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Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Foundry launches award-winning software, KATANA, for Windows

+ Today, The Foundry launches the latest update to its professional look development and lighting tool. Responding to customer demand, KATANA 2.5 will offer support for Windows, putting the award-winning tool in front of more artists working in VFX, broadcast and animation. One of the most powerful lighting and look development tools is getting an update. Easier to install, use and integrate, KATANA 2.5 is now Windows-compatible, a customer request that will bring the famous “lighting recipes” to even more artists working in VFX, broadcast and animation. Support for V-Ray, RenderMan, Arnold and 3Delight have also been added, making the tool even more versatile in the modern 3D pipeline. 
 “KATANA has become the bedrock of our pipeline,” said Kevin Baillie, co-founder at Atomic Fiction. “Big scenes, experimental lighting set-ups, we can throw anything at it and it’ll give us production-ready results that we can share up and down the chain. With timelines getting shorter and shorter, you need tools like KATANA around; there’s no other way to get the work done.”