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Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Gnomon Workshop end of year training DVD's release


+ This week, The Gnomon Workshop is thrilled to announce a huge end of year training DVD release, covering a myriad of subjects from Matte Painting and Character Animation, to Digital Illustration, Creature and Character Design.
Digital Illustration Techniques with Christian Alzmann (Link)
- The process of telling stories through pictures is similar for both concept design and book illustration. In this video, film design veteran Christian Alzmann will take you through a step-by-step process for making a digital illustration. He will demonstrate his techniques for creating strong compositions, blocking in shapes with light and shadow, handling background elements and applying color. Throughout the lecture, Christian shares his thought processes as he reworks compositional elements, renders reflected light and strengthens the main character’s pose, showing you the benefits of painting digitally in Adobe Photoshop® and Corel Painter.
3D Character Design Volume 1 with Scott Patton (link)
- In this DVD, Scott Patton shows the processes he uses to create finished character designs for feature films. This DVD explores Patton's fast and efficient method for concept sculpting, skipping the 2D sketch phase all together and designing the character entirely within ZBrush. This method of design is more interactive and has allowed him to work with directors one-on-one directly in 3D. From basic form to final detail, Patton uses a combination of ZBrush’s tools and straight forward explanations to show how a character can be created without the usual time restrictions and hassle of most 3D packages. He covers everything from blocking out the forms and fleshing out the muscles, to adding props, detailing with alphas and posing the character.
3D Character Design Volume 2 with Scott Patton (link)
- In this DVD, Scott Patton continues from 3D Character Design Volume 1 to show the processes he uses to create finished character designs for feature films. This DVD explores Patton's fast and efficient methods for creating a final color rendering using ZBrush® and Photoshop®. Patton shows how he squeezes the most from ZBrush’s powerful renderer, side-stepping the often complex renderers of standard 3D packages. In creating both a wide and close-up shot of the character, he shares creative Photoshop tips and tricks to quickly get to a finished piece of concept art from the ZBrush renders, covering topics such as adding and refining skin texture, hair, eyes, shadows and scars. Patton also discusses how to quickly create backgrounds that enhance the character and overall composition.
Creature Design with Terryl Whitlatch 3 (link)
- In this third DVD of a series, Terryl Whitlatch demonstrates how to create an aquatic equine based on horse anatomy. Starting with a detailed study of an ordinary horse and ending with several fully rendered illustrations, she shares her techniques and tools—pencils, markers, and tracing paper—as well as a throrough exploration of animal anatomy. Relax as she guides you through the intricacies of leg and hoof structure, as well as the sensitive head, powerful muscles, and noble spirit—all essentials for designing a believable but imaginary steed. From there she covers how to create a mount powerful enough to carry a hero of yore, and then goes on to design an exotic, literal sea horse—a mare that is at home both on land and in the ocean—as well as its reptilian rider. Throughout the DVD, she explores different poses and drawing studies of both horse creatures, giving you insights into her development and thought processes.
Creature Design with Terryl Whitlatch 4 (link)
- In this fourth DVD of a series, Terryl Whitlatch demonstrates how to create a monstrous villain, the Toad-Ogre, as well as other assorted creature characters suitable for film, animation and video games. This is a first-hand look at how creatures are designed in the entertainment industry, with a concise step-by-step analysis from the first rough sketches to the final designs and sculptural maquette. Not only does Terryl share her techniques and tools, including complete drawing and colorization demonstrations, but she also discusses in depth the vital interrelationship between the design of the creatures and the story and script. Terryl discusses what it's like to work with an art director and with other artists in a professional art department setting, and how the team functions together to create the best possible designs.
Action and Close-up Animation Techniques with Burke Roane (link)
- BEHIND THE SCENES (BTS) is an exciting DVD series developed to showcase the creation of a game cinematic sequence. In this chapter of the series Burke Roane focuses on two action-oriented game cinematic shots. He discusses the different stages of animation and explains what is expected from animators in a production environment. He compares and contrasts different computer animation techniques, and shows how to reach a high level of refinement in your shots. From start to finish, Burke explains in great detail how to work in an organized and efficient way, but more importantly he talks about the creative process of animation and how that process guides his workflow.
Matte Painting for Production with Jared Simeth (link)
- BEHIND THE SCENES (BTS) is an exciting DVD series developed to showcase the creation of a game cinematic sequence. In this chapter of the series Jared Simeth demonstrates the creation of two matte paintings. Starting with concept paintings provided by BTS Art Director Mark Goerner, Jared goes through the process of creating simple 3D geometry and matching the camera in Maya. In Photoshop® he executes both a pan and tile style 2D matte painting, and one to be used with a 3D camera move. He covers techniques for keying, creating custom brushes and working with Photoshop’s perspective tools. In Maya, Jared shows how to project the painting onto the 3D geometry in preparation for the final camera move. The viewer will also see production meetings in which both the concept and execution are discussed and critiqued.

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