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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Free 3ds Max Plugins by BoomerLabs

+ Boomer Labs the developer of MAX2AE, has released a few freeware plugins for the use and enjoyment of the 3D Studio MAX community. Competible with 3ds max 4 to MAX R9/2008 w32/x64.
Occlusion Pass Generator: This utilty plugin will generate Occlusion Passes with one click.
Noise Loop: This plugin provides a Loopable Noise Controller.
Beep: This plugin provides MaxScript access to the PC Speaker for playing Beeps.
Mirror Image: This Render Effect will mirror the rendered image (RGBA) and optionally mirror the Z, G and Material ID buffers.
Saturation: This Render Effect plugin provides the ability to adjust saturation level of the image and optionally specify the saturation level of objects based on their G-Buffer ID. The image above illustrates a "coloured in" effect obtained with this plugin.
SmoothMat: This plugin material uses the Smoothing Groups associated with a mesh to assign a sub-material. Useful addition/alternative to Multi/Sub Object Selection.

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Download NVIDIA Gelato Pro for FREE **

+ SANTA CLARA, CA—May 29, 2008 — NVIDIA Corporation, the world leader in visual computing technologies, today announced NVIDIA® Gelato® Pro 2.2 rendering software, the Company’s advanced GPU-accelerated rendering software for professionals, is available as a no-cost download. Well suited for rendering of 3D digital content and design, Gelato Pro software now replaces the basic version of Gelato software, which was previously available directly from NVIDIA.
“NVIDIA Gelato Pro 2.2 software is extremely powerful GPU-accelerated rendering software and we are excited to support the creative community by making it freely available,” said Dominick Spina, senior product manager, Digital Film Group, NVIDIA. “Now all artists and designers with NVIDIA Quadro graphics cards can enhance their production pipelines with Gelato Pro—without a licensing fee.” Gelato Pro 2.2 will be the final version of NVIDIA Gelato rendering software. Moving forward, the NVIDIA Gelato and mental images rendering teams will focus on the development of mental ray software, reinforcing NVIDIA’s investment in, and commitment to, accelerated rendering. Gelato software is a GPU-accelerated, final-frame renderer for the creation of high-quality computer-generated images using NVIDIA Quadro® graphics cards. Originally developed to render film and broadcast visual effects and animation, Gelato software can be used with 3D software applications that require advanced rendering such as game development, CAD, industrial design, and architecture. Features of the Gelato renderer include sub-pixel antialiasing, true displacement, high-quality motion blur, depth of field, support for NURBS, subdivision surfaces, particles, and ray tracing, including global illumination effects and ambient occlusion. The fully programmable Frantic Films’ Amaretto plug-in provides advanced rendering functionality with Autodesk’s 3ds Max software; complementing the Mango plug-in for rendering with Autodesk’s Maya software.
Features of Gelato Pro 2.2 software, which until now required payment of a license fee to access, include the Sorbetto™ interactive relighting engine, network parallel rendering, multi-threading, 64-bit support, and DSO shadeops. Gelato Pro also supports Joe Alter’s Shave and a Haircut software for computer-generated hair and fur effects and includes support for Autodesk Maya 8.5 and 3ds Max 9.0, offering improved stereo rendering, fog lights, and significant performance improvements. NVIDIA Gelato Pro 2.2 software supports Windows XP and Linux operating systems and runs on any NVIDIA Quadro graphics solution. Gelato is available for download at
www.nvidia.com/gelatozone. As a freely downloadable product, NVIDIA will no longer be developing or supporting the Gelato software products.


Last Call for Entries - red dot Design Awards

+ 13 June 2008 , is the Latecomers registration deadline; so you guys better hurry-UP. The “red dot award: communication design” is open to designers, agencies, design firms, and clients of communication design works realized and published between 1 January 2006 and 1 July 2008. The “red dot: junior award” is a part of the “red dot award: communication design” competition and is aimed at students and emerging designers. Participants of the “red dot: junior award” receive a 20% discount on the registration fee. This discount does not apply to eventual technical, return shipping, or latecomer fees. The following special conditions apply for the “red dot: junior award”: The applicant must be either a student of a university or another institute of higher learning (copy of student ID) or an emerging designer who has graduated within the last 2 years (copy of diploma). The applicant must also be the originator of the submitted work. Entrants may register as many works as they wish. Any work in which a jury member participated is automatically excluded from the competition. For more information, please - Click Here

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Big Buck Bunny

+ Big Buck Bunny is unofficially released on YouTube. Big Buck Bunny is made using Free 3d modeling and animation software Blender and is produced by Ton Roosendaal. Blender Foundation initiated its 2nd open movie project called "Peach - open movie" (Big Buck Bunny), after the huge success of Orange's "Elephants Dream", another open movie project using open source 3d modeling and animation software Blender 3d.

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Call for entries: MIX08 Poster

+ Melbourne (Australia) - Indigo, the international indigenous design network, invites tertiary design students from around the world to take part in a major cultural exchange project entitled MIX08. The MIX08 invites students to collaborate with their local communities and peers, either within or outside their schools, and respond to the MIX08 brief in the form of a "Poster". This year’s MIX08 brief is based on the following statement: Sustainability is old news. The context for this brief is drawn from the 2008 Kyoto Design Declaration. A panel of judges will select up to 50 entries to be showcased in the MIX08 exhibition. The exhibition will be displayed on the Indigo website and will be available to schools and other institutions wishing to stage a physical exhibition.
For more info, please visit www.indigodesignnetwork.org


Monday, May 26, 2008

IllusionCatalyst 1.1 For 3ds MAX

+ IllusionCatalyst is a brand new set of instruments designed to improve artistic expression and increase productivity in Autodesk 3ds Max. It consists of three independent scripts; #IC.Shape - Organic polygonal modeling, #IC.Face - Facial rigging and animation, and #IC.Mime - Keyframing & animation, for specific tasks of the production pipeline.
The new release features:
- IllusionCatalyst panel docking
- IC.Shape instruments and modifiers shortcuts association
- IC.Shape new sub-object selection conversions
- IC.Shape improved instruments behavior
- IC.Shape brand-new Z-Projection feature
IllusionCatalyst, set of scripts for 3ds Max is free to download.

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SIGGRAPH ASIA Media Partners With CGIndia

+ CGIndia (www.cg-india.com) is proud to announce that, ACM SIGGRAPH ASIA Ropes In CGIndia As Media Partner for its 2008 Chapter in Singapore. SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 conference and Exhibition will be held between 10-13 December 2008. For four fascinating days, SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 will extend the horizons of innovation and excellence. It will feature creative, scientific, and educational work that provokes thought, explores ideas in innovative ways, addresses contemporary issues, interactively engages viewers in discovery, and stimulates their intellect and imagination. “ CGIndia is proud to get associated with SIGGRAPH Asia for promoting the event by various means. SIGGRAPH Asia will act as a common platform,.........Read more!!


IT'S ART Contest - $21.000 Prizes

+ From May 22nd to October 15th, IT'S ART will be organizing a Digital Art contest called "We Humans." In either 2D or 3D, you must try to describe what sort of situation, real or imaginary, these few words can inspire you to create. More than 21.000$ Prizes will be dispatch to the winners.The best submissions will also be featured in a special dedicated book and/or in an IT'S ART Issue. Every artists selected for this book should provide a 300 dpi letter size version of their artwork. For more information, please - Click Here!


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Download Blender 2.46 ***

+ Blender 2.46 has been released with load of new features like; hair and fur combing and rendering, cloth, and lots and lots more. This version supports a new particle system with hair and fur combing tools, fast and optimal fur rendering, a mesh deformation system for advanced character rigging, cloth simulation, fast Ambient Occlusion, a new Image browser, and that's just the beginning. Some of the Blender 2.46 feature includes;
- Hair and Fur
- Particle system rewrite
- Image Browsing
- Cloth simulation
- Glossy Reflections
- Approximate AO
- Render Baking
- Mesh Deform Modifier
- Physics caching and baking
- Armature Drawing and Armature Tools
- Action Editor improvement
- Constraint System
- QMC & Adaptive Sampling
- UV texture editing
- Soft Shadows and more Shading features....and much more!
The cross platform 3d tool for free, 'Blender' project has been started ways back in late 90's comes off ages as refined and complete 3d & animation software. Blender Released under GNU Public License, is fully free to use and distribute within any educational, professional or commercial environment. For more blender information and full features list, please -
click here!

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Power NURBS, Power Solids, and Power Translators 5.0 For 3ds Max 2009

+ San Diego, California (for release May, 2008)— nPower Software, a division of IntegrityWare, Inc, announced today the 5.0 release of its popular Power NURBS, Power Solids, and Power Translators products (with support for 3ds Max 2009 and 3ds Design 2009, including 64 bit support). nPower Software's popular Power NURBS, Power Translators, and Power Solids products received a turbo charged performance boost with the version 5.0 release. This 5.0 version dramatically improves productivity and design throughput by significantly optimizing the most common operations used in virtually all of the commands. Power Translators, Power NURBS and Power Solids 5.0 now also take advantage of modern multi-processor architectures with multi-threaded tessellation. Version 5.0 also supports much larger models (especially for importing) due to a reduced memory footprint. With version 5.0, you can work on larger models, get the job finished significantly faster, with fewer obstacles, and have more fun doing it.
Power NURBS / Power Translators / Power Solids 5.0 introduces the following new features:
- 3ds Max 2009 and 3ds Design 2009 Support, (including 64 Bit processing)
- Major Performance Improvements
- Improved Filleting
- Improved Sewing UI
- Improved Navigator Interface
- 64 bit support for native translators
- Handles Larger Models
Power NURBS, Power Translators, and Power Solids are based on IntegrityWare’s SOLIDS ++ Kernel, a unique and powerful hybrid modeling system that supports Solids, Surface and Polygonal modeling. nPower modeling tools (Power NURBS, Solids, Translators) bring the highest order of surfacing, solids modeling, analysis, and tessellation technologies to the popular Autodesk® 3ds max® and Viz™ 3D design products. Power NURBS provides advanced Solids Modeling tools like Booleans, shelling and variable radius filleting that are normally found only in high end CAD systems; it also provides advanced Surface Modeling tools like high continuity blending, multi-rail sweeps, and high continuity class-A surfaces which meet the exacting standards of the automotive and aerospace industries. Power Solids is a subset of Power NURBS which contains the advanced Solids Modeling features. Intelligent Power NURBS and Solids Objects retain their parameters and update automatically through design revisions. And unique advanced tangency controls allow users to have interactive feedback and greater control over surface properties. Power NURBS, Solids and Translators also enable designers from all markets to create or import solid objects that can be quickly turned into accurate physical objects using modern prototyping techniques. For more information on nPower Software, visit

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The Mill - Brains and Drench | VFX

+ Brains, the bespectacled egghead of Gerry Anderson’s 1960s puppet classic Thunderbirds, is back on our screens in a new ad for Britvic, performing some pretty amazing dance moves thanks to the hydrating benefits of Drench Water – and with a little help from the Mill. Says Barnsley: “It became clear to me early on that the best approach for this project was to allow the 3D animation team as much freedom and time as possible to concentrate on 3d modelling, texturing, lighting, and especially animation. This involved convincing everyone to hold off the flame work until reasonably late in the project… A motion capture stage was set up with a real dancer on the shoot to capture the moves which Ringan envisaged Brains pulling off. Sindle believes the biggest challenge rested in the animation as; “the movements of a puppet and of a human differ hugely, we needed to achieve the look and weight of a puppet while.........Read more!!


3ds Max Design 2009 Review

+ In Februray this year Autodesk debuted 3ds Max Design 2009 software, a tailored 3D application for architects, designers and visualization specialists. Now VizDepot has published a brief Review of the 3ds Max Design 2009 Steven D. Papke. Steven Said ; "I am fortunate enough to have participated in every 3DS Viz beta since its inception in 1997 after the release of Max R1, up to last year’s release Architectural Viz 2008. Architectural design and visualization are two industries that I have always had a passion for, which explains why I was on the ‘Viz’ path. It has been five releases since I last used Max in production so I knew I was in for a big change. Now, with the shift away from Viz platform, Autodesk has released 3ds Max 2009 and 3ds Max Design 2009. The differences between the two are minute with the main difference being 3ds Max 2009 ships with the SDK (software development kit), 3ds Max Design 2009 does not........Read more"

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Archinteriors Vol. 14

+ Evermotion has announced the availablity of its 3d model collection, Archinteriors Vol. 14. Have you ever wondered how does the professional set-up of HI-END rendering? Archinteriors gives you this possibility. Look how does it look from the backstage. Buy Archinteriors DVD and learn commercial rendering set-up. Make money from professional visualizations. Archinteriors vol. 14 comprises of 10 textured and shadered visualization scenes ready to be rendered.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Various Free XSI Video Tutorials **

+ CGIndia bring you quite Useful and Free tutorial for Softimage|XSI Users. These Various XSI tutorials takes you through; Duplicating and Cloning Objects in
SOFTIMAGE|XSI, Creating Presets in SOFTIMAGE|XSI, Painting Weight Maps in SOFTIMAGE|XSI, Creating Hierarchies in SOFTIMAGE|XSI, Scene Layers Overview in SOFTIMAGE|XSI and more. If you like to share your knowledge with CG Community and have any tutorials, we will be glad to feature them on our website along with description about author and website link. Send your tutorials to cgindia@gmail.com.
>> Free XSI Tutorials video

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The LightWave® v9 Trial Edition

+ LightWave v9.3.1 Trial Edition is now available. The LightWave® v9 Trial Edition is designed to provide everyone interested in 3D software and LightWave in particular an opportunity to fully experience the latest version of NewTek’s Emmy award-winning 3D application. The LightWave 3D Trial Edition is a fully functional version of the software with no restrictions or watermarks for a full 30-day period. You will also find 24 hours of video tutorials and more than 130 MB of royalty-free content to download and help you learn more about LightWave 3D. LightWave 3D version 9.3.1 is the current generation of this proven 3D workhorse responsible for more artists winning Emmy® awards than any other 3D application. LightWave v9 offers a comprehensive feature list with elements such as a node-based materials editor, optically correct cameras, Catmull-Clark subdivision surfaces, hard and soft body dynamics, and more.


Box the evolution Character Design

+ Load of inspiration, on your way! Box the evolution Character Design, presents graphic work from 71 artists in different fields around the globe in an impressive compendium of innovation, eye candy and inspiration. Although from different backgrounds, all the work shares a prominent style and impressive visual impact and appeal. Divided into seven chapters (Comics, Graffiti, Hand–drawn Illustration, Ingenious Products, Computer Graphics, Short Film and Miscellaneous Illustration), it also includes 14 interviews to the artists. The inspirational 370 pages book Features, hard cover with cloth-bound slipcase and can be yours for mere 42€.

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Chicago International Poster Biennial

+ Only few days left for submitting your entry for first Chicago International Poster Biennial. While Chicago is well known for its architecture, theatre, fine art, public landscaping, and music scenes, there is a significant lack of applied visual arts in public spaces. By focusing on making this exhibition an outdoor one, we hope to accomplish two important objectives. First, we want posters to be realized as the quintessential public art form, because they engage citizens at street level, requiring an emotional and intellectual response. They also stimulate dialogue and articulation of important issues—social, political, and economic. Secondly, we want to help the City of Chicago craft its international reputation as a proponent of international cooperation and communication—and as a strong civic advocate of design.
All entries must be designed and printed between 1 January, 2006 to 1 March 2008. Entries can be no smaller than 16.5 × 23.4 inches (42 × 59.4 cm) or larger than 47 × 71 inches (120 × 180 cm). Participants must submit TWO copies of each poster. All entries must be received at the committee office of the Biennial address by post on or before 27 May 2008. For more information, please visit www.chicagobiennial.org


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mimic Pro Facial Animation Software for Carrara

+ Click for a wink. Click again for a smile. Facial animation has never been simpler as DAZ 3D, a leading developer of professional quality 3D models and software, today announced the immediate availability of Mimic Pro for Carrara, a plug-in enabling seamless lip-synching, sound analysis and speech animation simulations directly within Carrara 6.2. Mimic Pro for Carrara provides an advanced environment for quickly creating facial animation sequences, such as winks, nods and smiles, allowing 3D characters to effortlessly obtain a greater level of expression. “Combining Carrara’s high-end tool sets with Mimic Pro allows 3D artists access to an unprecedented array of tools for exploring new dimensions of creativity and adding personality to their 3D creations,” said Dan Farr, president of DAZ 3D. “The addition of Mimic Pro really completes Carrara’s toolset. Now, Carrara truly is the all-in-one 3D solution for digital content creators.”
Similar to its compatibility with NewTek’s Lightwave and Smith Micro’s Poser, Mimic Pro for Carrara animates any 3D figure utilizing existing audio files in any language, or personalized speech files created using Mimic’s simple recording studio. Mimic's Talkback™ engine saves hours of production time, allowing users of any skill level more time to make their characters come to life at the click of a button. Mimic Pro’s added compatibility with Carrara now offers artists additional features including multiple figure support, complete integration with NLA animation in Carrara and lip-synching capability for models created using Carrara 6.2.
Pricing and Availability
The full version of Mimic Pro for Carrara is available in both Macintosh and Windows formats and is priced at $199. Mimic Pro for Carrara is compatible with Carrara version 6.2. Current owners of Carrara 6 may download a free upgrade, while new users may purchase Carrara 6, priced at $249 MSRP, and Carrara 6 Pro for $549 MSRP, with promotional discounts available for a limited time. Additional information regarding Mimic Pro for Carrara and Carrara 6.2, including a complete feature list, system compatibilities and various video tutorials, can be found by visiting


Archmodels vol. 54

+ Evermotion has announced the availablity of its 3d model collection, Archmodels vol. 54. The Archmodels volume 54 gives you 120 professional, highly detailed objects for architectural visualizations. This product is compatible with: 3ds max, 3DS VIZ, Accurender, Animatek World Builder, Art.lantis, AutoCAD, Autodesk Image Studio, Autodesk Studio Tools, Bryce 3D, Carrara, Cinema4D, Deep Paint 3D Electric, formZ, Houdini, LightWave3D, Maya, Poser, Realsoft 3D, Rhino, SketchUp, SOFTIMAGEXSI, solidThinking, Strata3D CX, trueSpace (Caligari), VectorWorks, Visual Nature StudioVue (d?Esprit), World Construction Set. Archmodels vol. 54 is priced at 99 Euro + Shipping.


Cheetah3D 4.6 + "Cheetah3D for Beginners" video tutorials

+ Cheetah3D 4.6 was released today. Version 4.6 adds support for Auto-saving documents. If turned on in the prefernces window your work will be saved automatically every few minutes. So if a crash should happen only the work of the last few minutes gets lost. Other enhancement in this version is the support of rendering movies with an arbitrary frame rate or the improved FBX file loader. To offer an even better learning experience we've teamed up with Andrew Heyworth (known as "fused" in the Cheetah3D user forum), a professional designer and teacher, to produce Cheetah3D video training material. The resulting "Cheetah3D for Beginner" video tutorials cover all the main aspects of using Cheetah3D from the User interface, materials, modelling, rendering and animation. The 4h video tutorials are available via download (851 MByte, 960x720 resolution) for 29$. Cheetah3D 4.6 is free for all registered Cheetah3D 4.x users. A single user license costs 149 US$ and 69 US$ for an update of an older version (1.x, 2.x or 3.x).

>> Download Trial

Monday, May 12, 2008

Making of Italian Creek | 3ds MAX

+ CGIndia bring you quite Useful and Free tutorial/Making-Of for 3ds Max Users. The tutorials is created by CG Jan Jinda; who shows us Making of "Making of Italian Creek" using 3d Studio Max + finalRender for 3d modeling and rendering. Jan will take you through almost step by step and will focus on most interesting parts of production. If you like to share your knowledge with CG Community and have any tutorials, we will be glad to feature them on our website along with description about author and website link. Send your tutorials to cgindia@gmail.com

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Morph-O-Matic v2 *

+ Di-O-Matic, a leading developer of character animation software, is proud to release today the new edition of the award-winning Morph-O-Matic. The Morph-O-Matic, is industry standard morphing extension for 3ds max, has been designed from the ground up as a tool to assist modellers, animators and technical directors in creating complex morph setups and animations. Morph-O-Matic provides many benefits over the build-in morpher of 3ds max. More importantly, no matter how complex the model or how numerous the targets, Morph-O-Matic will provide you with instant results every time.
Now, Morph-O-Matic also provides you with the ability to create pose presets, allowing you to easily re-use a combination of morph targets. In addition to fully supporting the latest versions of 3ds max (2008 and 2009) in both 32 bit and 64 bit, Morph-O-Matic newest version sports many new features including:
· Faster morphing calculation speed
· Enhanced user interface for animators
· Ability to use modifier stack result as morph target
· Auto Reload Target per channel
· Improved .mom file features
· Additional MaxScript commands
· Correction of malfunctions from the previous version
· Much more
“The key benefit of using Morph-O-Matic is that it is a huge increase in productivity for both animators and character setup artists. I really recommend Morph-O-Matic as THE tool for studio animating with morph targets in 3ds max.” revealed Luis San Juan from Nexus Production. “On the animation side: the increase of speed, been able to play facial animations in real time and having a floating window for each character simultaneously allowing you to animate a few characters at the same time make live much easier. The new pose system saves a lot of time in reusing poses too.” He continues: “On the character setup side: it’s like having all the small options you always wanted to have in morpher, the ability to keep the targets in the modifier, the negative target, independent limits for each morph." To learn more about Morph-O-Matic or to download a trial version visit:

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Design Book Magazine's T-shirt design competition

+ Design Book Magazine has announced Call for Entries for its T-shirt design competition. The winning design will be become our official shirt for the 2008 season. Winning designer's bio and work will be shown in the Summer issue along with a link to his or her website. The T-shirt design must feature the Design Book Magazine Logo. (click here to download). Color Designs are acceptable only if accompanied by a monochromatic version. Design must fit on the front, side, or back of a standard cotton T-shirt. Designs must be submitted in EPS format.
Entries will be judged on creativity and originality. There is no entry fee or limit to the number of entries per designer. All designs must be original. Submit your entry by June 20th, 2008 via e-mail to
contribute@designbookmag.com. For more information, please visit www.designbookmag.com.


SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 New Horizons: Call for Participation

+ SIGGRAPH Asia, the 1 st ACM SIGGRAPH Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques in Asia seeks participation from digital innovators, researchers, producers, artists, and engineers to be part of the inaugural SIGGRAPH Asia as contributors, presenters or volunteers for its programmes.
Content Presentations and Contributions
Technical Papers
The SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 Technical Papers programme will continue the tradition of excellence in computer graphics and interactive techniques that SIGGRAPH is known for and extend this world-class experience to Asia. SIGGRAPH Asia invites submission of high-quality papers that will set the standard in the field and stimulate future trends. Accepted papers will be presented at SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 and published as a special issue of ACM Transactions on Graphics. The deadline for submission to the SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 Technical Papers is 28 May 2008.
Sketches and Posters
This programme covers a broad spectrum of topics including digital art, design, science, and engineering. It encompasses ideas ranging from speculation to academic research, from industrial development and practical tools to behind-the-scenes explanations of commercial and artistic work. Whether one is toying with fuzzy what-if ideas, developing new techniques, or using existing ones in novel ways, SIGGRAPH Asia wants to hear from them! SIGGRAPH Asia encourages them to be a part of this exciting exchange of ideas and techniques by being a pioneer and contribute their ideas to the first SIGGRAPH Asia! The deadline for submission to the SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 Sketches & Posters is 12 July 2008.
The Courses programme welcomes submissions that cover state-of-the-art techniques in computer graphics and interactive interfaces including (but not limited to) animation, computer-human interactivity, post-production, entertainment, gaming, rendering, scientific visualisation, virtual reality, and programming hackery. SIGGRAPH Asia also welcomes reports on recent industrial advances and tutorials on skills and techniques for artists. The deadline for submission to the SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 Courses programme is 19 May 2008.
Art Gallery
The Art Gallery welcomes submissions of printed, interactive, networked, digital art in 2D, 3D, and 4D, especially works that deal with transformations, fusions, intersections, and paradigm shifts from Asia. The show will facilitate an encounter with, and exchange between, different fields to showcase "hybrid" works such as space art in zero gravity, text-literature visualisation, and ubiquitous sounds. The deadline for submission to the SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 Art Gallery is 20 June 2008.
Computer Animation Festival
The Computer Animation Festival includes two main components: The official competition programme features a juried selection of "the best of the best" amazing works that provide insight on current international trends in computer-generated animation. Further to this a special curated programme will showcase remarkable films, from classics to experimental explorations of the latest technologies. This special programme of short subjects and features presents an intriguing collection of world-
renowned animated works. Professionals, artists, filmmakers, and researchers from throughout the world are invited to participate. The deadline for submission to the SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 Computer Animation Festival is 20 June 2008.
Educators Programme
The aim of the Educators Programme is to create an environment that supports innovation in the instruction of computer graphics and digital art. Support the evolving integration of art and technology as embraced by educators of all levels from early learning through higher education and industry in all sub-disciplines of the field. Share ideas concerning educational strategies as adopted in both industry and academia and help make learning a more satisfying, productive, and meaningful process. The deadline for submission to the SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 Educators Programme is 6 June 2008.
Emerging Technologies
This programme seeks creative and innovative projects in the fields of virtual and mixed reality, haptic interfaces, ubiquitous systems, digital tools, HD displays, robotics, and any other applications of new, exciting, and amazing technologies. The deadline for submission to the SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 Emerging Technologies is 26 May 2008. For more information on contribution or participation, or for contributors’ benefits, please visit

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Friday, May 09, 2008

RayFire For 3D Studio MAX **

+ Just got word in from Anselm von Seherr, FX artists from Germany and the Producer of RayFire; about the release of new version 1.33 of RayFire plugin Scripts for 3ds MAX 9, 2008 and Max 2009. RayFire Tool gives You ability to shoot, destroy, demolish, crash, ruin, break down, cause havoc, blow up, burst, detonate, explode...You have always dreamed of to do in Max...It gives your VFX Department a fast and easy to use impact and destruction tool at hand for the cost of less then $200USD. Some of the RayFire Features Includes; # Fragmentation. Allows you to fragment geometry objects. # Reactor Explosion. Allows you to realistically explode objects. # Reactor Hit. Creates realistic physical interaction of impact objects with bullets. # Displace. Automatically subdivides impact faces and creates detailed animated dents. # Holes. Creates holes and destruct Impact objects piece by piece totally in real time. # Instant Action. Allows you to shoot and explode without gun, manually defining all impact spots on impact object. # Various effects, such as Impact flash, Muzzle Flash, Particle Debris, Geometry Debris, Fragmented Debris from Holes, Smoke, Sparks, Blood, Decals, Bullets and any Custom objects which you can define by yourself. For more information and trial download, please visit - www.mirvadim.com

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Foundry - Ocula 3D stereo plug-ins

+ Leading visual effects software developer The Foundry has announced the development of Ocula, a unique collection of plug-ins providing a powerful armoury of tools that solve common problems with 3D stereoscopic imagery, boost productivity in post production, and ultimately help to deliver a more rewarding 3D-stereo viewing experience.
The new plug-ins, previewed at NAB 2008, are designed to take the headache out of 3D stereo post production by automatically replicating key processes on left and right channels, and to remove headaches from the final viewing experience by providing tools that help artists to polish and refine 3D-stereo material. The Ocula tools are based on brand new disparity-mapping algorithms, created by The Foundry’s Academy Award-winning R&D team. Disparity maps track and correlate the differences in positional space and movement between corresponding pixels in the left and right cameras, and then deliver pixel-level control over images. Knowing where disparities occur, Ocula tools apply corrections by warping, stretching and squeezing only those areas of an image that require treatment. Image manipulation using disparity maps is different to the X, Y or Z-axis shifting of images, where only whole image planes are being shifted. Ocula plug-ins allow artists to apply a multitude of adjustments to stereo image pairs. All corrections can be made to the left and right eye channels either together or separately, and the results of these corrections ultimately help to minimise or eliminate discomfort from the 3D viewing experience.Users can correct horizontal alignment issues with Ocula’s Interocular Distance Shifter. Using disparity map data, a new ‘virtual’ view is created between the original left and right eye positions, with the result being that objects of different fore, mid and background depths are resolved more accurately for the viewer. This is different to an X-axis shift where only the image plane is moved. Ocula’s Vertical Aligner will automatically attempt to vertically align corresponding image features in each view, to minimize or eliminate the effect known as ‘key-stoning’. This is not a single Y-shift for the whole image – with disparity mapping the correction varies across the entire image.

A key feature of Ocula plug-ins is the dramatic reduction in the amount of manual labour required when artists undertake rotoscoping work, paint effects or other operations dependent on image locality. Many position-dependent image manipulations can now be applied to just one eye with paint strokes, keyframed roto masks, and the like being automatically generated for the other eye, substantially improving productivity.
Nuke 5 is currently the only visual effects compositing system with an embedded 3D stereoscopic workflow, where left and right eye channels can be manipulated separately or together. Ocula plug-ins will be available for the next point release of Nuke, version 5.1, expected to be July 2008.Nuke is available on Linux, Windows, and Mac platforms, and Nuke delivers unparalleled speed, an efficient multi-channel scanline rendering engine, and powerful feature set unrivalled in the desktop market. Nuke 5 is available for existing customers with valid maintenance at no extra cost, and can be downloaded now from The Foundry website

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Autodesk Acquires REALVIZ*

+ Autodesk, Inc. today announced that it has completed the acquisition of substantially all of the assets of REALVIZ S.A., the privately held developer of image-based content creation software. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. REALVIZ was founded in 1998 and is head quartered in Sophia Antipolis, France. REALVIZ's technology provides efficient ways to generate 3D content and visual effects from photo imaging and 2D environments. Its products are used for panoramic photography, image-based modeling, match moving and optical motion capture. REALVIZ's flagship products are Stitcher software for the creation of panoramas and 360 degree virtual tours, and ImageModeler software to produce 3D models from photographs.
Autodesk intends to develop and sell REALVIZ's Stitcher Unlimited, StitcherExpress, ImageModeler and Movimento software as standalone products. Matchmover, Retimer and VTour will no longer be available as standalone products; core technology from these REALVIZ products will be integrated into future versions of Autodesk's existing products, enabling customers to bring the real world into design environments.The following REALVIZ offerings have been discontinued: Stitcher Pro,Stitcher Unlimited DS, StoryViz, and hardware and software product bundles.Education versions of ImageModeler and Stitcher continue to be available. Student versions of ImageModeler and Stitcher are no longer available. For more information please visit www.autodesk.com/REALVIZ.


HYPSOO Present 2008 T-SHIRT Design Contest

+ This is our first contest this year and it’s for all the creative people out there. If you love t-shirts here’s your chance to see your very own design on a Hypsoo t-shirt, limited editions. The design concept can be of your choice. Deadline for submissions: June 30th, 2008
THE PRIZES - #First Prize winner will receive five t-shirts with their design or any other t-shirts of their choice from hypsoo catalogue. #Second prize winner will receive three t-shirts with their design or any other t-shirts of their choice from hypsoo catalogue. #The runner-ups will receive one t-shirt each with their design or any other t-shirts of their choice from hypsoo catalogue. Visit
www.hypsoo.com for more details.


GroBoto x64

+ Braid Art Labs LLP announces the availability of a beta x64 version of GroBoto, its 3D modeling and animation software, for the 64 bit versions of Microsoft Windows Vista and XP. GroBoto creates complex, dynamic, lyrical forms and animation with ease. The x64 version of
GroBoto distinguishes itself in its ability to render large image files very fast. It can typically render many times HD resolution (5-10K squared!) images in a minute or less and HD resolution morph sequences with ease. All of this with conformal mapped textures, resolution independent geometry, and multiple light sources with shadows. The beta version is available for a limited time to the general public from GroBoto’s on-line forum (see www.groboto.com/).


Tuesday, May 06, 2008

MAX2AE Version 3.0 *

+ Boomer Labs announces the release of MAX2AE Version 3.0. Building on the tremendous popularity of their essential production tool that provides a seamless bridge from Autodesk Media and Entertainment’s 3ds max to Adobe’s
After Effects, Boomer Labs has expanded MAX2AE to further improve the workflow between these two popular applications. MAX2AE already supports exporting individual camera, light and helper layer information, and Version 3.0 extends this creative freedom by supporting the export of all of these 3d objects from 3ds MAX into After Effects with a single operation. MAX2AE Version 2.0 also delivers an industry first; importing AE compositions into 3ds max. MAX2AE Version 3.0 extends this functionality further by supporting 3ds max Particle Systems and Space Warps. Also new with this release is Autoscaling which lets the user automatically match the scale of their scene between the two applications. MAX2AE Version 3.0 has an extensive increase in functionality, Including features like: #Ability to export Particles as layers, nulls or lights, # SpaceWarp support, #Automatic scene scaling, #3ds max 2009 support, #Support for 23.976 fps HD drop frame format, #Improved Windows system detection for AE scripts and many more.
>> Download MAX2AE - demo version

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EXPOSÉ 6 | Digital Art

+ Ballistic Publishing has released EXPOSÉ 6, the sixth in its series of award-winning EXPOSÉ digital art books celebrating the creative talents of digital artists worldwide. Exposé 6 is our latest Digital Art Yearbook featuring 'the best of the best'. With 334 inspiring images prepared by 257 artists from 43 countries, you will discover the very best work across 20 different categories. Exposé Pre-order customers will receive a free 15 minute video tutorial by Linda Bergkvist showing some of the detailing of the cover art "Red Robin".

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Forest Pack 3.0 for 3ds MAX

+ Itoo Software has released a new version of Forest Pack, is a package of plugins for 3D Studio Max and 3D Studio Viz, designed to give a complete solution for creation of vast surfaces of trees and plants. All customers who bought Forest Pack Pro after November 1, 2007 will receive a free upgrade to the new version. Forest Pack 3.0 new features includes; Definable Geometry list, now Forest and Planes combined in a single plugin, Library browser, Density Falloff for Area Splines, Automatic detection of collisions, Animation support (only 3DS Max), including multiple random samples, Automatic creation of multi-materials, Improved shader for Mental Ray and many more.

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Archexteriors vol. 1

+ The Evermotion group made collection of Archinteriors vol 1 adapted for the Cinema4D with the Vray renderer in the version 1.08. Traditionally this collection includes 10 incredible scenes prepared directly for the rendering. Have you ever wanted to make professional exterior renderings? Do you know how to use VRaySun, VRaySky and VRayPhisicalCamera? Have you ever had problems with composition? Archexteriors will end all your problems.


Hexagon 2.5

+ DAZ 3D, a leading developer of professional quality 3D models and software, today announced the immediate availability of DAZ Hexagon 2.5, the newest version of its popular 3D polygonal and subdivision modeling software. Free for registered Hexagon 2 customers, Hexagon 2.5 offers a sculpted primitive tool allowing users to model and import 3D objects into Second Life®, enhanced UV-mapping and freehand brush modeling, and ultra-fast ambient occlusion. Hexagon 2.5 is available for both Macintosh OSX and Windows. To learn more about DAZ 3D and Hexagon 2.5, or to purchase the new version, please visit www.daz3d.com/hexagonsl


Thursday, May 01, 2008

CrisVector - Featured digital Artist*

+ This months our Featured CG Artist is Cristiano Siqueira a.k.a CrisVector, an very an accomplished Graphic illustrator from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Cris work comprises of Vectors, Cartoon style illustrations, character design as well as some really Awesome digital art produced by combining 3d and 2d using Adobe Photoshop. Cristiano Siqueira work has been featured in many online and print Magazine, is an well established digital artist now works from his own office making all kind of digital art for his clients world-wide. Have a look guys, he is Our Artist of da Month!!

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Adobe Illustrator and Mental Ray United*

+ Everyone is invited for the wedding of adobe illustrator & Mental Ray, RSVP to Letterbox Animation Studios. The integration of the world's best 2D renderer and the world's best 3D renderer: IQ.
Illustrator and Mental Ray has been achieved claims Letterbox Animation Studios. Who say: " This groundbreaking union creates unparalleled possibilities in the creation of artwork for feature films, TV series, architectural pre-visualization, and the potential to vastly improve the graphic quality of games."
This means that for any
texture, instead of creating a bitmap version, you can use the Illustrator file directly. So you don’t have to go though the intermediate step of the bitmap. This means files sizes are massively reduced. E.g. if the Illustrator file is about 200-300k, a bitmap could end up being 200-300 meg (depending on scale / resolution), vectors can be a magnitude of order smaller. You can zoom (dolly) in closer to the image, and it just does not get pixilated, it always stays sharp. For more information, Click here!

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+ Call for Entries has been announced for SAPPI - "Ideas that Matter," is an initiative by Sappi - the world's leading producer of coated fine paper. This annual campaign encourages creative marketing and advertising professionals from Europe, North America and South Africa to create printed communication campaigns and designs around important social or environmental issues. Individual Graphics designers, design agencies, in-house design departments and individuals or groups of design students are all eligible to apply. The successful applicants will be awarded a grant of up to R300,00.00 (US$20,000) for the print production and implementation of their idea. Independent selection committees in Europe, North America and South Africa will review all applications in their respective region. For more information, please -
Click Here


Call for Entries : 5th annual Architectural 3D Awards

+ Call for entries has been announced for 5th annual Architectural 3D Awards, ending on 24 May 2008 12:00:00 UTC-0600 (deadline). Architectural visualizers are asked to submit their entries in still and animation categories. Following up on last year's huge success, CGarchitect.com is hosting the 5th annual Architectural 3D Awards to be awarded at this year's Mundos Digitales Conference in La Coruna, Spain. The Awards Competition is open to everyone in the Architectural Visualization industry to highlight the best imagery and animations done in 2007/2008. For more information, please - click here!

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