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Monday, August 11, 2008

Intense Skate @ 8 Show


+ A detailed 3D animated skateboard, cel animated graffiti like teeth, intense camera moves and sequential photos that feel like stop-motion animation of a skateboarder pulling off some amazing moves -- and falling hard -- are just some of the cool creative ingredients found in design/animation studio Royale powerful new show open/packaging for Skate @ 8 -- a new programming block seen Friday’s at 8pm on the action sports network Fuel TV.
''We were given a huge amount of creative freedom to mix mediums,'' said Jayson Whitmore, co-founder/creative director for Royale. ''From the beginning we knew we were going to build a 3D environment and experiment with blending sequential stills of the skateboarders into this environment.''
Jarring and visceral, Royale’s fifteen-second action burst opens with a multilayered shot of a skateboarder moving through an imposing circular garage -- nailing spectacular moves and wiping out with brutal force. Inside the 3D animated concrete world, the skateboarder encounters a graffiti animated mouth, jagged teeth and disembodied arms that mock the skateboarder and attempt to trip him up. Sweeping camera moves that bring viewers into the action, pulsating geometric shapes in the background and rocking skate-punk soundtrack complete the look of this effective show open.
Whitmore explains that rather then shooting the live action first and then creating the 3D animated backgrounds around the live action, Royale choose to reverse the process, first creating the animation -- both the environment and the detailed 3D animated skateboard -- then compositing the shots of the skateboarder into the environment. Royale shot the live action footage of the skateboarder in sequential photo stills to give the footage a stop-motion feel.
''Royale modeled and animated the environment, creating camera moves around a free floating skateboard without the live action skateboarder,'' said Whitmore. ''We had to do some extensive pre-visualization in order to shoot the talent in the right perspective, which enabled us to composite them seamlessly into the 3D environment.''


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