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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

cmiVFX Launches 2 New Blender Training Videos


+ cmiVFX cmiStudios launches a brand new way of delivering videos for its fast growing user base. This new series of training videos is called cmiDirect. Why "direct"? The videos are DIRECT to the point and focus on one topic at the time. This will enable artists all over the world to have access to the information they need immediately without sorting through longer feature length videos. These videos explain all the information you need in depth and to the topics extent. We will also be including discount bundles of our videos in the future to help save additional money.
Blender Unwrapping and Baking
UNWRAPPING! A good UV-Layout is the base for texture-, normal- or displacement-map-baking and the inevitable foundation for any texture-painting. Luckily, UV-unwrapping in Blender is very easy! Learn how to quickly create great UV-Layouts with Blender‘s powerful unwrapping-tools. Select edgeloops and mark seams in seconds, loop-tag edges as seams and use Blender’s UV-Editing-Tools to edit and improve your UV-Layout. Minimize angle- and area-stretching and pack UV-Islands to make the best use of the image-space.
BAKING! Sculpting in Blender is nice and fine, you can produce a lot of detail using multi-resolution meshes, but dealing with these high-res models during the animation-process can be very inefficient, prevent you from creating shape-keys for facial animation, slow down the viewport and of course will waste a lot of disk-space. So why not bake all the nicely sculpted details to displacement- and normal-maps and use them on your low-res model instead? Got some baking-problems because of intersecting faces? You won`t struggle again!
Blender Texturing
PAINT GLSL! This Tutorial will show you how to paint realistic textures with Blender. With the recently added projection-painting you have now a really powerful and versatile toolset for texture-painting in Blender. You can setup a variety of different brushes, use textures to adjust the brushstroke and easily pick any color from within the viewport. Create and setup color-palettes to have your favorite colors always accessible with just one single mouse-click. Having issues with seams? No more! Blender will take of that! Texture-painting has never been easier! And whith GLSL-Materials enabled you can do that in the 3d-viewport with realtime diffuse- and specular- shading, texture-layering and all that on a 4k-texture-map.
THE NEXT LEVEL! Take your texturing-experience in Blender to the next level! Use multiple UV-Layouts to clone images directly onto your texture-map. Simlpy project the UVs from the view and assign photosYou can use up to 8 different UV-layouts and project any photo on them, adjust the mapping with Blender?s powerful UV-editing-tools and easily access them just like an image palette. With Blender?s texture-painting-tools you can also create and paint stencil-maps to control on wich areas you want to paint and which one you want to exclude.


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