the user interface, the addition of Python for scripting, and support for stereoscopic workflow.
    Since taking on the development of Nuke The Foundry’s goal has been to remain true to the original concept of developing a comprehensive compositing solution that is ‘designed by artists for artists’. With user requirements as the driver, The Foundry has concentrated on enriching and refining the product, building on its already strong foundations and focussing development efforts on areas that required renovation. Nuke 5 is the first major step towards this goal.

    Available on Linux, Windows, and Mac platforms Nuke delivers unparalleled speed, an extensible 64-channel architecture, and powerful feature set unrivalled in the desktop market. Nuke 5 will be available towards the end of the year.
    The Foundry will be demonstrating Furnace 4 for Shake, Furnace 4 for Nuke, Nuke 4.7 along with technology demonstrations of version 5, an alpha demo of Furnace 4 for Fusion and Furnace 3 for Autodesk's Systems Products on booth 7.528 at IBC 2007.

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    Design Sketching

    + No Matter how much Technology in Computer Graphics will evolve, No matter how much robust 3d rendering software will become in days to come, If you know sketching - you certainly have an edge! IF you believe what I just have said is True; than you may find this Sketching technique book quite interesting and useful in improving your basic sketching skills. The authors (Erik and Klara) boast, this innovative new sketch technique book has become a highly regarded resource for designers, students and Universities throughout the world. Instead of taking traditional theoretical approach, the authors aims to teach and inspire by displaying a broad collection of sketches encompassing the entire design process. All you budding digital artists must have a look (online preview of book).
    Design Sketching techniques


    The Foundry sneak preview Furnace 4 for Fusion and Released Furnace 4 for Nuke

    + Leading visual effects software developer The Foundry has announced that it will be giving IBC 2007 visitors a sneak preview of its Furnace 4 plug-ins for eyeon Software’s Fusion. The soon to be released toolset will be brand new to Fusion artists, giving them access to a host of advanced image processing tools that will enhance workflow and boost productivity in digital visual effects post production.
    The Foundry has also announced the release of its Furnace 4 for Nuke plug-ins. The new OFX Furnace 4 for Nuke toolset features 36 advanced image processing tools designed to ease the routine processes involved with the creation of digital visual effects. Since March 2007, when the development of the Nuke compositing application moved over to The Foundry, there have been a number of advances and improvements to Nuke, and the addition of its popular Furnace toolset is sure to be a welcome announcement for the growing Nuke community.


    Tuesday, September 11, 2007

    Modo 301 Available World-Wide

    + Luxology® LLC today announced the immediate availability of modo® 301, the newest version of its award-winning, artist-friendly 3D content creation software. Available for both Mac OSX and Windows, modo 301 is a milestone release that features new sculpting and item animation, as well as extensive improvements to its modeling, painting and rendering toolsets. modo 301 combines a powerful, real-time subdivision surface modeling engine with an artist-focused set of tools that harness sculpting, painting and rendering technologies to speed the creation of world class 3D content. modo is now time-enabled, encouraging designers and artists to explore an unprecedented range of content creation alternatives as well as produce finished animation sequences from within modo or via motion................more about modo 301!!


    Toon Boom Studio 4

    + Toon Boom Animation Inc. has released Toon Boom Studio 4, a major new version of its 2d animation software for Windows and Mac OS X. The New version of Toon Boom is available at a special Launch price of $329.99 US (Promo code: TBS091307), until 13Th September. ToonBoom Animation Inc. says; With each release, Toon Boom Studio is injected with new advanced features that help users make the most of their talents and their time.

    Feature highlights include:
    - New User Interface offers unparalleled flexibility and increased ease-of-use.
    - Photo Animation Made Easy to animate bitmap images like any other vector drawing.
    - Extended Line Styles to create a multitude of line styles including calligraphy.
    - Feather Edges to create vector blur or glow effects.
    - More Peg Functionalities to easily create improved motion effects.
    - Advanced Web Publishing Options for seamless playback on the Internet.
    - Over 30 new features and improvements, including support of Adobe Illustrator layers, the Vectorized Preview window, improved drawing tools, Alpha Onion Skinning and support of Tablet PC OS (for Windows XP and Vista). For full features list and more information about Toon Boom Studio 4, Please visit Toon Boom at www.toonboom.com.


    Friday, September 07, 2007

    3D Brush

    + A new version of 3D Brush is available for download. The 3D Brush is an 3d application for detailing and texturing the object already shaped in other 3D packages. You can work on detailing level equal to 3 to 5 millions of polygons. Operating speed of editing and viewing objects has grown bigger because of using a map of normals instead of geometrical splitting. It is well-known that it is easy to shape the object – it takes several hours. But detailing and texturing is long process taking 3 to 10 times more time then modeling a draft itself. 3D Brush is made to make this part of technological process faster. The program contains options for sculptural modeling so that change of shape could also be possible, but the main function is detailing.

    >> Download 3D Brush trial

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    Dr. Brown's Photoshop Laboratory

    + xTrain.com, the leader in on-line video training for media, arts, and design, is pleased to partner with Russell Brown, Adobe Photoshop expert, to create the training series Dr. Brown's Photoshop Laboratory. Russell Preston Brown, Senior Creative Director at Adobe Systems Inc., holds a unique position in the computer industry. With complete mastery and breath taking style, Brown shows users how to work - and play - with Adobe software. He has given the world's leading photographers, publishers, art directors, and artists a strong grasp of the software tools that, by virtually all accounts, have led to Adobe's applications becoming the standard by which others are measured. Brown, a Photoshop Hall of Fame Winner, states "xTrain is the future of online training."
    "Russell Brown and xTrain have created the perfect combination of entertainment and solid instruction to master key features in Photoshop CS3 without the boredom of typical online video training," comments Jeremy Vest, xTrain president.
    With the philosophy, "Learning about Adobe Photoshop should never be boring," Russell and xTrain have created exciting learning tools on topics such as 3D Experiments and Black and White Experiments. During these training sessions you will discover how to import 3dimensional vector art then adjust size, tinker with lighting effects, and manipulate tiny, unsuspecting vectors with your bare hands! Additionally, you will learn to transform your images into black and white, and explore more than a dozen ways to convert images into handsome black and white. For more information about xTrain, please visit

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    3DM Reviews: 3Dconnexion's Space Navigator

    + 3dm has published a review about 3Dconnexion's Space Navigator; a 3D navigation device designed to offer intuitive and powerful 3D navigation control for users of 3D applications. SpaceNavigator uses six optical sensors to continuously communicate multiple threads of navigation data to 3D applications. 3D Designers and enthusiasts will experience responsive control of three-dimensional objects and environments without the repeated steps and tiresome commands required to navigate with a keyboard and mouse. SpaceNavigator is compatible with all of today's most popular 3D design applications...........Read more!!


    Phoenix Technologies Launches new VZSuit, VZGlove & SWMarkers at SIGGRAPH 2007

    + PhoeniX Technologies Incorporated (PTI) recently showcased a lineup of new accessories for its next generation VisualeyezTM II VZ4000 Active Optical Real-Time 3D Motion Capture system to a huge audience at SIGGRAPH 2007.
    New VZSuit - redesigned with new features that will ultimately reduce operating costs for users. This is a two-piece stretchable Lycra motion capture suit that is completely Velcro-compatible (except for the armpit areas). This suit is very easy to wear and allows for free unrestricted acting motions. The VZSuit is designed for quick and easy arrangement of the LED markers for optimal capture performance.

    New VZGlove - released for users looking for very precise and intricate motion capture of the fingers. Made with stretchable Velcro-compatible fabric on the back side and mesh material on the palm side for sensitive touch, this glove set allows tiny Velcro based markers to be easily attached anywhere in order to minimize occlusion and allow the highly complex finger motions to be captured.
    New SWMarkers (Semi-Wireless Markers) - a new marker system to bridge the gap between wired and completely wireless SIMarkers. One wire-pair can power up to ten SWMarkers, and three wire-pairs can be powered by a single battery pack – making the SWMarker system almost wireless at a very attractive price. The markers can also be re-positioned along the wire-pair to facilitate attachment on a capture subject.
    These new accessories have been unveiled to help animation companies conveniently streamline their mocap sessions and lower their operating costs. They have received excellent reviews from animators who were able to witness these product innovations up close at SIGGRAPH 2007 and should be welcomed by many animation companies. For more information on PhoeniX Technologies and the VisualeyezTM II VZ4000 motion capture system, Please visit www.ptiphoenix.com.


    Thursday, September 06, 2007

    Autodesk Lustre 2008

    + Autodesk, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADSK) today announced the Autodesk Lustre 2008 digital color grading system. The Autodesk® Lustre® color-grading system is a premier high-performance solution for interactive film or HDTV grading and look creation. It provides high-quality, real-time color-grading capabilities for modern data-centric workflows. Designed to combine the best in performance and creative tools with advanced configurability, Lustre can be adapted to the most demanding facility workflows. Lustre has shaped colors and lighting in hundreds of feature films, trailers and TV shows, including Balls of Fury, El Cantante, Children of Men, Babel, King Kong, Cane, Pushing Daisies and Swingtown. Lustre 2008 will be showcased at Autodesk stand #7-420 during the International Broadcasters Convention 2007, held in Amsterdam's RAI Convention Center, September 7-11.
    Autodesk anticipates that Lustre 2008 will be available in autumn 2007 forthe Microsoft Windows operating system. For further information, and a complete list of new features and enhancements in Autodesk Lustre 2008,visit http://www.autodesk.com/lustre.


    New Modo 301 Sculpting Videos Available on Luxology TV

    + At last month’s SIGGRAPH Luxology previewed modo 301, and claimed that the new version would redefine what modeling is all about -- in part by integrating sculpting into a "traditional" modeling environment. Luxology also introduced www.Luxology.tv, the company’s searchable downloadable video site, where some amazing new sculpting videos from a modo 301 beta user have just been made available.


    Autodesk Launches New Versions of Visual Effects and Finishing Systems for High-Value Content Creators

    + Autodesk, Inc.(NASDAQ: ADSK) today announced the 2008 releases of the Autodesk Inferno, Autodesk Flame and Autodesk Flint visual effects systems, as well as the Autodesk Fire and Autodesk Smoke editing/finishing systems. These new releases are offered on Linux-based PCs, making Autodesk's visual effects andediting/finishing products more accessible to both high-end and mid-range markets. The new releases deliver open file systems, allowing for improved interoperability with third-party applications, as well as 100 percent clip compatibility across the Autodesk visual effects and editing/finishing pipeline.
    Highlights of Visual Effects and Editing/Finishing Systems New toolsets & workflow improvements:
    -- New standard file system support improves facility workflow, allowing systems and third-party applications to instantly share clips without the need for media duplication, and to work with media natively off a SAN or NAS storage device.
    -- Enhanced concurrent workflows between visual effects, editing and grading are now possible due to metadata handling and Infiniband networking improvements.
    -- OpenEXR software support and enhanced Autodesk FBX software support create powerful interoperability between Flame and Autodesk Maya software. The visual effects products can now import NURBS objects and artists have the ability to match their compositions with the 3D department by exporting camera data, as well as axis positions and 3D point clouds.
    -- 100 percent compatibility between Flame and Smoke setups and clips enables round-tripping of clips and metadata between visual effects and finishing product lines.
    -- New multi-layer timeline and audio tools in Flame, Flint, and Inferno improve flexibility and interoperability with Smoke and Fire.
    -- Redesigned 16:9 user interfaces put more tools at artists' fingertips.
    -- New Smoke and Flame user interfaces allow a more intuitive switch from one application to the other.
    -- On-screen tool tips have been added to enhance the user experience.
    -- Enhanced DVE 3D compositing environment in Fire and Smoke delivers more visual effects power and a look and feel that makes it easier for artists to switch back and forth between Smoke and Flame. New Expressions toolset eliminates manual keyframing techniques, allowing artists to quickly create animations. Autodesk anticipates that its 2008 releases of Inferno, Flame, Flint, Fireand Smoke will be available in autumn 2007. New 2008 systems will ship on HP9400 workstations running the Linux operating system. For a complete list of new features and enhancementsin the 2008 versions of Autodesk Inferno, Autodesk Flame, Autodesk Flint,Autodesk Fire, and Autodesk Smoke, visit: http://www.autodesk.com/me.

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    Sunday, September 02, 2007

    OFFF NYC - Motion Graphics Festival

    + OFFF starts out as an Online Film Festival. Now after seven years since its inauguration the globally recognised OFFF Festival arrives to New York City, direct from trendsetting, culturally quenching Barcelona. What better city to export this festival to than the epicentre of digital activity - New York City.
    OFFF has consolidated its position as one of the European events of reference for cutting edge software art and digital design. This November, over three days at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center, top digital artists will be showcased, as well as web, print and interactive designers, motion graphic studios, and adventurous new music.
    Announcing the packed programme from Barcelona, Festival Director Hector Ayuso Ros highlighted the distinctive atmosphere that OFFF creates, "It is more than a design conference, a multimedia tradefair, and a digital animation festival – OFFF is three days for artists to play, work, enjoy and experiment. What makes OFFF so uniqueis that they do all of this with an audience. "The inaugural event will be showcasing; advertising firm Goodby, Silverstein & Partners - recently winning the highly prized accountfor Sprint - Hi-Res!, Hilman Curtis, Joshua Davis, Motion Theory, and Neville Brody. Other design specialists such as Buck, who worked on the graphics for Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth, will be presenting.
    World class motion graphic designers including Psyop, Belief, TronicStudio, Stardust and the renowned Simon Robson, from the documentary Taking Liberties will also be displaying their talents over the three day festival, and in the words of Robson, "we'll be showing how motion graphics can be used to persuade and influence people to do things other than buy new shoes or cars. "A wide range of special events takes place simultaneously within the gathering. Over 50 conferences; performances; exhibitions; screenings of animation (motion graphics, micro-films, title sequences);interactive installations; collectives and artists fair market;social/networking chill-out areas; inspiring parties; and much more. This is cutting-edge contemporary visual culture.Three full days and nights of buzzing digital media creation will be showcased starting Friday November 2nd through to Sunday November 4th 2007, at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center, New York City. For more information, please visit http://www.offf.ws/nyc/.

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    AndyRig v1.4 For Maya

    + A new version of John Doublestein's AndyRig is available for free download. AndyRig is an free generic character animation rig made for SCAD students and Alias Maya - created with JTDRiggingTools. AndyRig can be used for both female and male character setups. The Version 1.4 is now compatible with Maya 8.5 and Skin Shader with specular maps is now compatible with Maya software rendering. If you like, you may also download JTDRiggingTools, an free modular Biped auto-rigging suite designed for students, which Features: Elbow/knee pinning, IK/FK matching, dynamic parenting, stretchy and bendable limbs, stable forearm twisting and more.


    Claire McMahon illustrations

    + After PunkyChicken, let have a look at the illustrations by another female Graphic designer and illustrator Claire McMahon. While her illustration style have quite a variety but most of her personal work have "female" as subject. Her illustrations has been featured in many online/offline graphics magazines such as in Computer Arts, The cool hunter and The urban collective etc. Have a look guys.........Lo^ok here!!



    + Crosswalk is a Softimage initiative to help transfer XSI content in and out of 3ds Max® and Maya® pipelines using the latest dotXSI, COLLADA, and FBX standards.
    The Crosswalk components in XSI 6 have now been packaged as a standalone setup, complete with an installer that can automatically detect existing installations of 3ds Max®, Maya®, and XSI, and install the appropriate plugins.The Crosswalk downloads contain updated Crosswalk software, featuring several bug fixes, as well as updated documentation in the Crosswalk guide, and updated Crosswalk examples.

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    DX Studio 2.1

    + Just got a word from Bob Sterling (Worldweaver Ltd.), about the release of the new version of their 3D engine and editing suite, DX Studio. Version 2.1 has been visually enhanced with a new “black” interface to match the latest Vista look and feel. Compatibility has been extended with the ability to import FBX models, which can be exported from a range of modellers including Maya and Lightwave. Other additions include a new automated 3D sound system, image based buttons that can be added without the need for script, new drop-down lists and the ability to use your own normal maps. Licenses are available in both freeware (with basic features) and standard editions (from £50) and can be downloaded from the website at

    ADAPT 2007

    + Today, the //ADAPT Conference is thrilled to announce the complete program for the //ADAPT 2007 Conference. Taking place at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Montreal from September 24th to September 28th, 2007, an estimated 2500 people from around the world are expected at the industry's second annual creative event, focused on inspiring and teaching advanced digital art production techniques for film, visual effects and videogame development. The program includes over 40 digital art masters, an Art Expo, a Theatre, a Job Fair and much more.
    The //ADAPT 2007 Conference will feature an array of digital art programs hosted by speakers who have worked on the biggest games and films of our time. Starting Monday, September 24th, 2007 attendees will be able to kick-off the //ADAPT 2007 Conference by attending the Keynote address by Phil Tippett of Tippett Studio. Phil has received 2 Academy Awards (Oscar©) and a total of five nominations and has contributed to nearly 40 high-profile films, including the original Star Wars Trilogy, Robocop, Jurassic Park and Starship Troopers among others, working alongside famous directors such as George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.
    The 2D Masters Program, designed to teach advanced concept art and digital painting techniques used in feature film and video-game development, will feature a total of six presentations by speakers such as the legendary Syd Mead (Tron, Blade Runner, Aliens, Mission Impossible III), Ryan Church (Star Wars Episode II, III, War of the Worlds) and Andrew Jones (Zathura: A Space Adventure, Superman Returns).
    The 3D Masters Program, designed to teach a variety of advanced modeling, animation and rendering techniques for feature film and video-game development, will feature a total of six lectures including Fausto De Martini from Blizzard (World of Warcraft, Starcraft 2), Andy Schmidt (Finding Nemo, Monsters, Inc.) from Pixar and Shawn Kelly and Carlos Baena from AnimationMentor.com, who’s combined credits include Star Wars: Episode I, II, III, War of the Worlds, Hulk, Men in Black II, The Incredibles and Cars.For students and aspiring artists, the Exploration program, designed to teach a variety of 2D and 3D techniques will feature a total of 12 presentations by speakers such as Jordu Schell (Alien: Resurrection, The X Files, Scary Movie 3), David Parish from Texas-based Reel FX (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers, The Perfect Storm, Galaxy Quest, Star Wars Episode I:The Phantom Menace) and Meinert Hansen (300, Myst IV, The Secret Adventures of Jules Vernes, Stay and Stranger than Fiction).
    The 2D/ 3D Plus Program, designed as a supplemental program and accessible to all attendees, will feature a variety of lectures by local and international digital artists specialized in many fields related to 2D and 3D production. Presenters include Academy Award Ed Jones (Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Terminator 2: Judgment Day), Chris Williams (Star Wars Obi-Wan, Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds, Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds: Clone Campaigns, Star Wars Republic Commando and Star Wars: Empire at War) and Marc Bourbonnais (300, Sin City, Snakes on a Plane, the Spy Kids Trilogy).
    A complete detailed list of the 40 + speakers is available on www.adaptmontreal.com/a2007. In addition, starting Monday night, September 24th, social activities and additional art driven activities surrounding the conference will allow for many networking opportunities. The first ever //ADAPT Art Expo presented by Corel will be open to all attendees and the general public. The //ADAPT Theater will feature some outstanding animations, visual effects and a variety of short format films.