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Monday, May 12, 2008

Morph-O-Matic v2 *


+ Di-O-Matic, a leading developer of character animation software, is proud to release today the new edition of the award-winning Morph-O-Matic. The Morph-O-Matic, is industry standard morphing extension for 3ds max, has been designed from the ground up as a tool to assist modellers, animators and technical directors in creating complex morph setups and animations. Morph-O-Matic provides many benefits over the build-in morpher of 3ds max. More importantly, no matter how complex the model or how numerous the targets, Morph-O-Matic will provide you with instant results every time.
Now, Morph-O-Matic also provides you with the ability to create pose presets, allowing you to easily re-use a combination of morph targets. In addition to fully supporting the latest versions of 3ds max (2008 and 2009) in both 32 bit and 64 bit, Morph-O-Matic newest version sports many new features including:
· Faster morphing calculation speed
· Enhanced user interface for animators
· Ability to use modifier stack result as morph target
· Auto Reload Target per channel
· Improved .mom file features
· Additional MaxScript commands
· Correction of malfunctions from the previous version
· Much more
“The key benefit of using Morph-O-Matic is that it is a huge increase in productivity for both animators and character setup artists. I really recommend Morph-O-Matic as THE tool for studio animating with morph targets in 3ds max.” revealed Luis San Juan from Nexus Production. “On the animation side: the increase of speed, been able to play facial animations in real time and having a floating window for each character simultaneously allowing you to animate a few characters at the same time make live much easier. The new pose system saves a lot of time in reusing poses too.” He continues: “On the character setup side: it’s like having all the small options you always wanted to have in morpher, the ability to keep the targets in the modifier, the negative target, independent limits for each morph." To learn more about Morph-O-Matic or to download a trial version visit:

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