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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

ZBrush Guide - Getting Started with ZBrush 4R4

This step by step guide will walk you through the creative world of ZBrush from the basics to sculpting, painting and on to finishing off your art with ZBrush's powerful render engine. 
What’s new in the Guide: 
• Grid: Easily create artwork based on references with the enhanced grid capabilities 
• QRemesher: Automatically retopologize your model and define a target polycount 
• Topology Brush: Create new geometry by simply drawing curves on your model. 
• Insert Mesh: The additions of Insert Multi Mesh, Curve Mode Single Mesh, and Curve Mode TriPart will allow you to actually replace portions of a model 
• Mesh Fusion: Fuse topology with new topology on an existing mesh 
• Transpose Line: Enhance your interactive mesh deformations and improve manipulation of your meshes 


e-on Real-Time Global Illumination Technology Preview

e-on Software published a technology preview of our upcoming Real-Time lighting engine. This new engine simulates indirect lighting (Global Illumination) in real-time, and should be included in a future version of LumenRT, our 3D visualization tool for architectural designs. Of course, this lighting is nowhere near as accurate as the full physical calculation already done in LumenRT, but has the advantage of reacting instantly to changes in the scene (e.g. changing time of day, adding new objects, editing materials.). It will enhance the existing Draft mode (in LumenRT) to give an idea of the final look with LumenRT's better physical lighting.