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Monday, September 14, 2009

TVP Animation 9.5


+ TVPaint Developpement, a bitmap graphic and 2D animation solution provider, is proud to announce the immediate release of version 9.5 of TVP Animation Standard Edition and TVP Animation Professional, for both PC-Windows and Mac-Universal Binary platforms. TVP Animation will push up the limits reached by the previous versions regarding the traditional animation tools and video edition. Thanks to the painting engine, one of the most powerful on the market, TVP Animation Pro is intended to be the ideal tool of the profesionnal animator. Some of the new and improved features, includes;
The Project tab becomes a Storyboard tool! With TVP Animation 9.5 Professional Edition, users can create TVP Projects (*.tvpp). Projects can contain multiple segments of animation (now called "Clips") , and each Clip has it's own timeline and layers. Clips may further be organized together to make "Scenes".
Wet profile for Custom Brushes! An additional profile can be added to a custom brush to modify its behavior. This profile doesn't apply on all the Stamp mode.
The Camera tool! The new Camera Tool is available in TVP Animation 9.5 Professional Edition exclusively. With this Camera tool, you can quickly and easily create camera movements. You can also choose between viewing your animation with the camera point of view enabled or not. This tool is quite useful to create camera movements for an animatic.
The Splines! Now it is possible to draw splines in 3 different ways. There are the three-points spline, the Bézier spline and the B-Splines.
The new Color Mixer! The Color Mixer is no longer limited to one size : a Color Mixer Palette can be huge. Also, Color Mixer images may have a transparent background, rather than the original opaque white.
TVPX file format! The TVPX file format allows the users to export their custom panels into one single file. And to import a TVPX file, you only need to drop the file inside the software window, yes ! a simple drag'n drop of the file to load the TVPX file and use the custom panel contained by the TVPX file.
Improvement of the Light Table! Three modes are now available for the Light Table. The Frame mode displays all the frames before and after the current frame, it is the well known mode. The Instance mode will display only the the head of the instances before and after the current frame. And the Bookmark mode, it will display only the bookmarked frames which are before and after the current frame.
OTHER NEWS (Snippet)
Zbrush 3.5 Windows - Has been Released!
Nick Marks has launched a CG vids website last week!

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