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Monday, October 29, 2007

ColorEdge, Glue and Clone - Free MAX Plugins


+ ColorEdge, Glue and Clone are free 3ds Max Plugins by itoo Software; an Autodesk’s authorized plugin developer and maker of Forest Pack, commercially available 3ds max plugin. All three Plugins packs include versions for 3D Studio Viz 4/2005/2006/2007/2008 and Max v4 to v9 (32bit & 64bit), including the recently released 3ds Max 2008.
Glue: Another handy plugin used for placing object over any surface. Glue aligns the pivot point of a objects selection over surface other object. For example, it's useful to place trees over a mountain. Also may conforms a spline to follow the surface.
Clone: Clone is a modifier which can be used to create copies of an object. It is similar to the Array tool in 3DS Max, except that; it is parametric. The plugin parameters also allows the user to apply random materials in a defined range (using sub-materials).
ColorEdge: ColorEdge is a procedural texture which changes the color along the VISIBLE edge faces of an object, allowing you to define color gradients and add noise effects. To define the visibility of the edges, you can apply a Edit Mesh modifier to the object, change to the Edge sub-object level and use the Surface Properties tools.

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