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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Asset Sharing Website for MODO

+ Luxology LLC, developer of modern, artist-focused 3D software, has created a new asset sharing Web site that serves as a participatory content-sharing portal and learning resource. Users are now able to upload and download Presets of all kinds as well as exchange associated usage tips and techniques with other artists. Introduced concurrently with the recently released modo® 401 software, the custom-developed site provides modo artists with an easily accessible online resource for content re-utilization. The new asset sharing Web site is an extension of the streamlined workflow in modo 401 that facilitates the re-use of assets throughout the content creation process. Users can browse through the site's visual interface to select Presets such as realistic surface materials, 3D meshes, profile curves, animation assemblies and professionally designed lighting environments, which can all be utilized in modo 401. Artists and designers can also upload images and other assets to the site in order to share them with the rest of the modo community. To facilitate asset re-use, the site allows searches by category, popularity or by keyword search.
The site also offers artists the opportunity to learn new techniques used by others in the creation of Presets, as well as a way to provide tips on how to use each asset. For example, when a material Preset is uploaded, the structure and components of the material are automatically displayed into a form that lets modo users understand how materials will look and act in modo's Shader Tree. Users can also accompany their contributions with text, video and images that explain in detail how a particular asset can be used. All 3D software professionals and enthusiasts are encouraged to visit the asset portal; however, only modo 401 registered users may upload assets to the site. For more information or to browse though the asset sharing Web site, please visit


Introducing MachStudio Pro*

+ StudioGPU announced today the immediate availability of MachStudio Pro™, a professional 3D workflow and rendering package created by artists for artists. MachStudio Pro offers a seamless way to create and interact with cinematic quality 3D objects and environments in a non-linear workspace by leveraging the horsepower of off-the-shelf professional graphics processing units (GPUs) to deliver real-time and near real-time workflow performance on a desktop workstation. MachStudio Pro streamlines real-time 3D workflow, allowing artists to easily manage and interact with complex lighting, caustics, cameras, shaders, materials, ambient occlusion, and color grading. With MachStudio Pro, render times can be dramatically reduced from hours to minutes and minutes to seconds or sub-seconds. Comparable final scenes are consistently rendered with MachStudio Pro at rates of 500 to 900 times faster than traditional rendering packages. A complex 1.98 million polygon high-definition image, for example, renders in 14 seconds using MachStudio Pro while the same scene rendered with a traditional rendering package can take more than three hours to complete.
MachStudio Pro Features and Benefits
Developed and continuously proven in a true high-end production environment, MachStudio Pro empowers creativity with real-time 3D workflow and rendering features that eliminate the need for expensive render farms. Key features include:
· Optimized shader and material pipeline
· Ability to adjust and view all render passes independently
· Full materials library
· Interactive ambient occlusion (AO)
· Fully configurable lighting and animation constraint system
· Animatable and keyframeable properties for all objects, lights, cameras and materials
· Real-time High Dynamic Range (HDR) cameras and lighting
· Real-time depth-map shadows and depth-of-field· Exporters to support a wide range of file formats, including Autodesk 3ds Max, Maya and .fbx formats
· Completely customizable interface with assignable hot keys, and fully functional scene manager
· Support for the creation of unlimited lights and gels
· Simulated global illumination, reflections, refractions and subsurface scattering
· Resolution independent with support for all popular final file formats
· Full Python scripting support
A total out-of-box high-performance solution, MachStudio Pro ships with an AMD ATI FireGL™ V8650 3D workstation graphics accelerator card featuring 2 GB onboard graphics memory and a parallel processing Unified Shader architecture. Supporting a wide range of industries—from computer-aided design (CAD) visualization and 3D animation to top-quality film and broadcast projects— MachStudio Pro offers seamless interoperability with leading professional 3D modeling, animation, and 3D CAD software packages. Artists, designers, and producers facing tight deadlines, hardware limitations, or rendering bottlenecks will ultimately benefit from the real-time workflow and GPU rendering performance advantages of MachStudio Pro. For a complete MachStudio Pro list of features, product overview videos and related software and hardware requirements, please visit


nShatter releases RUINS

+ nShatter has announced the release of RUINS 1.5.... RUINS is a real-time shatter plug-in for Autodesk's Maya. Generally speaking solid shatter is difficult/lengthy process to solve in Maya. Apparently RUINS is production-proven software and offers shattering and breaking of your models in instantly. Ruins 1.5 can support CUDA accelerated. If you want to Shatter many debris, youneed CUDA accelerated .you must have nvidia Geforce 8800 or quadro FX 4600 and 512M display memory above, if you have 512M display memory , but In fact only 350M memory can use about! Ruins 1.5 single license Price is about $99 USD. You may also download free maya plugins CurveFollow and CurveTree from nShatter website.
More Information

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Gnomon Workshop Releases New Robot Design DVD

+ The Gnomon Workshop is excited to announce a comprehensive new concept design title: Robot Design with Josh Nizzi. In this DVD, Josh leads you through his production process for designing a fighting robot. He covers everything from sketching thumbnails and modeling a 3D proxy model to rendering and detailing. Throughout the lecture Josh discusses various features and elements to focus on for a stronger design, and he shows techniques for efficiently and quickly making your next robot design a lot cooler when you present it to your art director or client.
In this DVD Josh Nizzi reveals his techniques for designing robots. He demonstrates his entire robotic design process, from sketching concepts in Photoshop® and creating a rough 3D model in 3ds Max®, to rendering the model in HyperShot™ and finishing the design in Photoshop®, Josh's approach is particularly valuable in a production setting because it enables the artist to deliver high quality concepts very quickly while simultaneously producing a proxy 3D model that could be used in pre-vis or as a starting point for a final model.

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VIEW AWARD 2009 - World Wide Short Competition Using 3D Animation and VFX,...more!
+ Call for Entries has been announced by View 2009 Conference, seeking entries in Short movies Competition Using 3D Animation & VFX and in other categories. Work produced between 2006 and 2009 are eligible. VIEW'09 have included both students and non students works, making this year contest more appealing then ever. All entries must be received by September 30, 2009.
List of the 2009 VIEW AWARD categories:
Best 3D short
This award will honor an outstanding short movie created with 2D, 3D digital animation, or live footage with the integration of digital visual effects. Motion Capture Data can optionally be utilized for the animation. Entries will be judged based on the criteria of Technical Excellence, Originality, Creativity, Design and Aesthetics. The duration cannot be more than 30 minutes.
Best 3D Design
This award will honor the best original 3D model for non-living objects (industrial design, automotive, architecture or any other common use object but not characters). Modeling may be created with any type of 3D graphic software and must be complete with textures or shaders. Entries, in the form or rendered digital images depicting the 3D model, will be judged based on the criteria for Technical Excellence, Originality, Creativity and Aesthetics.
Best Environment Design / Digital Matte Painting
This award will honor the best environment created with digital techniques: it can be entirely 3D or a mix of 3D graphics and digital matte painting techniques. It may depict an interior or an exterior environment. 3D modeling, rendering and digital painting can be created with any 2D, 3D or digital painting software. The environment must be complete with surface appearance, painted or textured. Entries will be judged based on the criteria for Technical Excellence, Originality, Creativity, Aesthetics and Architectural Value of the piece.
Best 3D Digital Character
This award will honor the best 3D digital character modeled for an animated short film or for a video game. The character may be created with any software used for 3D graphics. Entries will be judged based on rendering images of the character and on the criteria for Technical Excellence, Originality, Creativity, Aesthetics and Character’s Personality.
Best Digital Visual Effects
This award will honor the best Digital Visual Effects sequence used in a CG animated or live-action short film. The VFX may be created with any software used for 3D graphics and compositing. Entries will be judged based on the criteria for Technical Excellence, Originality, Creativity and Coherence with the narrative structure of the short.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

modo 401 with New Rendering and Animation Features

+ The rapid evolution of modo took another leap today as Luxology® LLC announced the immediate availability of its latest 3D content creation software, modo® 401. With a focus on rendering and animation enhancements, modo 401 delivers a wealth of new features and innovative workflows, which enable users to easily model on top of existing geometry, see changes in their scene immediately from the radically improved Preview renderer and efficiently re-use assets throughout the content creation process. These new Modo features benefit customers in a broad array of disciplines such as architectural visualization, product design, game development and advertising image production.

Rendering enhancements include caustics, dispersion, blurry refraction, volumetric lighting and Pixar-patented deep shadows. The new Instance Replicators allow dense amounts of surface detail like welds, rivets, trees and barnacles to be rendered with trillion polygon detail. Light linking and support for multiple environments provides precise control over how each part of a scene is individually lit. modo 401 also supports stereoscopic rendering and will render on up to 32 cores across a network of 50 workstations.

Animation improvements in modo 401 include inverse kinematics, dynamic parenting, channel constraints and modifiers. modo's new animation capabilities facilitate the creation of sophisticated rigs in modo 401 that can be driven with a few simple inputs. For example, a tank model can be rigged to track and turn accurately across undulating terrain while maintaining realistic tread and wheel movement. Pre-built animation assemblies provided with modo 401 allow users to apply animation to their models automatically.

Optimized artist workflows are another essential element of modo 401. Artist feedback during modeling and other operations is enriched with a deeply threaded Preview renderer that boasts extremely rapid updates and progressive rendering capability. modo 401 boosts artist productivity by facilitating the re-use of assets throughout the content creation process. modo 401 ships with over 1,500 pre-built assets including profile curves, realistic surface finishes, fur presets, 3D props, vegetation, animated rigs and professionally designed lighting environments that light a scene in two mouse clicks.
modo 401 is available immediately for the new suggested retail price of USD $995. Upgrades from any existing version of modo remain at $395. modo 401 runs on Mac and PC platforms, and is newly available for 64 bit Windows. modo 401 is sold and supported by a network of authorized Luxology resellers around the globe. For more information, please -
Click Here


Fusion 6.0

+ eyeon Software Inc. announced that the highly- anticipated Fusion™ 6.0 node-based compositing application is now available as an Open Release Candidate. The award-winning compositing application has been a mainstay of the visual effects industry for over 20 years. Optimized for the latest processing and graphics card technologies, Fusion 6 offers significantly improved performance, along with a host of new features and capabilities, including full support for stereoscopic content, Region Of Interest/Domain of Definition, interface refinements, expanded 2D and 3D toolsets, and more.
Significant portions of the code for Fusion 6 have been re-written for the new generation of multi-core processors. A new GPU core for accelerated performance and GPU-based production quality floating-point rendering has been added. The application also features a new colour matrix tool, expanded spline-smoothing tools, and enhanced spline controls. Building on underlying GPU-optimization, Fusion 6 offers support for concatenated 3D LUTs and an all-new material system, which allows users to build their own custom shaders. For more information, Please -
Click Here


ZBrush 4 Preview

watch Video video
+ Pixologic Inc., makers of the award-winning 3D sculpting, texturing and painting application ZBrush, released a preview video showcasing two new powerful features of the soon to be released ZBrush 4. ZBrush 4 will be released in August 2009. Both Spotlight and Lightbox will be part of the new arsenal of features that will be include with ZBrush 4 core functionality.
A new texturing, painting, sculpting, and image reference tool that is manipulated within an intuitive never before seen control dial. With Spotlight you can preform a wide range of image editing functions, all while working within the powerful 3D environment of ZBrush. Beta testers of the new Spotlight feature say that it has increases the speed of their work 10 fold while allowing them to be even more creative.
A powerful new browser built right within ZBrush, which lets you search for images, models, textures, materials, alphas, and just about anything you can imagine from the web or any local drive. Lightbox increases a ZBrush artists ability to focus on being creative rather then being bothered with time consuming content gathering and management.


Power NURBS™, Power Solids™, Power Translators™ 6.0

+ nPower Software, a division of IntegrityWare, Inc, announced today the 6.0 release of its popular Power NURBS, Power Solids, and Power Translators products (with support for Autodesk® 3ds max® 2010 and Autodesk® 3ds max® Design 2010). Version 6.0 of nPower Software's Power NURBS, Power Translators, and Power Solids products includes even tighter integration with Autodesk® 3ds max®, with direct support for Autodesk® 3ds max® modifiers. Now you can directly apply Bend, Displace, Noise, Ripple, Skew, Twist, Taper, and other modifiers onto nPower plugin objects. The video below shows an example of how you can use some of these modifiers to more easily construct a watch or other complex geometry. These modifiers can be applied to imported geometry (and then even exported back to the system in which they were created), and to Power NURBS / Solids objects created within Autodesk® 3ds max®. Power NURBS, Power Solids and Power Translators empower leading artists, designers, and engineers around the world by providing advanced tools for designing, conceptualizing, and rendering intricate, complex geometry. On the panel to the right, you can see the professional work of some of our featured artists who leverage nPower Software products to create some of the most impressive design solutions in the world. For more information, please visit www.npowersoftware.com


ProUV for ZBrush - Special Introductory Sale - 20% discount

+ We're proud to announce that ProUV professional UV unwrapping plug-in for ZBrush has finished theopen beta phase and is now available for commercial licensing. Special 20% discount will be availablein the first two weeks of sales, until 01.07.2009. Trial version is also available for download, andis limited to 15 days of usage and at most 5000 mesh-faces per unwrapped model. All artists are welcometo download and check out the plug-in - user feedback, feature requests and bug reports can be left onour support forums. ProUV features sculpting optimized automatic UV map creation, which significantly improves upon existing GUV and AUV built-in ZBrush unwrapping solutions. Improvements can be experienced in all texture relatedworkflows, and to demonstrate it we have provided a few examples on the plug-in web page. The plug-in is available for commercial licensing for Zbrush 3.1 (only Windows OS is supported). The trial version can be freely downloaded from our web home-page at www.speedy.rs/prouv. The trial is limited to 15 days of usage and at most 5000 mesh-faces per model.


Vue 3D Environment Competition 2009

+ e-on software, maker of the leading solutions for natural 3D environments, in association with Maxon, Pixologic, 3D Total, 3Dconnexion, Cornucopia3D and 3D World Magazine, today announced the fourth edition of the "Vue 3D Environment Competition", designed to showcase the capabilities of 3D technology for CG environments. Any version of Vue - including the Pioneer and the Personal Learning Edition (PLE) which are available at no charge- can be used to enter the competition (standalone or in combination with any other 3D application). Judging will be based solely on the quality, realism and artistic merit of the entries, not on the version of Vue used to create them.
With 8 prestigious judges representing the different fields of the 3D Industry, this competition is a unique chance for anybody to see their work exposed to the eyes of industry experts, as well as winning a complete 3D toolkit (over $11,000 worth of prizes).The competition will end on July 20, and e-on will announce the winners at Siggraph, in New Orleans. More information and submission guidelines are available at:


DX Studio Demo Contest Launched

+ In line with the success of their Winter 2008 Games Contest and the upcoming release of DX Studio Version 3.1, software developers Worldweaver Ltd have today launched a new competition for best demo made using the DX Studio platform. This year’s contest sees the additional twist of a theme based on the idea ‘Where Are They Now?’. Entrants must feature a lead or supporting character from a once famous game and suggest what they might be up to now. “Last year’s contest was very popular and a number of the entries are now being developed into commercial games. This year we wanted to open up the contest to non-gaming applications too, and by having a theme we can really challenge entrants creativity whilst ensuring everyone starts from a level playing field” said Operations Director Bob Sterling.
The competition is now up and running and has a closing date of 17th September 2009. Prizes worth over GBP 2,000 are up for grabs (including GBP 1,000 in cash) with individual awards for Best Overall, Best Innovation and Best Design. The winning demos will also be made available to play on the DX Studio website. Full details of the competition can be found at



Monday, June 15, 2009

Making of 3D Girl (Tutorial)

+ CGIndia brings you another very useful tutorial for 3ds Max users. In this brief tutorial, Ziv Qual explains Making of photorealistic 3D Girl (Ella) in 3ds MAx. In this tutorial Ziv will cover some of the interesting steps of this project. He will cover modeling and rigging in general, texturing, working with complex hairs, rendering and compositing. Ziv will also share a few tips and tricks as I show the process..........tutorial Link!!


Friday, June 12, 2009

3DS Max Material Tutorial - Leather

+ CGIndia brings you another very useful tutorial for 3ds Max users. In this brief tutorial, Mario Malagrino explains how to create a Leather material in 3ds Max. Leather is one of the most used materials in the field of Furniture design. Especially for design of sofas or couches. It is quite easy to obtain a good leather material. The leather material quality strongly depends on the illumination in your scene.Before you start to create the leather in the material editor you must first analyze exactly the type of leather that you want to simulate in 3D Studio Max. After this step go to choose an image which has the pattern/texture of the real leather. Here in image below, you can see an examples of images/maps which .................
tutorial Link!!


Gnomon Workshop - War Creature Design DVD

+ This week The Gnomon Workshop is thrilled to announce a new title in collaboration with Epic Games: Gears of War Creature Design with James Hawkins. In this DVD, James demonstrates his production techniques while designing an actual in-game creature from the Gears of War series by Epic Games. Viewers are treated to an inside look at the design techniques of one of the industry's most talented artists, as well as to his personal take on being a successful concept artist in a production environment. Filled with lots of useful tips for designing your next crazy looking creature, this DVD will be a great addition to your training library.
In this lecture, Jay covers everything from the intial thumbnail sketch to the final rendering of the concept used for production. He explains his design process using a combination of Adobe® Photoshop® and Autodesk® 3ds Max®. Jay also delves into his experiences in the game industry and at Epic Games, discussing what it takes to be a successful concept artist in today's ever changing and highly competitive market, and emphasizing the importance of teamwork for developing a successful game. For more information, please - Click Here

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RenderPal V2 2.3

+ Shoran Software is proud to announce the release of the third point release of RenderPal V2, bringing many major new features and improvements: Most notable is the introduction of net job presets, which can be used to store several net job settings for later reuse. These presets can also be used in conjunction with the console remote controller, so they are an ideal addition for advanced pipeline integration. We made many improvements to the frame checking. Manual frame checking can now be performed on single net job chunks, as well as on net jobs which are still pending, which wasn't possible previously. Also, most frame checking settings are now made automatically, making its configuration even easier. To further automate automatic shutdown of unused clients in a render farm, it is now possible to specify a schedule for automatic idle clients shutdown activation. During these scheduled times, the automatic idle clients shutdown will be automatically activated for the corresponding pool. The entire networking code of RenderPal V2 has been rewritten, which results in a huge traffic reduction, as well as improved performance. We also vastly improved the connection handling, leading to far less unnecessary connections made. There are also numerous smaller additions and improvements (and some bug fixes, of course), like VNC integration, new console remote controller features like importing render sets and net job presets, a net job column to show the total CPU time of a net job and much more. For more details, screenshots and trial downloads, visit our website at: www.renderpal.com


finalRender Stage-1 R2 for 3ds Max 2010 released

+ cebas VISUAL TECHNOLOGY Inc., maker of finalRender®, today announced the release of finalRender Stage-1 R2, finalToon R2, and finalShadersR2 SP3 for 3ds Max 2010. SP3 of finalRender Stage-1 R2, finalToon R2, and finalShaders R2 is a free download and can be acquired by registered users at the cebas Shop. If you already have an account you can simply go to the My Account section of the cebas shop and then go to My Downloads to get the update. If you are unable to see the download in your My Downloads section, please contact register@cebas.com and mention that you are not able to see the download in the shop. If you didn’t purchase finalRender Stage-1 R2, finalToon R2, or finalShaders R2 directly from the cebas shop, you will need to create an account and then click the Register Me button in the My Downloads section. Within 24 hours, you will have all updates and downloads available to you for all of your cebas products. Please be aware that the installer supplied with this download is a "re-compile only" installation assuming a previous install still being in place.


Friday, June 05, 2009

3DS Max Tutorial - Bougainvillea with Ivy plugin and VRay

+ CGIndia brings you another very useful tutorial for 3ds Max users. In this brief tutorial, Marco Mosetti explains how to create a bougainvillea plant in 3ds Max using Ivy plugin and VRay (but of course can be used to create any kind of plant and other rendering engines). There are many ways to create it, like using pflow or 3dsmax scatter, so this is just another way..........


Hugo Create - Graphic Design contest

+ Hugo Boss has announced the call for Entries for Hugo Create - Graphic Design contest 2009. Participants are invited to make a design for HUGO Fragrances, inspired by and featuring the HUGO Man Bottle. The contest is open to people of all skill levels. Graphic Design Professionals, students and design-enthusiasts: this is your opportunity to show the world your ideas and skills. The competition selects 10 winners from each contest round. Each winner receives $500 cash. In each round, one winner gets published in i-D, a prestigious international urban magazine, and some designs will be selected to be painted on New York walls during the month of September. Each entrant is allowed to submit a maximum of 5 proposals per round and can only receive one jury selected prize per round. Entering the HUGO Create challenge is free of charge.
All Design visuals must be submitted electronically as a RGB JPG file of 500Kb / 0.5 Mb or less. The format by which publish the artworks on the website is 672 pixels large x 960 pixels high. In case you are chosen as one of the winners, we will need your visual in min. A4 format, 300 dpi. The deadline for entries is 11:59 PM, PST – June 30, 2009. You can download the HUGO Man Bottle and Logo as Photoshop PSD and Illustrator file from the Participate page. For more information and contest theme, please - Click Here!


ThinkingParticles Re-Compile for 3ds Max 2010

+ cebas Computer, maker of finalRender®, today announced the release of ThinkingParticles 3.0 for 3ds Max 2010. ThinkingParticles™ 3.0 is the ultimate rule based particle system for 3ds max, offering unparalleled power to the user. ThinkingParticles™ 3.0 is a completely new class of rule-based particle systems for 3ds Max. When this type of particle system is compared to an event-based particle system, (which works on triggers and time dependent events) you'll find many unique advantages within TP3's rule-based logic, which is free from normal time-based constraints and instead applies simple behaviors. These behaviors govern all aspects of a particle’s motion, life, death, and collisions in a true non-linear fashion. We hope you find that by using ThinkingParticles 3, you can create all the incredible effects you were hoping for, but have been limited previously by existing technologies. For more information on ThinkingParticles, - Click HERE!

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ProUV Beta for ZBrush

+ Milan Bulat is proud to announce that ProUV professional UV unwrapping plugin for ZBrush has been released in "Open Beta" phase. All artists are welcome to download and check out the plugin, which will be fully functional until 14.06.2009. User feedback can be left on our support forums. ProUV features sculpting optimized automatic UV map creation, which significantly improves upon existing GUV and AUV built-in ZBrush unwrapping solutions. Improvements can be experienced in all texture related workflows, and to demonstrate it we have provided a few examples on the plug-in web page. The plug-in is currently available as an "Open Beta" version for Zbrush 3.1 (currently only Windows OS is supported), and the trial version can be freely downloaded from our web home-page. The trial is fully functional until 14.06.2009. For more information, please visit www.speedy.rs/prouv/


ZBrush 3.12B For Mac OS X

+ Pixologic Inc., makers of the award-winning sculpting, texturing and 2.5D painting application ZBrush, today announced the release of ZBrush 3.12B Mac OS X, now available for Intel-based Macintosh computers. With ZBrush 3.12B, Pixologic continues to demonstrate its commitment to meeting the demands of 3D production artists in film, television, games, pre-visualization as well as concept design. This important update contains many optimizations and feature enhancements for the previously released ZBrush 3.12. The update is a free download for all registered users of ZBrush for OS X. ZBrush retails for USD $595.00 and can be purchased and downloaded online at Pixologic’s e-store. ZBrush is also available from Pixologic-authorized resellers for both Windows and Mac platforms. For additional information about Pixologic, visit www.pixologic.com.