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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Voice-O-Matic For Autodesks Maya


+ Di-O-Matic, a leading developer in user friendly character animation software, is proud to launch today Voice-O-Matic (Maya Edition).After five years of expertise in automating lip synchronization for thousands of CG characters, Voice-O-Matic is now available to the Autodesk Maya community. Di-O-Matic made a commitment to 3D animators, and from now on animators using Maya can also count on Voice-O-Matic to speed up their animations creation process. Di-O-Matic heard the call from animators that spending hours creating lip synch for CG characters can be tiring, and that manually generating every lip movement can be a long and tedious task. That’s why Voice-O-Matic was designed to combine a user friendly interface with a highly efficient and time saving system. Some of the most admired CG characters including Batman, Spider-man and Superman sport what Voice-O-Matic can achieve.
Being designed for animators by animators, Voice-O-Matic only requires an audio file to automatically produce accurate lip synch. Afterwards, the results can be easily tweaked to match perfectly any style of animation. Voice-O-Matic works with any type of character setup and with virtually every language. Combining these features has earned Voice-O-Matic the reputation of being the animators’ best friend when it comes to lip synch projects. Voice-O-Matic has also already earned its stripes with its use in leading feature films, popular television shows, commercials and award winning video games. And if you need to process thousands of audio files, vomBatch is the extension that you need. vomBatch is an exclusive tool available only in the yearly Di-O-Matic VIP membership that allows you to automatically process an unlimited amount of audio files without any user interaction. Including this plug-in in your pipeline could easily save you hundreds of working hours. To learn more about Voice-O-Matic or to download a trial version visit: www.voice-o-matic.com


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