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Monday, February 04, 2013

MAXON's Cineversity launches collection of 200 videos and tutorials covering CINEMA 4D and 3D animation filmmmaking process


+ MAXON is excited to announce that “JET Production Notes,” the highly anticipated collection of more than 200 filmmaking instructional videos and tutorials for users of Cineversity launches today. The series, created by Dr. Sassi, world-renowned computer animator, 3D authority and Cineversity contributor, promises to be one of the most comprehensive collections of instructional videos and tutorials ever created documenting the entire 3D animation filmmaking process from conception to execution. Starting today MAXON is releasing “Integration,” an in-depth 54-part series focused on advanced theoretical and practical introduction to help artists think in terms of production pipeline interoperability and workflow. 
The entire collection will be released over the next few weeks, one new section each week, starting February 4th. Highlights of the JET Production Notes series and each section (in order of release): 

 - Integration (release date Feb 4th) – is a 54-part, in-depth and more advanced theoretical and practical introduction to help artists think in terms of production pipeline interoperability and workflow. Using a structured step-by-step approach, it demonstrates the elements of integrating a 3D spaceship with practical footage. Included is new, state-of-the-art RED HDR-X raw footage and raw 3D models with instruction that allows members to create their own demo clip. Other topics covered include, creating 3D environments, compositing, and more. 
- Cinematography (release date Feb 11th) – is a 27-part, two-hour ‘crash course’ for 3D artists. The tutorial content focuses on elemental cinematography principles including the rules of camera use and lighting as they apply to the features available in CINEMA 4D. [Note: The Cinematography tutorial series received two Telly Awards and a Remi Award.] 
 - JET, Making of (release date Feb 18th) – is a 40-part series that takes all of the large 3D environment scenes in JET, including those with thousands of buildings, to introduce and breakdown widely used digital filmmaking techniques. 
- JET, Speed modeling (release date Feb 25th) – is a production-based series providing ideas and procedurals to create the background and middle ground for a complete cityscape. Based on the ‘Pershing Square’ scene in JET and using its set design as a base, it shares methods to quickly model detailed facades and also demonstrates use of the powerful CINEMA 4D MoGraph toolset to create 4,000 different objects – in less than a day. 
- Animation Techniques for Teams (release date (Mar 4th) – is a course in "non-linear-animation" designed for artists at large-scale production facilities or those collaborating from remote locations sharing video assets. Because JET was created solely by Sassi, this ‘bonus’ series provides critical knowledge and concepts for filmmakers working in teams that are not discussed in the other tutorials. 
 - Lighting (release date Mar 11th) – is a collection of themes that addresses the day-to-day challenges and mistakes artists make using 3D lighting options. 
 - Modeling Industrial Holes (release date (Mar 18th) – is a ‘bonus’ series demonstrating how the powerful modeling tools in CINEMA 4D provide options to produce specific structures, i.e., metal mesh filters and vents. 


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