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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sapphire Plugins Version 2 for After Effects

+ GenArts, Inc., a leading provider of visual effects plugins for the film, broadcast and video industries, today announced the immediate availability of Sapphire Plug-ins version 2 for After Effects and compatible products including Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Autodesk Combustion, and Eyeon Fusion. The new release features over 30 new effects, plus many new parameters and improvements to existing effects in the package.
For over a decade, GenArts Sapphire Plug-ins have set the standard for sophisticated, organic visual effects which natively integrate with leading editing and compositing systems. Version 2 contains all of the visual effects and features that have established Sapphire Plug-ins as an indispensable part of the digital artist’s toolkit – and introduces more than 30 new and innovative effects. FilmDamage, ZDefocus, Cartoon, BleachBypass, GradientMulti, SwishPan, Light3D, Deband, and TextureNeurons are a few of the new plug-ins in the collection of over 200 image processing and synthesis effects. Many new effects were designed to improve users’ workflow while others offer easy ways to create eye-catching visuals, such as FilmDamage – which simulates aged film by adding scratches, dust, stains, grain, shake and flicker. Enhancements to existing effects in the package include a revamped RackDefocus, 4 new Glares and 14 new LensFlares.
“GenArts has the highest quality plug-ins you can find. I love the new effects in Sapphire 2 such as WarpMagnify, SwishPan and DissolveGlow, and I expect to use Vignette every day,” comments Jack Tunnicliffe, Senior Effects Artist at Java Post Production. “The LensFlare additions are also fabulous.”
Sapphire 2 includes support for the latest versions of all After Effects and compatible host applications including Adobe CS3 and the “Smart FX” API which provides more efficient processing and support for 32bit image formats. All platforms running v2 will have improved rendering speed.
“We are thrilled with this new release. After Effects, Final Cut Pro and the other compatible products have become integral parts of our high-end users’ workflow as we see more and more clients working on multiple host platforms. Version 2 further extends their creative capabilities with many innovative effects and additional functionality,” says Anish Dhanda, Managing Director of GenArts.
Key New Features of Sapphire Plug-ins 2 for After Effects and Compatible Products:
- FilmDamage simulates aged film by adding scratches, dust, stains, grain, shake, flicker, etc.

- ZDefocus defocuses areas of the source clip by different amounts using depth values from a z-buffer input.
- Cartoon gives cartoon-like looks with exaggerated edges and flat areas of color.
- Light3D performs 3D relighting of a clip using an input clip describing the surface normals.
- Vignette darkens the outer edges of a clip with various shape options.
- BleachBypass generates a stylized version of the source clip by simulating a bleach bypass process.
- Other new effects include: BlurDirectional, CartoonPaint, Posterize, Deband, DogVision, TileScramble, WarpMagnify, WarpCornerPin, GradientMulti, Shape, TextureTiles, TextureNeurons, TextureLoops, TextureFlux, SwishPan, DissolveGlow, DissolveFilm, FeedbackDistort, Convolve, ConvolveComp, ZConvolve, ZGlow, TriTone, QuadTone, Invert, ShowBadColors and ChannelSwitcher. LensFlare has 14 new flare types, new parameters to adjust the look of the flares and an optional Matte input which allows selective blocking or colorizing of flares.
- LensFlareAutoTrack can track and render flares at multiple hotspots.
- RackDefocus has new shape options and improved performance.
- Glare includes 4 new glare types and improved performance.
- Adobe’s “Smart FX” API is supported for AE7 and CS3 with more efficient processing and reading of 32bit image formats.
- Windows Vista and Mac OS X Leopard are supported.
Sapphire Plug-ins version 2 for After Effects and compatible products can be purchased directly from GenArts or through their worldwide channel of authorized resellers. Pricing for Sapphire 2 is $1699 for the entire package or $599 for one of four individual box sets. Special upgrade pricing for existing v1 customers is offered for $599 and $199, respectively. A free trial of the software is available online at www.genarts.com.

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Introducing CrazyBump*

+ CrazyBump is a handy standalone application under development by Ryan Clark. CrazyBump can be used for generating Displacement bump maps, Normal and fake occlusion maps from a 2d image (source texture). The application is in beta stages and available for free download.
>> Download CrazyBump


Graphis Poster Annual 08

+ Call for entries for Graphis Poster Annual 2008 has been announced, which celebrates the year’s finest poster designs internationally. Selected from an international pool of entries, these award-winning images demonstrate the potency of the poster medium. Deadline for submitting entries is December 3, 2007.



+ N-Sided has Released Version 2.0 Of its 3D Character Modeling Software QUIDAM and it will be made available world-wide in first week of November. N-Sided boast; Already greeted for its speed, its very intuitive interface and its productivity, QUIDAM is unique in merging various anatomical elements into one seamless model. A single Base (Model Pack) of QUIDAM can generate billions of different 3d characters! Moreover, QUIDAM offers artists a full set of advanced tools for sculpting and retouching creations to the last detail. QUIDAM is the only software that exports multi-resolution 3D characters, entirely textured and ready to be animated into any 3D animation software. This brand new version 2.0 of QUIDAM will delight all the digital sculpture fans :

- A real-time 3D Painting palette offers a wide variety of creative tools to paint directly on the volume colors, textures, transparency, relief…..as if you were painting on a canvas.
- A brand new very fast Ray
- Tracing rendering engine for photorealistic results.
- Automatic Skinning, Smooth Weight, predefined Skeleton Catalogue…professionals and advanced hobbyists will enjoy using this new module thatdramatically eases the tedious task of “Setting up” the character for animation..and many more new features to discover!


Monday, October 29, 2007

Strata 3D CX™ 5.5

+ Strata, has released version 5.5 of Strata 3D CX. All the features of Design 3D[in] that you've seen so far are now completely within Strata 3D CX 5.5. Beside including Strata’s 3D[in] technology and the latest version 5.5 provides an unrivaled workflow for designers, illustrators and 3D professionals that are also using Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended.
“We’re happy to see support for 3D workflows in Photoshop CS3 Extended from valued ecosystem partners likeStrata,” said Kevin Connor, Senior Director of Product Management, Professional Digital Imaging, Adobe. “Strata 3D along with Photoshop CS3 Extended means “Creatives" can take full advantage of the power of the Photoshop image editing toolset and paint engine for editing 3D and motion based content.”
This Strata 3D CX upgrade adds several powerful “connect to Photoshop” features as well as other important enhancements to the venerable 3D application. Working in concert with these new Strata 3D CX features, the upgrade also includes six new plug-in capabilities for Photoshop CS3 Extended for connecting to Strata 3D CX5.5. 3D designers using Strata 3D CX v5.5 can easily model new objects or modify existing objects with a wide array of professional modeling tools such as Subdivision Surface modeling, Booleans, Align to Path, and Deformation. They can send 3D content directly into Photoshop CS3 Extended and match the perspective of Photoshop images. Users can also compose final scenes, set up sophisticated lighting using High Dynamic Range images, and generate soft shadows, reflected light, refractive materials and more. Among the plug-in capabilities included for Photoshop CS3 are the new “Texture Maker” plug-ins. These two new commands make it easy to create fully linked textures. Users can develop complex, multi-layered surface textures in Photoshop that are linked to their Strata 3D CX projects. When the user makes a change in Photoshop their Strata 3D projects automatically update. This timesaving feature makes it easy to work with multiple client requests - or just to enhance the workflow of personal creative iterations. “Rarely have there been two design applications from different companies that work together so seamlessly,”states Ken Bringhurst, Strata’s President. “This powerful new workflow between Strata 3D CX and Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended is already being called ‘truly inspired’ by the press and industry insiders. This upgrade reinforces Strata’s position as the best 3D solution for the design and illustration market.”
For more information about Strata 3D CX v5.5 and the rest of Strata’s products, visit strata.com. For detailed video tutorials showing how Strata and Photoshop can be used in real-world situations, visit www.3dlayer.com. Tutorials presented by both Dave Cross and Colin Smith are among those available.

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ColorEdge, Glue and Clone - Free MAX Plugins

+ ColorEdge, Glue and Clone are free 3ds Max Plugins by itoo Software; an Autodesk’s authorized plugin developer and maker of Forest Pack, commercially available 3ds max plugin. All three Plugins packs include versions for 3D Studio Viz 4/2005/2006/2007/2008 and Max v4 to v9 (32bit & 64bit), including the recently released 3ds Max 2008.
Glue: Another handy plugin used for placing object over any surface. Glue aligns the pivot point of a objects selection over surface other object. For example, it's useful to place trees over a mountain. Also may conforms a spline to follow the surface.
Clone: Clone is a modifier which can be used to create copies of an object. It is similar to the Array tool in 3DS Max, except that; it is parametric. The plugin parameters also allows the user to apply random materials in a defined range (using sub-materials).
ColorEdge: ColorEdge is a procedural texture which changes the color along the VISIBLE edge faces of an object, allowing you to define color gradients and add noise effects. To define the visibility of the edges, you can apply a Edit Mesh modifier to the object, change to the Edge sub-object level and use the Surface Properties tools.

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Autodesk 3ds Max 2008 Review

+ After a very interesting review by Ryan Lesser of vfxworld, the cgchannel has also put together an comprehensive review of Autodesk's 3ds Max 2008 by Willi Hammes. Snippet; "Autodesk 3ds Max 2008 is the latest release of the popular 3d program used in all areas of the entertainment industry. 3ds Max, technically now version 10, adds a lot of speed improvements and useful features, providing more flexibility and performance. With today’s productions demanding shorter schedules but still quality work, this version addresses workflow issues and slow interaction with complex scenes to help meet these goals. It’s out of..."


Replica Technology releases 4 new 3D Object Libraries for LightWave 3D

+ (Buffalo, New York) Press, - Replica Technology has opened up their new Replica 3D Virtual Fitness Center, featuring 4 new collections of Fitness Models for LightWave 3D. Designed to easily and quickly add many kinds of Fitness and Exercise Models to your 3D scenes and renders. Each 3d model is hand-crafted, real-world scaled, textured and already set up for animation. Just "Plug-and-Play"! Replica Technology is based in North Collins, NY, a quiet suburb of the city of Buffalo, about a 1 hour drive from scenic Niagara Falls. Replica Technology manufactures and designs 3D Models and 3D Object Libraries for popular 3D applications such as Newtek's award-winning LightWave 3D.
>> more information

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Introducing LuxRender - Free Unbiased 3D Rendering Engine

+ LuxRender is a open source physically correct, unbiased rendering engine developed on the basis of PBRT; an outstanding research project and book by Matt Pharr and Greg Humphreys. LuxRender is totaly Physically Based Render; which means, unlike other popular 3D rendering systems, LuxRender doesn't use tricks to imitate real world behavior : all calculations are done according mathematical models based on the real word. Physically based Unbiased rendering engines offers advantage of very realistic images but at the cost of time; slow due to heavy calculations. Rendering with LuxRender means simulating light according to physical equations, this produces realistic photographic quality images. LuxRender comprises an interactive GUI, a command line tool, and Blender 3D exporter Plugins (LuxBlend). The Lux Source code is also available freely to developer for future integration of LuxRender into third-party applications. LuxRender runs on GNU/Linux, Microsoft's-Windows(R) and MacOS X(R) platforms.
Some of noticeable features of LuxRender are listed below:
- Multithreading for multi-core or SMP systems
- Compact RIB-like file format which implements the complete API. (.lxs extention)
- Blender 3D exporter Plugins (LuxBlend)
- Physically based Lightsources: area, sunsky, infinite, distant, spot, goniometric , projection etc.
- Perspective Camera: Supports true DOF (depth of field)

- Materials & Textures: Inculdes BRDFs, PBRT, Image textures, HDRI, Procedural Textures etc.
- Film/Texture Imaging Pipeline : Colour handling, OpenEXR RGBA, Tonemapping, filters, Pixel Sample Reconstruction Filters, Gamma correction etc.
- Real-time engine control with Adding & Removing of rendering threads

- Path Tracing, Bidirectional Path Tracing, final gathering, Instant "Global Illumination"
....these are only some of the features in luxRender, a full features list is available on their website. Interested 3d user can freely download both LuxRender and LuxBlend - Blender 3D exporter Plugins. Blender 2.4 + LuxRender tutorials are also available along with a reference manual.
>> Download LuxRender

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Cheetah3D 4.3

+ The released Version 4.3 makes Cheetah3D MacOS X 10.5 (Leopard) compatible. Unluckily Leopard broke some drag and drop functionality in previous Cheetah3D versions so Cheetah3D 4.3 is a musthave update for all who want to use Cheetah3D on Leopard. But Cheetah3D 4.3 doesn't just add Leopard compatibility, it also adds support for texture- and lightmap-baking and support of an second UV coord set. So game developers can now use Cheetah3D for creating realistic lightmapped environments. The thrid major new feature in v4.3 is the Japanes localization of Cheetah3D done by Hiroto Tsubaki, Masao Miyata, Umeno Hideyuki and Satoru Imatake.
New features in Cheetah3D 4.3:
- Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) compatibility

- Added Japanese localization
- Added texture and lightmap baking support
- Added support for secondary UV set
- Added weld vertices mode to optimize tool Updated FBX SDK to version 2006.11_1
- 50% speed up thoughout the whole application (rendering, SDS modeling, etc.)
- smoother animation playback
- Cheetah3D 4.3 uses the Sparkle framework to support automatic updates
- Improved Bump-Map rendering
- Maped "Save" to "Save As" for non .jas files
- Combine polygon selections when material drag & drop
Cheetah3D 4.3 is free for all registered Cheetah3D 4.x users. A single user license costs 129 US$ and 59 US$ for an update of an older version (1.x, 2.x or 3.x).


Presentation by Samuel Widmann (Google Earth - Google Maps) in the 3D Landscape Conference

+ Samuel Widmann : Head of Google Maps and Google Earth Europe will share the vision of Google Earth on geographical information during the Landscape Conference presented on Friday February 1st with the theme: "From geographical data to virtual models: a 3D revolution"
Identification and assessment’ of a landscape using georeferenced data : Today, geographic data provides an indispensable reference base in developing 3D landscape and territory models. Initiatives like Google Earth put geographic information within the reach of everyone who has internet access, collating aerial photographs of the whole globe. But what distinguishes between these different data sources? What is the true level of quality of the data we possess? What can it be used for? How can it be obtained, and how much will it cost? Who are the key figures in this industry? For more information, please visit:

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Arsenal Vector Packs - Set #8

+ Once again, It's time to Jazz Up your Graphic illustrations using these stunning ready to use Vector Art packs, designed by GoMedia, a progressive art and design studio based in Cleveland, Ohio that delivers outstanding creative solutions to their clients all across the globe. GoMedia has released Set #8 of their Arsenal Vector Packs, which sell like hot cakes. Seven individual packs are clubbed together in set #8 featuring 220 high quality and detailed vector pieces including; set of Flourishes, Decorative 2, Arrows 2, Industrial, Religious, Music, and Silhouettes. These Vector packs can be used with adobe Illustrator,
Photoshop and Corel Draw, while in Photoshop you need to rasterize them. Although all packs included in set #8 are great and have their own purpose of use, but in my opinion Industrial silhouettes vector pack are the one; which is most unique and really useful for making technical or industrial themed illustrations. Above all Jaw dropping 50% discount on set #8 makes it a Steal.

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CG Group *

OPEN For EveryOne!
+ Few days back, We have started Computer Graphics Groups on two of the most popular social networking websites; Facebook.com and Myspace.com, to give CGIndia visitors and anyone who use computer graphics to express creativity; a common ground to interact, make friends and learn. Not only, these groups are more than a useful tool for finding friends with same type of interest, they can be used for learning, sharing tips, work opportunity, self promotion and many more things which you can think of. They are not for me! or you! but for everyOne OR AnyOne; of any race, culture or nationality......So, guys Join-in, don’t be shy N wait for anyone to start any discussion! I will add a permanent link to them on our site for easy access.
Joining any one or both of them, is up to you......be nice and have fun!!

>> MySpace - Graphix
>> Facebook - Computer Graphics

Creating V-Ray displacement maps | Tutorial

+ Just have stumbled upon Philippe Steels blog, who recently posted very well explained tutorial/Tip about; How to create V-Ray displacement maps from hi poly tiling geometry. In this tutorial Philippe explains about making a displacement map out of complex geometry that can be then applied to any object, no matter his curvature (with the VRayDisplacementMod for example) to recover the hi poly look of the original tiling. Philippe is an architect as well as 3d architectural visualization specialist based in Brussels.

>> Tutorial Link


DX Studio Version 2.2 Now Available

+ Pinewood studios based software developers Worldweaver Ltd announce the latest release of their games and simulation platform DX Studio. With over twenty new features, version 2.2 represents a big step forward for DX Studio. Some of the most significant additions include Vertex Morphing, Animated Textures and Bitmaps, Emissive Map Support, and Gradient Based Reflection for realistic metallic surfaces. There are also some new per-pixel lighting features for lighting complex scenes in real-time. “The key focus for this release was to improve the gaming capabilities of DX Studio. Previously, most people were happy to use DX Studio for more basic games or prototypes, but our users are now demanding high-end features and greater realism. Version 2.2 delivers this and will allow our users to create complete games on a par with many commercial releases” said CEO and founder Chris Sterling.
To demonstrate the power and simplicity of the DX Studio, Worldweaver are also producing their own game, Hut of the Dead, which is due for release in mid November. The game will be free to play and all script available to DX Studio users to help with their own projects. Licenses are available in both freeware and commercial editions (from £50) and can be downloaded from the website at www.dxstudio.com


Luxology Announces “The Alley” - New modo Tutorial Series

+ Luxology® LLC, an independent technology company developing next-generation 3D content creation software, today announced “The Alley,” six new tutorials that explain how to harness modo™ modeling, painting and baking tools to produce efficient, high-quality 3D assets found in a gritty urban back alley. Featuring more than three hours of instruction by Luxology’s Andy Brown, the training videos offer expert guidance on using modo’s modern toolset to produce realistic, lightweight 3D objects and lush scenes that can be used in game, film and video production. The Alley videos can be purchased individually or in two separate albums that contain three videos each. They are available now on Luxology’s website: Click here


ArchViz 3D Cars collection

+ The ArchViz 3D Cars collection includes 16 high quality accurately detailed and correctly scaled 3D Car models +plus some great bonus models to add richness to your visualisation projects. Polygon optimised for use in archtectural visualizations, animations, etc. The polygon efficient models keep the scene polygon count low - faster rendering with realistic results !
• High quality polygonal model - correctly scaled accurate representation of the original objects.

• Model resolution optimised for polygon efficiency - faster rendering with realistic results !
• Max models grouped for easy selection
• Models are fully textured with all materials applied.
• No part-name confusion when importing several models into a scene.
• No cleaning up necessary, just drop your models into the scene and start rendering
• The Doors, hood and rear door are pivoted so they can be opened & closed
• Available in the following File Formats: .max 7.0 / .max vray / .3DS / .obj / .lwo


Monday, October 22, 2007

AutoDesk cMuscleSystem

Breaking News: Autodesk, Inc. acquires "cMuscleSystem" from Comet Digital LLC
+ Autodesk on buying spree; just one1/2 months after
acquiring skymatters MudBox 3d, Autodesk has acquired cMuscleSystem, a Maya plugin suite by Comet Digital, LLC. Just Got an confirmation from "Michael Comet," President of Comet Digital LLC stating ; " We are very happy to announce that Autodesk, Inc. has acquired the cMuscleSystem plug-in and technology. We feel this transaction is in the best interest of our customers and the long term development of the technology." Existing cMuscleSystem customers with Autodesk Maya Gold Subscription, formerly Platinum Membership, will now be supported by Autodesk Product Support. For product support requests please use the online form, or login into Autodesk Subscription Center on, autodesk website.


Photoshop Brushes - Abstract Vector set *

+ It's being quite a while; Since we have featured any Photoshop brushes for our visitors, So today we going to make it up to you by sharing one of our greatest find in recent times. Abstract Vector is Free Photoshop brush set featuring 378 high-quality brushes; made and generously shared by U.K based digital Graphic artist Paul Willocks. These PS brushes are compatible with CS and CS2 (not sure about CS3). These brushes are free for personal use, and for using them on any commercial project please contact Paul Willocks for price quote. Hope you will find them handy.
Download Abstract Vector set

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3ds Max 2008 Review (vfxworld)

+ Autodesk has showcased and released its 3D modeling, animation and rendering software 3ds Max 2008 during SIGGRAPH 2007 in August, with host of new features and performance boosting upgrades and Now its time for Reviews!; by various CG websites and online graphics Magazines. First on the list is vfxworld online magazine, who recently published an 3ds Max 2008 Review by Ryan Lesser. Snippet from article: "2008. This is now my 11th version of 3ds Max that I have used and one of many that I have reviewed. It is sort of crazy for me to think that these powerful tools have been around for this long and just how much they have changed and improved. As my 3D tool of choice since back when it was called 3d Studio, this software package has seen me through a lot, including my recent projects Rock Band, Guitar Hero and Guitar Hero 2, as well as some fondly remembered projects such as Frequency and Amplitude. Things that my teams and I have struggled with early on are now history and the tools become more and more powerful by the year. Along with tool enhancements, Autodesk has focused these past years on making use of the drastic leaps and bounds that hardware has made in the past three years. This year's version of 3ds Max has taken on the new moniker of 3ds Max 2008 instead of using the typical "rev" number. This sent warning pings down one of my lead artist's spine when he found out. He is afraid that "Max," as we all lovingly call it, will just get marginally revved each year with no major accomplishments. If you have read my past reviews, you know that I"....So guys, if haven’t downloaded the recently released demo version of Max 2008 yet, than you may like to have a look on this article to satisfy your curiosity.
3ds Max 2008 Review

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JPatch - 3D Modeling Tool

+ JPatch is a free open Source 3D modeling application (a patch modeler) under development by Sascha Ledinsky. JPatch spline based modeling tool can be used to create 3D models for POV-Ray or
RenderMan® compatible renderers. The current version (JPatch 0.4) supports 3d modeling and some very basic animation features. JPatch is written in Java, so it should run on every platform with a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.4 or later installed.
Current features (JPatch 0.4):

- Spline/patch based modeling
- Supports 3-, 4- and 5-sided patches and hooks
- Multilevel undo/redo
- Wireframe and shaded rendering
- Morphs
- Basic keyframe/timeline animation
- Lip-Syncing unsing JLipSync, Yolo or Magpie timesheets
- sPatch and Animation:Master import
- .obj format, POV-Ray and RenderMan® export

Download JPatch

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Asifa India - IAD 07

+ 6th International Animation Day was celebrated enthusiastically by digital artists and animators, yesterday in Mumbai. The event was organized by Asifa India to give Indian animation artists a common platform to interact with each other. A week long celebration held across various cities in India, starting with Mumbai on 21st, Pune on 24th then on 28th in New Delhi, Hyderabad, Ahemedabad, Bangalore, Kochi, Chennai, Trivandrum; simultaneously. ASIFA India is a non profit organization recognized by UNESCO. ASIFA India is involved in creating awareness of animation art and community building.
more about IAD07


British Animation Awards 2008

+ Slipped of our radar earlier and the student deadline for submiting enrties is just 10 days from now. The British Animation Awards (BAA), held every two years, covers most aspects of the UK animation scene, from student work to commercials, children's entertainment, short and experimental art films, music videos, new technologies, script-writing and craftsmanship. Next Awards night is on March 13th, 2008.
Student Entry deadline: 31 October, 2007
Other categories Entry deadline: 30 November 2007
Learn more about BAA


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Download 3ds Max 2008

Autodesk 3ds Max 30-day trial
+ The long wait is over,...Now you can get cozy with the latest version of "3DS MAX", as it's made available by Autodesk; for giving a taste of 3ds Max 2008 power packed features to all cult like followers of Max and off cource to anyone interested. The Autodesk 3ds Max 30-day trial provides free access to the software for non-commercial use. Animation and 3D graphics students, industry professionals, or anyone interested in breaking into the world of computer graphics (CG) now has the opportunity to explore all aspects of 3ds Max software. 3d Studio Max 2008 is available in 64-bit and 32-bit versions for Microsoft Windows Vista™ and XP Professional operating systems. You need to fill a short form, before you finally download it!

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LightMap Maker *

+ Another approach for achieving realistic lighting in your 3d scenes. Light Map Maker (LMM) is an free standalone application by AwingSoft that helps you achieve quite realistic lighting effects in your real-time 3d scenes exported from various popular 3d programs. LightMap Maker supports importing/exporting of some popular 3D formats; so it's compatible with most game development and 3D design software’s like 3D Studio Max, lightwave3D, Maya etc. LightMap Maker add lights to your imported 3d scene, than compute the lighting and save lighting data to bitmap., which can be exported (.3ds, VRML, etc) back into your main 3d application.


Dover Studios Shake: Compositing Workflow

+ Dover Studios has announced the release of Shake: Compositing Workflow, their latest visual effects training DVD. Shake: Compositing Workflow is an introduction to node-based compositing for visual effects artists working in film and television. Shake is the compositing program of choice for many high-end film and television productions around the world. On this DVD visual effects artists, Andrew Hazelden and Russell Hazelden, explore the Shake user interface and the workflow used to create a composite.
Essential topics include: loading footage into a Shake script with the FileIn node, adjusting node parameters, layering images with the Over node, using RAM and disk based Flipbooks to preview composites, working with nodes and noodles, and rendering finished composites using the FileOut node.Discover how to use Shake's powerful Primatte Keyer to process images shot on blue or green screen backgrounds. Learn how to create a "garbage matte" to improve the quality of a key. Study the illumination levels of a blue screen background by using the pixel analyzer. Advanced topics include: using proxies to work with high resolution footage in real time, relinking missing media, customizing global parameters, viewing color channels in the Viewer and in Flipbooks, using horizontal and vertical compare modes, viewing alpha channels, creating multiple viewers, configuring the domain of definition to reduce computer processing time, and several techniques for managing media in the File Browser.

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TwistedBrush - Digital Paint Software

+ TwistedBrush is an versatile Digital Paint Software by Pixarra, which features 64 bit paint engine and more than 3,000 brushes, which helps you create some stunning digital art. TwistedBrush developer says; "Simplicity without sacrifice, powerful enough for the professional artist yet simple enough for the novice. TwistedBrush has one of the most versatile and powerful brush engines in existence, yet it was designed from day one to be easy to use."
Beside offering more than 3000 brushes, TwistedBrush offers many other features, including; Layers, patterns, textures, photo cloning, tracing, masks, particles, filters, script recording, scripts to AVI, drawing tablet support, brush shapes, image brushes, drawing guides, reference image views, dirty brushes, scratch layer, dynamic palettes and a whole lot more. TwistedBrush software comes in three verisons; TwistedBrush, TwistedBrush Essentials, and a completely Free Edition; the later onces are striped down versions and come with less features.


CG News Tid-Bits*

  • Autodesk, Inc. has completed the acquisition of substantially all the assets of Skymatter Limited, the New Zealand-based, privately held developer of Mudbox 3D modeling software. On August 6, 2007, Autodesk announced an agreement to purchase Skymatter's assets. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.
  • PipelineFX, makers of Qube!™ software, the leading render farm management software for film production, game development, and digital media education around the world, today announced that it has released support for Autodesk Maya version 2008.
  • NVIDIA’s solutions were used by Anibrain Studio to create the VFX for Resident Evil: Extinction. One detailed shot from Resident Evil: Extinction that exemplifies the importance NVIDIA technology plays in the creative process is a “fly-through” of the interior of a satellite. The photorealistic animation was rendered entirely with Gelato rendering software on Quadro graphics boards.
  • 3DM3 just published new making of The Dragon by Valentin Yovchev.
  • Cinefeel are pleased to announce that the winner of the DE07 film competition is Squint/Opera’s "Gardens by the Bay", a magical pinboard of design ideas for a landscape architecture competition in Singapore. Other artists featured include Zhenchen Liu, Robb Ellender, Martin Schmidt, Noam Toran and Martin Pickles.
  • Mark stubbs has launched a new hdri library http://www.3six0.net/ with supporting background planes. They are giving away a free HDRI to everyone who registers on their website.
  • Richard Rosenman has published some simulations tests using 3dsmax's physics plugin, Reactor. These simulations focus specifically on rigid bodies involving large quantities of elements, each with appropriate size, weight and friction properties.
  • Project 'bearded fish' - Draw a bearded fish on anyone's particular graffiti wall.
  • New Houdini L-Systems , tutorials by cmiVFX. L-systems are a very useful language for describing fractal looking objects and branching structures. It's mainly used in environmental design, both artistic and scientific, to create realistic plants and trees and to simulate complex botanical animated phenomena.
  • Sunday, October 14, 2007

    HairFX for 3ds Max 5.1 to 9.0

    image by Patrick Beaulieu
    + hairfx is an sophisticated fur and hair solution for Autodesk's® 3ds Max. Being the successor to the popluar Shag: Fur and Shag: Hair plug-ins, it's now much more evolved and offers various advanced tools including a new anti-aliasing engine to help produce smooth, non-jagged hair and fur strands, a new Cloth Mesh converter to support reactor® 2, clothfx, and SimCloth's. As part of the Autodesk Certified 3ds Max Plug-in program, hairfx now also offers bucket-based rendering support for rendering technologies including finalRender Stage-1 and VRay. This helps conserve memory over the default stripe size rendering for Scanline scenes with these powerful renderers. Composite shadows from light sources can easily generate hairfx shadows in addition to shadows specific to tools like V-Ray and finalRender.
    Download HairFX for 3ds Max

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    4th Istanbul International Animation Festival

    + The 4Th Istanbul International Animation Festival will be held on 3-8 of December. And "Call for Entries" has been announced for the 4Th İstanbul ANIMATION AND VISUAL EFFECT Short Film Competition, in seven different categories.The competition is open to all international/National animator and have no entry fee.
    Competition Categories:
    - IAF Grand Prize: The best blended short film about story and animation technique.
    - Turk Short: Best short film made by Turk animator or animators.
    - Advertisement: Advertisement film which includes one or more animation technique.
    - Music Video: Music video which includes one or more animation technique.
    - Motion Graphic: Animation short film by motion graphic technique.
    - Student Film: Animation short film made by student.
    - First Film: Animation short film made by a person's first experience.
    ......Short films produced in 2005 or after, are only accepted for entry. The Application deadline is on 30Th of October 2007 (until 18:00) and Announce date of accepted films will be 12Th of November Monday.Entry form has to be filled completely for each entry and sent along with film copy. For more information, please visit: www.iafistanbul.com

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    CGI Animation Movie Ministers to Children of Katrina & the World

    + HOLLYWOOD, Calif. –- Family Friendly Films, LLC announces that the popular e-book, “Zea Zoo and the Land of Boo: An Urban Fairy Tale,” has entered into movie production stage after making its presence known online. Based on a popular children’s poem, “Zea Zoo and the Land of Boo” was so successful as an e-book that it is now being made into a computer-generated illustration (CGI) short animated movie. Targeting the vastly under-served urban youth/family markets, “Zea Zoo and the Land of Boo” has nurtured an international, online audience that has created branding as a positive youth/family-friendly favorite.
    “The film is refreshingly new and much anticipated in the animation film industry,” P.D. Blackmon of Family Films, said. Blackmon has recently returned to study at the UCLA Film School after 20+ years in the media industry as a writer/director and producer.Post-production VIP screenings of the film are being sponsored by Women in Films (Beverly Hills) and Universal Studios. Equity partnership and distribution deals are currently being shopped. CGI animation has eclipsed other animation forms and has emerged as one of the most successful film-art forms. Through state-of-the art CGI animation, coupled with traditional artistry, Family Friendly Films has achieved a new level of storytelling that still pays homage to Walt Disney and other great past animators. The film’s characters are reality and fantasy based, giving the animation studio extreme longitude to tell a story while exploring creative boundaries. At the center of the story is a young, disenchanted boy from Bay Village, a town near the Gulf Coast of Mexico. He gets caught in Hurricane Katrina, nearly drowns, and awakens in the “Land of Boo,” a magical wonderland under the sea. While there, he befriends unique characters who help him to return home to save his family and friends.
    The boy’s efforts are fraught with challenge and he must continue to stay one step ahead of King Nino, Queen Elvia and their evil followers the “SeaWeeds” who seek revenge and, ultimately, his death.The film is being produced by Family Friendly Films, LLC, Family Film Animations Studio and Blackmon Entertainment.
    To learn more, visit:

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    VRay Standalone Realtime rendering preview

    + Just got a tip-off from Ricardo Derikx, about the early leak on real time rendering in vray standalone. Formally speaking; The featured amateurs video is from Chaos Group usergroup meeting at Siggraph 2007, showcasing the Technology preview of an early version of V-Ray standalone realtime rendering.

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    New COLLADA export plug-in for QUIDAM

    + N-Sided has released a new COLLADA export plug-in for its 3d Character modeling software "QUIDAM." N-Sided wanted QUIDAM creations to be able to be exported in COLLADA as it is the best bridge for several major applications such as Softimage XSI and Blender. The new COLLADA export plugin completes the wide range of existing QUIDAM exports. Plug-ins are already available for Maya, 3DS MAX, Cinema 4D, Carrara and LightWave3D. With this plug-in, characters can be exported in COLLADA at the resolution of your choice - from low poly count to highly detailed meshes - ready to be animated, with their textures, bones and skinning weights.
    For more information and price, please - click here

    EarthSculptor - 3D terrain editor

    + EarthSculptor is an standalone application; used for terrains 3d modeling, mapping/painting and fast realtime terrain editing. The interface of EarthSculptor is exclusively designed for rapid 3d terrain development to meet the requirement of visualization experts, multi-media professionals and game developers. Beside, offering handy .OBJ exporter outputs (optimized 3d meshes), the EarthSculptor have many useful features such as;
    - Multiple undo/redo editing
    - 8 terrain tools: raise, lower, level, grab, smooth, erode, push and ramp
    - Terrain Texture/Map sizes up to 4096x4096
    - Automatic lighting and shadow map rendering
    - Fast 3D hardware accelerated terrain rendering
    - Edit textures and height-maps externally
    - Developed for Windows® and OpenGL® hardware
    ....many more. The recent version 1.05 has been released few days back with some new features and addressed some major-n-minor fixes. To run EarthSculptor your video card must support basic vertex and pixel shaders. The free version with limited features is available for download.

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    Holomatix Rendition Version 1.0.263

    + Holomatix Rendition has been updated to Version 1.o.263. The latest release of Holomatix Rendition offers some fixes;
    - Fix to Maya Plug-In to IPR detection of addition of Subdiv Approximations
    - Fix to disable navigation during non-interactive sessions
    - Fix to maya_marble to avoid loss of precision
    Holomatix Rendition is a very fast, interactive, production-quality raytracer. It is designed to render your scenes up to 10 times faster than alternative ray tracing solutions, at extremely high quality. Holomatix Rendition implements support for Maya and mental ray shaders and renders directly from .mi files, as well as raytracing scenes from directly within Maya using the supplied Maya Plug-In. >> Download Rendition Beta


    Thursday, October 11, 2007

    ZAppLink v3 for Zbrush

    + Pixologic, Inc. has announced the release of ZApplink Version 3 for Zbrush. ZAppLink 3 is a ZBrush plugin that allows you to seamlessly integrate your favorite image editing software into your ZBrush workflow. Call up your image editing package while in ZBrush, use it to modify the active ZBrush document or tool, and then go straight back into ZBrush. Some of the ZApplink features includes; # Create New ZBrush Layers in Photoshop # Store views for your model to be painted in your image editing software # Create ZBrush Stencils in Photoshop via selection tools and many more.
    For full features list and free download of ZAppLink - Click Here


    D&AD Awards 2008 (Yellow Pencils)

    + D&AD has announced "Call for Entries" for 2008 D&AD Global Awards, in 30 different categories encompassing all aspects of creative communications from writing and art direction to architecture, Graphic design and photography. The D&AD Awards, which is also popularly known as the "Yellow Pencils", are one of the most internationally prestigious creative awards for the design and advertising industry. D&AD awards has been rewarding creative excellence since 1962.

    The D&AD Global Awards offer the creative community the opportunity to be judged by its harshest critics - its peers. Over 270 eminent creative practitioners selected for their expertise in their field, looking for great ideas that are well executed and appropriate to their mediums. So, now its your chance to hold well respected and popular "Yellow Pencil," and do remember to submit your entry before 14 November 2007, to avail a discount of 10% on entry fee. The regular online Entry Deadline is Wednesday 16 January 2008 and all postal entries must arrive at D&AD by Monday 4 February 2008.Also note that, the D&AD Student Awards 2008, will be officially launched late this month, and tentative Entry deadline is Thursday 20th March 2008.
    For categories and prices for the D&AD Awards 2008 -
    click here
    For more information regarding D&AD Student Awards 2008 -
    click here
    For D&AD Pencil winning work from previous years -
    click here
    For getting Award easy way - visit local stationary shop :)

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    SWAY studio’s VFX work on a recent Nissan Rogue commercial entitled “Seamless”

    + Visual Effects Studio "Sway" delivers New Nissan Rogue Commercial spot, which showcase quite Astonishing Virtual Environment and Ground-Breaking VFX Techniques. For this stunning Nissan Rogue commercial entitled “Seamless,” Sway VFX team integrated live action, motion control and PhotoReal computer graphics (CG) techniques to create an astounding virtual environment. The :30 spot creates the illusion of the Nissan Rogue on a real studio set, surrounded by virtual projection screens displaying the environment through which the car is traveling. The strong CG imagery in “Seamless” allows the viewer to journey in and out of this illusion by creating the impression that the car is actually traveling through a real live environment.
    “This commercial required intense planning and pre-visualization,” noted SWAY Visual Effects Supervisor, Wayne England. “An elaborate single shot camera move required many motion control passes to account for the spot’s complex and ambitious nature, but once combined with our photorealistic CG methodologies and compositing, the project gained a great deal of dynamic and compelling motion.”
    A precise CG replication of the vehicle’s exterior was seamlessly integrated with a live action interior, which required intense 3D tracking and compositing techniques. This combined with flawless compositing of all motion control passes, allowed the characters inside the car to appear and change as the camera moved throughout the shot. Because the car could not physically move within the visible soundstage setting, the ground beneath the Rogue required a large amount of CG effort for which careful reference photography and high dynamic range (HDR) images were taken. Through texturing and modeling details, the car appears to roll on a large conveyor belt, while simultaneously driving on a realistic road. To further create the Rogue’s apparent motion, SWAY captured live-action high-definition footage using a specially configured three camera rig that collectively captured a 150 degree field of view. The footage was then stabilized, re-timed and projected onto virtual screens which appeared to surround the Rogue. This required considerable synchronization inside the 3D scene, so that the content of the screens would appear in exact alignment with the 3D elements within the shot.
    During the live-action shooting process, SWAY additionally captured HDR images of sky environments, and after careful editing, used them as the primary CG lighting source for the entire spot. SWAY utilized a variety of off-the-shelf hardware and software to complete the Nissan spot. The most prominently used tools were NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics boards, NUKE and After Effects for compositing and LightWave for pre-visualization animation. Autodesk’s 3ds Max 9 was used as the primary 3D package while PF Track was used for 3D tracking.
    Visit Sway Website
    Watch Nissan Rogue Seamless video

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    CG News Tid-Bits*

  • 3dvf has launched a new website called CGJOBS.EU - New International Job portal for CG.
  • Great New 3d products has been launched by Dosch Design.
  • Quark and The Art Institutes want your entry in the 2007 student graphic design competition. The contest theme is TYPOGRAPHY.
  • 3dm3 has posted the Making of "Return of the light" - an impressive artwork.
  • Have a look at the latest artwork of french graphic artist and art director David Vineïs.
  • Digital-Tutors has recently announced the availability of 'Introduction to XSI Hair', the newest release in an expanding library of interactive video-based training for digital artists using XSI.
  • Interesting article explaining workflow of correcting an image rendered in 3D package (Maya) without re-rendering - in compositing application (shake).
  • Maya script EasyRender 1.2.0, Render scenes without using the batch render.
  • Monday, October 08, 2007

    Schematic Material Editor 1.0 For 3DS MAX

    + Schematic Material Editor is very handy open source plugin/script for 3ds Max and is developed by Finland based young digital artist Jerry Ylilammi. With Schematic Material Editor, 3ds Max users can create very complex, animated and procedural materials n maps very easily. It is perfectly "safe" (doesn't corrupt your max files) and work well with 3ds Max 8 (32bit) and 3ds Max 9 (both 32 and 64bit). All max files and materials created with Schematic Material Editor work even without it installed.
    Features Includes;
    - Schematic/Node based material editor
    - Customizable user interface
    - Automatically arranges nodes in sensible way
    - Hides all unnecessary submaterial/map slots
    - Controls to easily hide/unhide nodes
    - Ability to handle multiple schematic views
    - Support for 3rd party material and maps
    - Support for controllers (Color, Float, Script etc.)
    - Advanced Math and Channel nodes for complex material and map setups
    - Materials and maps are fully compatible with systems without Schematic Material Editor installed
    - Scenes saved with Schematic Material Editor info can be opened even without it installed
    - Material and maps are stored inside Schematic Material Editor so they aren't lost even if not present in Material Editor or Scene.
    >> Download Schematic Material Editor (for Max 8/9)

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    3D Invigorator For After Effects

    + Lets have a look at 3D Invigorator; an innovative plugin by zaxwerks for Adobe After Effects, which is available in two versions - 3D Invigorator classic and 3D Invigorator Pro. The 3D Invigorator brings power of 3d to the host application Adobe After Effects, thus enabling AE user to create stunning titles and logos in Three dimension. The 3d Invigorator gives depth to After Effect layers and can generate nice sculpted 3D models with the press of a button. The Professional version of 3d invigorator have all the features of Classic version, beside that; the PRO version gives you the incredible ability to bring 3D models right into AE.
    The PRO Version also cut short your rendering time by using the power of openGL enabled Graphics cards, especially when you import 3d elements into After Effects. The plugin support import from major 3d application like 3ds Max, Maya, DXF, lightwave3D etc.,and New Version 4.0 of 3d Invigorator have its own Import/Export Format for importing and exporting 3D objects. The new Invigorator object format enables you to set up 3D logos, titles and 3D text, color them, apply the materials, maps and object settings, and then save them into files which you can reuse, thus effectivly giving user its own custom library for future Invigorator projects. Beside giving its user power to incorporate 3d into a 2d pipeline, the plugin comes with many useful features, including;
    - Simple 3D Primitives and 3D-Text
    - 3D Motion Blur (a must have feature for motion Graphic artists)
    - Layer Map Animation
    - Highlight Mapping
    - Cartoon and Matte Coloring
    - Useful Shadow rendering
    Although, I am not an After Effects artist (tried demo couple of times:) but; its makes perfect sense to me that incorporating 3d with-in a 2d application, with such a ease would really improve productiveness of any artist working in Motion Graphics Industry. So, I recommends you guys must download its demo and better check it out,.. if you haven’t already done that!
    3D Invigorator For AE

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    Bionatics LandSIM3D®

    + Bionatics, the specialist in 3D plant modeling and landscape design has released LandSIM3D®; an simulation and design software for quickly model existing landscape in 3D from GIS data sources. Import your project, visualize its integration in a real site, study its alternatives, its evolution in the future and decide for the best options. Make great presentations of the validated project with realism using realtime 3D.
    LandSIM3D can 3d model landscapes from geo-referenced data using GIS data files like Shapefile® in order to make a realistic 3D model of the existing site. The project can then be smoothly inserted with precision in the 3D model. LandSIM3D brings 3D into the earth of the landscape profesionals' traditional design and study methods. (text from site)


    CG News Tid-Bits*

  • Animation Mentor® unveils its third Student Showcase today, as the sixth graduating class begins its first term at the online animation school. A six-minute compendium of student clips, the showcase demonstrates the quality of the work--and the learning experience--at Animation Mentor.
  • Luxology® LLC, an independent technology company developing next-generation 3D content creation software, today announced that Pixar Animation Studios and Luxology have finalized an agreement under which Pixar has licensed its Subdivision Surface Patents to Luxology.
  • Richard Rosenman has recently directed a new spot for Teletoon Canada.
  • damnfx is pleased to announce the delivery of 12 minutes of character animation and visual effects for Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure. The large-format, stereoscopic film from National Geographic, directed bySean MacLeod Phillips and produced by Jini Durr, Lisa Truitt and Jack Geist, opens today worldwide in a record number of IMAX, IMAX 3D, Real D and other specialty theaters.
  • Mr Furniture has announced Mental Ray Cabinet Design Collection. All the 3d furniture models possess ready to use Mental Ray Materials soyou can save time applying materials yourself.
  • The Making of Making of Al Pacino Sculpt by 3dm3 member Vikram from Chennai.
  • Matt Sibley takes us through setting up a camera to match a background image in 3dsmax.
  • Read CGchannel interview with very talented cgArtist Taron.
  • Read CGarchitect interview with very talented Digital Artist Tino Schaedler.
  • One more photoshop video tutorial about how to achive Sin City style looks.
  • Watch 2007 showreel of motion graphics and visual effects studio, Circus Family.
  • HP ToyRama animation Contest will end on 9th november 2007.
  • Our CGToolbar gets 100% Clean certificate by downloads-portal.com
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    Thursday, October 04, 2007

    3ds Max Advance Materials Tutorial

    + CGIndia bring yet another very Useful and Free tutorial for 3ds Max Users. And this time CG Artists and 3ds Max Instructor Mario Malagrino shows us; How to create 3dsmax Advance Materials for Car paint and/or any other high Gloss Industrial Design product. You can use these advance Materials on any product design, especially for 3d mobile phones, mp3 players, bikes....or simply for a concept car. If you like to share your knowledge with CG Community and have any tutorials, we will be glad to feature them on our website along with description about author and website link. Send your tutorials to: cgindia at gmail.com.



    Bump Mapper for Adobe After Effects!
    + Just have come across with this Vfx plugin for Adobe® After Effects, and it seems quite promising to me. Formally speaking; Bump Mapper is visual effect plugin which can turn your image or video layer into bas-relief alighted by point light source and works with After Effects version 5.0 or higher. The Plugin parameter options offers lot of control over the desired effects and even playing with them leads to stunning visual effects. Its Developer says; “Glass or metal, plastic or stone, water or sand - you can simulate different textures and effects using Bump Mapper™ controls. You can use it to make a bronze coin or liquid gel or something unprecedented before. You can even start with simple picture. This product is a great addition to Adobe® After Effects®. This product has endless possibilities.”….We say; you better download a demo,..use your creative mind and find out yourself. One more thing plugin is not available for .MAC (Windows Only).

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    IMAGINA Job Opportunity Forum For 3D PROFFESIONALS

    + IMAGINA Job Opportunity Forum (‘JOF’) goes online for its second edition. This year, IMAGINA's international employment forum gives Job Opportunity to people belonging to any of the four 3D specialist sectors converging on IMAGINA, namely Industry, Architecture, Landscape & Territory, Media & Entertainment. Imagina is asking world-wide job seekers and students, who are interested in finding job opportunity in above specified sector may file their CV online for free at; www.imagina-jof.com

    Tuesday, October 02, 2007

    2008 Next Generation® Design Competition

    Deadline January 4, 2008
    + Metropolis Magazine has announced; Call for Entries, for it's 5th Annual "Next Generation Design Competition." The Next Generation Design Competition is open to designers as well as design students; who are allowed to submit Up to three submission "Under, any of Six Sub-Categories including Graphic Design", whether they are participating as individual OR team of collaborators. A nominal fee of $75 will be charged for each entry submission. Metropolis Magazine is offering a prize of $10,000 to the winner and; Is intended to support designers whose entries reflect considerations of sustainability, distribution and manufacturing systems, economy, current technologies and materials, function, and provocative form and can speak to any one of the 6 sub-disciplines supported by the magazine—product design, "Graphic Design", architecture, urban planning, landscape design and interior design.

    The 2008 Next Generation® Design Competition focuses on "WATER". In a world of killer floods and rising tides, potable water is a finite resource. Metropolis Says; "We call on your innovative design solutions at all scales and sizes—products, interiors, buildings, landscapes, communication systems, or anything else you’ve dreamed up—for handling this most precious and most threatened natural resource. The time for new thinking on water is now." - WHAT’S YOUR SOLUTION? All entries must be submitted electronically via online submission form, by January 4, 2008. The winner will be featured in the May 2008 issue of Metropolis magazine and on Metropolis Magazine website at metropolismag.com.
    Next Gen. Design Competition


    Simbiont 2.5x for 3ds Max 9

    Shader Plugin for 3D Studio Max R9
    + Darkling Simulations has released SimbiontMAX update for 3ds Max R9 64-bit and 32-bit. Simbionts are Plugins for rendering DarkTree procedural shaders, 3D maps, and materials in 3d studio Max as well as other leading 3D software packages including Cinema4D, Lightwave3D, trueSpace and Renderman. DarkTree is an advanced procedural shaders authoring tool, used for creating surface shaders and photorealistic textures, interactively. DarkTree textures and shaders can be saved out as bitmaps or imported into a 3D application, by using free Simbiont Plugins. The Simbiont Plugins and it's update is free for licensed DarkTree users. Non-Darktree owners are free to download Simbionts Plugins and can use them; with the example shaders available on their website.
    >> Download Simbiont for 3dsMax 9

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    Japanese Graphic Magazine Idea-mag Special Feature on Wim Crouewel's Design

    + Japanese Graphic Design Magazine Idea-Mag has put together an interesting Special feature on; Dutch Graphic designer "Wim Crouewel" adventures into the experimental design worlds. This issue of Idea-mag has comprehensively covered creative endeavors of Wim Crouewel's by looking back into his representative design works; including book designs, posters, logotypes, stamps, typefaces and others. Infect Idea-mag has devoted its 190 pages to his design works, including two historical essay's by Wim Crouewel and some comments from important design figures are also featured.
    Wim Crouwel was born in 1928 in Groningen, Netherlands, is a Dutch "graphic designer" and typographer. Wim Crouwel 1976 Number Postal Stamp 5ctHe is known for his posters and exhibition design for the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. Crouwel has designed several font sets, of which the New Alphabet (1967) is best known. New Alphabet is a highly abstract font, based on a dot-matrix system.